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Yeah originally I only purchased the jacket, but figured I might as well get the pants to complete the suit. I didn't wear it a ton, but you're correct it is really versatile. I had some outfit ideas for just the pants but never got to try them out before the weather turned. Though my biggest thing is that I tend to avoid pants that can't be machine washed, so they tend to be neglected in my closet.
Yeah, actually this touches on a question in my mind of late. My brother could probably wear a Tenero if he sized up from his normal size, since it's overall pretty slim and narrow-ish in the shoulders. Sizing up for him in, say, a NMWA/Ciro jacket would look terrible, no doubt, but I think he could do it in a Tenero. For him, that'd mean sizing up to an EU56. But I've never seen anyone stock anything larger than a 54. Is there anybody out there who does? Or would it be...
Oh, also, funny side note.Last night we watched Empire Strikes Back. It's not actually that similar—other than the fur-rimmed hood—but Han Solo's BA coat on Hoth in the beginning reminded me of the amazing Paolo coat from this season's collection.All you need is a utility belt with, like, a blaster pistol or something, haha. [[SPOILER]] https://www.haberdashmen.com/product/paolo-waxed-canvas-tweed-parka/eidos-napoli/4556205
Some eye candy which most of you have probably already seen in the waywt thread or on my blog/insta, but i love this jacket so much I wanted to post it here.Last winter's faux-tweed donegal herringbone. Primo cut from Haymaker's in Nashville (they carry Tenero by and large nowadays). Got it in August and have been wearing it a lot, both casually and with dress trousers and tie. I've gotten several comments from complete strangers on it—last weekend a dude at an art show I...
This is Formosa, right?
Has anybody bought the BA eidos DB cord suit? I wanna see fit pics of that mofo!
I met Dalcuore's wife off chance last month in Italy, riding the funicolare. She helped us figure out where to go, and mentioned her husband was in NYC for a "convention." I thought "he's gotta be a tailor." Sure enough when I followed up she confirmed he was a tailor and told me his name. She was super nice![oh and awesome coat ]
thanks!So far—and this is 2 weeks in, mind you—I've been wearing jeans or chinos with either a polo shirt or OCBD.
My new working from home lifestyle means it'd be a little silly to put on flannel trousers during the day. But I went out to run an errand today, so… put on a tie! LOL
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