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LOL this is great If everyone who said they'd vote for me if I could actually win, actually voted for me... I'd actually win! Bernie! Bernie! Oh wait... Wrong poll. Sorry got carried away (I'm voting Anden)
i know! i told you i was weird! i can't explain it lol
Mine is M (from last winter).But i'm weird apparently. I wear a 52 jacket but 16/41 in shirts, M in knitwear/sportswear, and i even tried on a size 38 Pablo jacket the other day and it fit perfect.
Nope that's it, thanks a bunch!
Oh well… I'll take y'all's word that it is amazing. I'll be making a trip to AK Rikks next week. I'll report back with whatever new drops they've gotten in so far (I already know of one, but not sure what else is in).
Ha, had to go look up an old pic of Alex, never seen his face. I can see the resemblance, lol.
Brown Eidos suitBrown J.Crew pocket squareBrown-blue Kent Wang bi-color knit tieBrown leather watch strap on my Leonard & Church watchBrown leather Meermin dub-monksBrown hairWhite ankles [[SPOILER]]
Eidos suitPC shirtKW tie (brown/blue bi-color knit)J.Crew pocket squareLeonard & Church watchMeermin dub-monks [[SPOILER]]
I wish y'all would've waited like, 2 more weeks to buy these all up. I'll be in MN Labor Day weekend and was planning to stop in at MP3. I was hoping to scope it out IRL!!
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