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My wife mentioned that after taking the first pic so I moved it but not before taking this shot lol
Awesome Indoor pics today.Brooks Brothers jacket, tie and cardiKamakura OCBDHoward Yount trousersMeermin dub monks [[SPOILER]]
Heyo, casualin' it down a bit today. You can always tell when my wife takes my pics instead of me setting it on a table because when she takes them, they aren't pics at crotch-height.Unnecessary layers for 50° weatherPRL blazerBB cotton sweaterBlack Fleece OCBDBanana Republic chinos & rain jacketAlden #8 cordovan gunboats [[SPOILER]]
!!!Maybe I'm more a product of current trends than I'd like to admit, but the higher / upward-pointing gorge looks better to me.
Festive pants again todayYay ! [[SPOILER]]
Outrageous fisherman's sweater day.Brooks Brothers sweaterSid Mashburn shirtJ.Crew chinosAlden #8 cordovan gunboats [[SPOILER]]
The sun's back!Brooks Bros. jacket, cardigan and tieSid Mashburn micro-stripe poplin shirtKent Wang pocket squareJ.Crew flannel trousersPolo Ralph Lauren by Allen Edmonds loafers [[SPOILER]]
Reminded why I don't like over the calf socks, my trousers stick to them and drape weirdly[IM [[SPOILER]]
Haha thanks(?)I feel like I have like the least adventurous style and wardrobe, so these are one way for me to try and expand my horizons, break out of what's easy and comfortable for me (without going full Barimavox or LabelKing)
Thanks man, I really appreciate that. The first pic is a pair of AE shoes, not boots. Probably my least-worn shoes, haha, but when I do wear them, I think I should wear them more often!
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