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wow, some actually great product photography!
I think I agree. My favorite jacket of Eidos' is a Tenero—super easy to wear with almost anything. The NMWA can lend a certain swagger however to certain fits (especially when you're ballin' doing the laundry as in my pic below lol).
You should probably get a 50 (40). Any cut from anywhere that isn't No Man Walks Alone in 50 will fit slimmer (slightly) and shorter, while NMWA's cut will have a bit more room in the chest and length. But it's not usually such a dramatic difference that you'd have to take 2 different sizes. Paging @n2pua on that, though.
Just got an email from BB Corporate (I'm an admin at my company for our BB corporate account), that May 18 is a 30% corporate day.
Summer vibes. Old-school Brooks Brothers linen tie
Hey @Seph or @ccallis, wondering if there'll be a light blue chambray fabric coming back at any time. Something like the Albini light blue. http://propercloth.com/fabrics/albini-light-blue-chambray-1348.html I was thinking of making a dress shirt from that fabric or something like it, but since adding it to my wishlist see it is now out of stock. Hoping there will be something to replace it in a similar color!
Nice dude. This goes to show that you don't have to spend $1,500 to put together a good look.I'm not feeling the tie. Might just be my personal preference, though. Is it brown with light blue squares? Maybe it's the ambiguity of color that bugs me.
No way man! Would've been great to meet you! Eric and his wife and her whole family were there. Could've been a good old time reunion lol
My linen-cotton oxford shirt's maiden voyage. Love it. Excuse my sort of idiotic expression in photo 2. Must've been too much wine lol
Kind of an action shot from Saturday. A doubly honored day, in that it was my birthday as well as a high holy day. Transitioned from full suit with shantung tie, to white jeans sans tie for a picnic at a winery with friends. Sorry no shot of the full kit, but here I am with my wife. Commence the last year of my 20s! Eidos suit jacket with J.Crew jeans and snuff suede AE for Polo penny loafers, and a linen-cotton ProperCloth shirt.
New Posts  All Forums: