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Checking in again. Bought my brother the one-piece button down ecru Japanese Oxford shirt as a birthday gift (same as the navy version at bloomingdales, and malmborg and stanley korshak still have it in ecru). His exact quote: "This shirt collar is perfect and I want everything to be this from now to infinity"
Total non-sequitur, but, huge fan of the Primo silhouette.Carry on. [[SPOILER]]
this SC is awesome. if i had money i'd buy it. because i want to buy all things in my size from eidos lol. here's a cool pic of it i took trying it on a few months ago.
So, if I were wealthy… 1- Navy donegal suiting separates (slept on an Eidos flannel navy suit a couple years back and kick myself to this day; this fabric looks like a great textured/seasonal take on a navy suit that is appealing but not so loud that it would be obvious every time you wore it). 2- Gray POW with blue overcheck suit (reminds me of the fabric from the one you carried back in FW14 in the Lorenzo model, which I still have saved for future reference). 3- Solid... them both. major fan of tenero but i think i've said it before, the one i own fits like no other one i've ever tried (and mine is perfection). excited to see the new models!
I bought a Tokyo Slim Fit blue OCBD from kamakura. It fits too tight in the neck and too short in the sleeves. I've worn it twice and washed it three times in cold, normal cycle, hang dried. The fabric is their thicker 2-ply, so it's a hearty cloth. The blue is awesome and the 2-ply weave of the blue thread gives it more depth of color. Please see photo comparison of this shirt compared to other blue OCBDs including the standard Brooks Brothers blue, the Black Fleece blue...
yeah for me i'd only wear it with a tie.i'd use the soft roma cutaway for any casual white shirts that i'd use for tonal outfits with open collar.i'm not sure why, but i have no issues whatsoever with any PC shirts not standing up under a jacket with an open collar.sux 2 b u i guess
thanks man.i actually want to give the regular roma cutaway a shot on a straightforward, plain white dress shirt, at some point.
not soft roma cutaway, the typical roma cutaway?it isn't clear to me what they did to update the soft roma cutaway, with is my go-to collar. if they made it stiffer, i would mourn.
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