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Haha, it was my cheap way of getting a standing desk without costing the non-profit organization I work for unnecessary money. They would've gotten me an actual standing desk if I wanted, but why spend the money? There are better things I'd rather them put that money towards.
After a week serving at summer camp (typically one of the best weeks of the year for me) in cotton-poly polo shirts, it's good to be back in coat & tie.Today's fit.RLBL jacketBB shirt and tieJ.Crew pantaloonsMeermin dub monks [[SPOILER]]
My dad has this watch (so does my brother). He lets me wear it (and any other watch he owns) whenever I want. Typically I'll wear it for 6-8 months without ever removing it. I love it so, so much. Should probably give it back to my dad for a while, though. [[SPOILER]]
I'm flattered. thanks!
pm sent
No insult intended.intelligentsia |inˌteliˈjentsēə|noun (usu. the intelligentsia) [ treated as sing. or pl. ]intellectuals or highly educated people as a group, esp. when regarded as possessing culture and political influence.
You, sir, look awesome today.And while I agree that the iGent hype cycle is probably still on its way up with soft-shoulders, etc., etc., I must profess that I feel vastly more comfortable in that Polo than I do my Black Label. Both fit marvelously. Both have all the bells and whistles (full canvas, high armholes, blah blah).The last year, I've discovered more of what my personal style is, and it's more Ivy than Savile Row. On the spectrum of casual to formal (within the...
This double-breasted RLBL has such structured shoulders; after experiencing the land of milk and honey via a natural-shoulder Corneliani-made Polo, I always have nagging doubts about this thing.I changed the buttons out from a dark navy to the brown horn here (a subtle change, but made a difference), which helps. But still, I can't help but feel that if a double breasted version of my Polo blazer showed up on eBay or B&S for cheap (or trade), I would jump on it in a...
I feel ya.I'm sensitive to that kind of thing, too—I don't wear walnut brown shoes with navy, for example, because the contrast is just too much to my eyes. Obviously I determined these suedes were okay color-wise.Honestly, I was more worried that suede loafers as a species of shoe wouldn't match the formality of a navy suit. Heck, one day after I wore this, Put This On proclaimed exactly what I worried about.Ultimately, I took the risk and felt it looked awesome.But I...
I dunno about you all, but I change at least once a day—daytime attire, evening lounging attire. I've gotten to the point where what I hang out in at home after work is pretty #menswear-y (does this make me a tool? ehh, maybe). [[SPOILER]]
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