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Intriguing. Thanks!
I dressed very deliberately American today for a class I will be teaching to a small group of students on the topic of dress, style and clothing. I had examples of Italian dress and British dress in my slides, and thought I could fill in for the trad example. [[SPOILER]]
The full quote is: don't be harsh & abusive; be warm & supportive.it's what my dad used to say all the time when i was growing up.a coworker made an addendum some time ago: it now says, "don't be harsh and abusive; be warm and supportive, doofus!"
A bit behind schedule today. Deadline week.You know, narrow lapels are so done. I kinda regretted purchasing this jacket for a while. But for some reason, looking at it today, my previous love of narrow lapels from 3-4 years ago has been restored. They can look really sharp! cue DocHolladay [[SPOILER]]
Casual Friday. Blue strip button-down, Indy boots, slim-ish jeans and a brown merino sweater with elbow patches. All through a smudged iPhone lens (sorry!) [[SPOILER]]
thanks! they're brown donegal from brooks brothers last year. In fact, they're still on sale. I got them for like $100. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Milano-Fit-Plain-Front-Donegal-Trousers/265J,default,pd.html?dwvar_265J_Color=BRWN&contentpos=2They are awesome if you don't mind the low rise and on-seam pockets.
brown donegal trousers, pink ocbd, wool black watch tartan tie, cotton shawl cardigan [[SPOILER]]
Tibor has been posting for almost as long as I remember since I've been a member here, and his style has never changed. He's always gone for large-brim fedoras, vintage suits and rat pack era style.The tides of critical new members have come in and gone out, yet Tibor remains unchanged.
you must be new here.
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