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Just looked back at your pic—helpful to know your height for reference. That thing looks awesome on you btw.
Yeah, sounds super similar—I'm just shy of 6'0" as well. Have any pics of the jacket on you?It may be moot bc the jacket is out of stock in 52L… but I wanna know just for the sake of knowing even if it doesn't come back in stock.
Hoping the brown silk jacket sticks around for a little bit while I build up some funds to drop on it. So you made changes to the Lorenzo cut in order to make it work for more types of men, which is great. My question is for anybody who would have guidance based on their personal experience with the cut. I almost always err on the long side of jackets in this day and age, because 1- I have a long torso, 2- the length comes to be perfect on me and 3- the buttoning point...
Man. Someday…
Thank you so much!
showing off?
Ha, just caught up on the 4-page discussion about photography quality. @Caustic Man@9thsymph FWIW, Doing pics everyday for me is kind of a chore—and requires my wife to stop what she's doing in the morning and take them (I believe I've mentioned before she is a professional portrait photographer, hence why we have the equipment and she's so good at it). I started making myself do it to 1- Keep my blog going as a viable outlet for my interest in clothing, 2- To try and...
Giving in and breaking out the ultra-light silk-linen today, even though it was only 32°F this morning when we took pics (it'll be 70°F later today, so I figure I can get away with it…). [[SPOILER]]
J.Crew To quote Tubal-Cain in the recent terrible Noah film: "I DO WHAT I WANT; I TAKE WHAT I NEED"
Thanks man. It is probably my favorite watch ever. Full disclosure: it's actually my dad's; but many of the watches I wear are his. He and I plus my brother all swap watches between ourselves for periods of time. I always come back to this one, however, as my favorite. When I borrow it from him, I'll usually put it on and never take it off for months on end until I give it back to him.
New Posts  All Forums: