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Thanks. My wife took it. Bounce flash is the bee's knees.
Rainy and gray in Cincinnati today. Nothing like the 70° sun we had yesterday. [[SPOILER]]
thanks! (I presume this was for me?)
Size 10.5D, made in the USA by Allen Edmonds Very good condition. I bought these brand new from Brooks Brothers about 12 months ago. I wore them maybe once a week or so. So they're in very good condition. Normal wear. This is the link to them on BB's website: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=1219&Parent_id=1215&Product_Id=1518590&default_color=Black#null Asking $160 shipped to the COTUS. If you're international or outside...
It's not too bad. This is the jacket that made me realize I need a Long most of the time. It was also tailored like 25 pounds ago… lolSo, thanks for the concern! Haha.
Friday's thunderstorms, here in Cincinnati, were all talk. South of us, not so much. I hope if anybody on SF was affected, they're okay. But nearly 70° in early March means linen time for me!
I just bought a L-sized jacket from BB a month or two ago, having tried on both it and the R version.It's longer in the jacket (like an inch), but the buttoning point is less low than the increased length in inches (like half an inch). I haven't empirically measured, but that's how it feels. So yes, I think the answer to your question is yes.It was a different cut, but I'm guessing that it'd be a decent indicator of how they do things.
looks awesome. really wish i had the cash to buy this. the chest measurement does seem a bit small for a 42, and not having tried on RLBL before, I'm not sure if it would be the perfect thing for me or not. Is it too big on you or too small? Also, wanna trade me for my Corneliani?
Looks really good. Wear it well and enjoy it.
Actually this spring it's 30% off, one day only, Thursday, March 15. It almost certainly does not apply to BF. Not sure about cordovan.
New Posts  All Forums: