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LOL at peoples' reaction to the button fly comment. Definitely will keep my eyes open for the Rota pre-orders from now on now that I know my size. I definitely want the higher rise option if it is still a thing next time.
It's... annoying to say the least. Haha. Not as bad as Formosa though—looks cool, photographs well, is super annoying to actually use. I would seriously contemplate asking my tailor to put a zipper on these lol.
Only super terribly lit mirror iPhone shots. Perhaps I'll have my lovely wife get something better tomorrow.I got the fawn flannel. I've been interested in fawn flannel for a while and I get it; they are just as great as any shade of gray, but they're not... gray. lol.
Hey guys I understand all the love for Rota now. They are great!
Hey Antonio are you the kind of guy who reads 6 compliments with one small perceived critique buried in the middle and focus only on the negative thing? lol
Yeah, dude, this season Cheers!
absolutely! my personal preferences are totally informed by my own opinions and biases. sometimes i think what i like has more to do with what i grew up seeing and the crap mens wearhouse type suits that were the norm back then (and the ones i wore in my late teens / early 20s! ick! lol), and just being different than that, than anything else, you know?maybe that's it—i like 3-roll-2, not 2 button, or a hard 3-button, the latter of which are both super common and badly...
yep, that's me! lol
i'd say it's more than that, though (slimmer vs more relaxed). a more drapey chest is part of the formosa silhouette—i'd probably nip the waist a bit if i were to decide to buy one. but i consider my brown raw silk suit from a year ago's season. got some extra room in the chest, is a little looser overall, yet a more attractive cut overall.I don't know. i appreciate you guys pushing me on this because it's super possible i am just strongly opinionated based on nothing more...
lol. it's no secret i'm a fan, but i won't pretend there's stuff about each and every eidos garment i own that i don't like and / or bugs me. but the overall silhouette, which is created by dozens of small decisions, all add up to a whole. i'm judging the two side by side and one is a lot more attractive to me.btw if this season's cut were like last season i wouldn't be writing this.
New Posts  All Forums: