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Where as a year ago, two years ago, four years ago, I had a vague notion of what my style was, and was able to dress in a way that communicated it maybe one or two days a week (without wearing any particular garment more than maybe twice in a week), I now feel like nearly every day of the week, I'm firing on all cylinders and am happy with my choice of jackets, shirt, trousers, colors, textures, shoes, etc. SF is famous for causing new members to come along, get extremely...
out of focus. sorry! [[SPOILER]]
Color balance is tough to nail. I would be wearing suede flex welt Alden chukkas or longwings if I owned either. [[SPOILER]]
Go you! Those trousers look great. Glad you got in on that sweet, sweet deal.
Holdfast "really digging some of the recent outfits you've been posting." Thanks, my man! In the 4 years I've been a member here, only now am I finally getting a wardrobe together that really allows me to dress according to my personal style nearly every day of the week.
Is this what that place is like? I've never been there…
Haven't suited up for work in a long time. Forgot how great it feels when I do. It's like the next step up from the odd jacket & trousers look.I'd have worn black shoes, but the new ones I just got haven't arrived yet. Can't wait!!!Wore a red sweater over my shoulders this morning. I think I remember PG doing that back in the day. [[SPOILER]]
AE wingtips, BB donegal trousers, BB white OCBD, J.Crew gray merino cardigan, Polo RL black watch tartan wool tie, J.Crew navy blazer. AE belt. Richard James socks. Homemade Oxford Cloth pocket square. Warby Parker Frames. Seiko diving watch (incongruous, perhaps, but… it's awesome). Target underwear. Free Starbucks "Indivisible" "wristraff". [[SPOILER]]
It's Ralph Lauren Black label.The trouble with posting nearly every day is that you quickly see that my wardrobe is pretty limited, actually. It's lean and mean, and I make it work for me. But it could definitely stand to gain a few more sport coats. Heck, I only have one suit that really fits me, ha!Anyway, layers for a rainy day in southern Ohio. Navy sweater. Anemic-collar J.Crew light blue shirt w/ white collar. Alden boots. Ash gray cords. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: