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Derek I don't think you've quite come to grips with the fact that #menswear is a simulated reality, which Billax has thankfully labeled plainly for us as the shirt Matrix.
This comparison confirms my personal preference, anathema as it is for die-hard OCBD originalists (cough vox cough), being that I prefer a more contemporary button-down a la Kamakura, which has a slightly wider buttoning stance. I.E. in shape, it's more akin to a semi-spread collar with buttons instead of a point collar with buttons.
x-post from the casual thread.
At the end of the day, Ivy League is my favorite.
haha i used the money to fund various Eidos purchases. Actually, save for one sportcoat and a rarely worn suit, all my tailored jackets are now Eidos.
I ask because I used to have a Ralph DB navy blazer from like '94, which I felt like a total baller when I wore. But the shoulders just weren't ideal, and I recently sold it. I see pics of me in it from before, though, and want to live the DB dream once again! The NMWA/Ciro model looks awesome and like exactly what I want! [[SPOILER]]
Okay I want to see pics of the DB Ciro / NMWA cut IRL. I've seen Greg's corduroy. I was very close to buying the gray jacket at NMWA this season just to try it out but didn't and now we are in final sale (and my size is gone). Just wondering if anyone has their own pics or knows of some out there in the interwebz.
Interesting. One reason I love them is their insane vanity sizing. These are a 33, a size I've never worn in my adult life, ever! Lol makes me feel good!
http://m.bananarepublic.gap.com/product.html?dn=bp184720012&dv=0&shopid=2&pdn=bc69628&outlet=false#The cream is the color I've got. It should really be called stone. It has a micro herringbone pattern btw.
You know, the number one best fitting pants of any OTR brand i've tried (that I can afford obvs), banana republic is always the best fit. These linen cotton blend pants were $44 and are a nice, fairly casual blend (58/42 linen/cotton).
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