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Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit I'm not sure if it has been posted already but JCrew has several madras shirts season. Some are available in slim and tall sizes. Their plaids leave a bit to be desired this season, in my opinion. Brooks Brothers has some good options as well right now. Personally, I prefer exploded patterns to small, repeating patterns. Madras
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC ^Buying madras in India is not as easy as you'd think. I've mainly looked for madras fabric, and after quite a bit of searching (in BIG fabric shops) I found some in a shop in Chennai that sells hand made goods. Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC ^Yes, I was Nalli, and asked them if they had any madras fabric. They looked at me like I was from the moon. Haha, this is kinda what...
You know what this thread is missing? Good old-fashioned lifestyle photos.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD You already have the 5D Mark II? (I know I don't...) 7D
Quote: Originally Posted by macaroni today: unlined and unstructured cotton suit: Zaremba Bespoke shirt: DaVinci MTM shoes: Jan WielÄ…dek bespoke tie: Sam Hober socks: Marcoliani dude. superb. it's time for my wife to step up her game, buy an f/1.4 and start using it to take my WAYWRN photos!
Thanks for the compliments, everybody, on yesterday. Cooler temps in the midwest. It's so wonderful. Soft, unstructured blazer day.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I like everything but the anemic shirt collar. You'd be better served with an OCBD or a collar with longer points. Thanks. This shirt has the best collar roll of any I own (non button-down) on account of it being completely unlined and it fills a niche in terms of its fabric/color. But I agree, it'd be better longer!
Quote: Originally Posted by SNLMODLER how much is a lot to do from the shoulder? also can any alterations place do this? unfortunately I live in fucking ohio and tailors here are nonexistant really. my dude in cincinnati, who's skilled enough to do this procedure, would charge probably $75-$100 (I think- I asked him one time about it long ago and his basic response was, "it's not worth it" because the jacket was cheap to begin with, so the...
Mine is BB, his is probably Polo.
Me and my bro. the grey suit brothers.
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