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Right on. The cloth is nice—not sure the weight, but it is soft and drapes pretty well (it's kind of like a mid-weight flannel if my memory serves correctly, not a heavy tweed).
lots of shops have stocked that jacket. Haymakers here in Nashville has it in the Tenero cut, if you like that cut. Haberdash has it as well (same cut, slightly different configuration). Some other shops that don't do ecommerce have it, too.
that is the cut that he made specifically for bloomingdales, so no, not the tipo. the thing that makes it easy to tell is that it is 2 button, instead of 3
Haymakers has this gorgeous flannel navy suit that I'm just dreaming about. I'm not a suit guy, really, but after seeing it in person I started thinking of amazing ways you could wear it.
Awesome dude. I have a more typical black cap-toe from Peal, which I got second-hand somewhere at some point (it's no longer offered) and for a while after getting them, I wore them all the time. I felt like straight up James Bond.
Nice dude—pics!
Glorious gun club fabric Madison fit jacket from Brooks Brothers in 42L. Excellent condition. It's been slimmed in the waist but otherwise has had no alterations done. Double vents. If you buy this jacket, I'll throw in the extra slim fit university stripe OCBD I've got for sale for free (if you want it, it fits, etc.). Measurements Ptp: 22" Sleeve: 25.5" (1.5" to let out) Waist: 20.5" Shoulder: 19" Length: 31.5"
Beautiful double-breasted Polo Ralph Lauren blazer. From the '94 SS collection. Can work as a 6x2 or 6x1 configuration. Fabric is 100% wool—I believe they refer to it as "doeskin." It's got a hard finish. Double vents. Brown horn buttons (I got rid of the original gold buttons). Made in the USA Measurements: Ptp: 21.5" Sleeve: 25.5" (.5 to let) Waist: 19.75" Shoulder: 19.5" Length: 30.75"
Polo Ralph Lauren made in Italy (by Corneliani) in a standard year-round navy twill wool. It's got one of the best lapel rolls I've seen. Double vents. Awesome soft, natural shoulder. It's been slimmed pretty considerably so it might work as a 40L. Check the measurements. If you buy this, I will throw in the university stripe OCBD I've for sale for $10 extra (assuming you want it, it fits, etc.) Measurements: Ptp: 21" Sleeve: 25.5" (1" to let out) Waist: 19.5" Shoulder:...
Yeah originally I only purchased the jacket, but figured I might as well get the pants to complete the suit. I didn't wear it a ton, but you're correct it is really versatile. I had some outfit ideas for just the pants but never got to try them out before the weather turned. Though my biggest thing is that I tend to avoid pants that can't be machine washed, so they tend to be neglected in my closet.
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