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Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - - thank you, I am a frustrated corporate that has a brog for my outlet as well as a few side projects a brog? may i have a rink?
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Bringing back the CUSSING GREAT WHITE PG- Since you express artistry in your WAYWT photos, I must ask what your fundamental view of this thread is. But what do you do with the photos after the fact? Surely you don't come back to them after the fact for personal viewing pleasure and enjoyment? Besides your outfits, what do you make photographs of? Because if they're as artistic as this stuff, they...
Having moved to Cincinnati last August, I've started building a relationship with Tom at Hyde park Tailors. I've only done alterations on a few garments, but he's done a great job on everything I've given him, and I'm able to connect and talk candidly with him (I haven't been able to do this with other tailors I've been to). I'd recommend him heartily.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Moderately priced: Parke & Ronen snap shorts. More of a splurge: Tomas Maier. In either case, if you've got a spare tire, it will not work for you. - B What's with the bad lighting on all of P&R's photography? C'mon, get another strobe. As for the shorts- very cool for those perfectly fit.
This Brooks Brothers shirt is incredibly soft- Non-iron, luxury-fit, pure white twill fabric. French cuffs, super spread collar. Split yoke back with no pleats in the back. Sold! shipped continental US (though I'm willing to ship outside the US if you pay to ship). PM me if you're interested. Paypal only please. No flaws on the shirt. Worn only half a dozen times (if that many). Measurement: 25" across the chest.
Another price drop! Love to sell this!
Sold! shipped, cont. US J.Crew medium navy cardigan. 80% cotton, 20% wool. Worn half a dozen times in the 6 months I've owned it. I hardly wear it anymore, though, so I'm looking to get something else when it sells! Measurements: shoulder seam to seam: 18" pit-to-pit: 22" overall length: 26"
Price drop!
Excuse my ignorance, but can somebody explain how my BB collar (pictured below) differs from the one Vox posted from the "glory days" of BB? It has no collar interlining and is pretty thin. I bought this one last fall.
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