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I turned 25 yesterday. Had a little bash at a friend's place. My wife made me cake pops! How awesome is that? Only a couple pics turned out, here's one with a buddy of mine: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the thumbs up everyone. Oh I forgot to make my joke when I posted the pics. Don't tell about this jacket. I hear he has something of a dislike for structured DBs...
Kick ass RLBL blazer courtesy evandb [[SPOILER]]
Thanks everyone. That's my wife and lol at noticing the girl through the window. Suit is gray sharkskin from T.M.Lewin. It's the only suit I own that still fits me, though barely lol. Shirt is also from T.M.Lewin.
Looks basically like a knit blazer, which are tough to pull off if you aren't in peak physical condition (and even then, the fit has to be perfect). Not to mention it looks to be a somewhat heavy gauge and double breasted, both of which will only make it tougher to look good. So I say, get it if you really like it, because returns are easy!
Awesome condition, worn a dozen times maybe, but very little wear. I'll include the waterproofing spray they sent with them when I bought them as well as the shoe horn I got and the flannel bags. Derek at Put This On just wrote about these: http://putthison.com/post/29340867221/chukkas-for-fall-fall-for-me-is-about-boots Size 11US (10.5UK) Herring Gosforth II in dark brown suede. They really are magnificent chukkas. I bought them because I was inspired by Quantum of...
I enjoy my Ropey Soles. No logos like Toms or Drilleys http://ropeysoles.com/mens.php
End of the day linen. Please excuse the blown-out highlights. Brooks Brothers OCBD, LL Bean Signature linen jacket, Brooks Brothers Makers all linen olive green tie. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks guys! She normally doesn't get menswear gifts, but she knew a polish box would be something I'd love and my brother (who lurks around here, I have no idea what his username is) helped her pick out the Saphir products. And yep, she's quite the looker.
New Posts  All Forums: