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another pic, better light, from SAN [[SPOILER]]
thanks! this is the easiest jacket in the world to wear—super casual, super broken in, just wonderful (and it was only like $80).They're from J.Crew c.2008, when their pants were of a higher quality. They're flannel, fully lined, sturdy wool. Their current pants (bowery), I find to be of a flimsier, almost stretchy wool, though I like the cut of them more than these.
Yesterday morning, in San Diego (Coronado)—linen. 80°F Today, in Cincinnati—lambswool. 15°F [[SPOILER]]
thanks man. We went there when I was 8. Visiting my parents' this weekend, I grabbed it.I wanted to pick one of those up. It looks as awesome as it did on your site thanks!Today: [[SPOILER]]
Went for a walk in the snow with my family. Levi 501's, miscellaneous everything else (ear band from Idre Fjäll, Sweden). [[SPOILER]]
Correct. I can wear basically anything I want.I haven't looked at Chelsea boots very closely before. Interesting suggestion. I tried one pair on one time years ago and couldn't get a right fit, but that was just one pair from one brand.Okay, so here's what I'm hearing are the best options:- snuff suede chukka- snuff or brown suede long wing- cordovan anything- calf boot (a la chelsea or possibly a wingtip lace-up boot)
hmm, it's true. I love my black calf cap toes, but what other shoe would I possibly need in black that fits well in the city-country continuum? Also, I haven't really considered cordovan yet. Maybe this would differentiate enough?Yes, I do want a snuff suede chukka—probably an Alden flex-welt one to replace my aging and falling apart desert boots, which I wear all the time 7 months out of the year.I do think a suede long wing or double monk would fill the gap in the...
Here's what I have so far. What should my next one be? Light brown wingtip (AE Macallister in walnut) Light brown captoe blucher (AE something or other in walnut) Brown single monk strap (Peal & Co.) Black balmoral captoe (Peal & Co.) Brown penny loafer (Peal & Co.) Alden Indy Boot in brown Chromexcel I'm thinking either a brown suede long wing or brown suede double monk. Or possibly a slightly dressier boot to wear in inclement weather but that would still look good...
Thanks! It's actually a light blue check shirt.
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