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So, in the store, this 16.5/35 was huge on my neck. The 16/34 fit me perfectly. But I knew that it'd shrink. I washed it in hot last night and it did a bit—I figure it'll be perfect in about 4-5 months after having worn it in a bit and washed it a bunch.I found that my standard BB OCBDs looked really bad with a collar until I broke them in a bit—maybe it was my imagination, but it sure seemed that way. I imagine this will be the case with this shirt as well.All that said,...
Here is the OCBD with a tie. It's my first wearing of this shirt.
BB's Gatsby OCBD with tie.
no it's full-on supima oxford. compared it side-by-side to my regular, mainline OCBD. same fabric. it'd be nice if it were extra slim fit. but slim fit works pretty well on me under a jacket, so i'm ok with it.
I'd recommend not drying any of your dress shirts—I hang all my shirts to dry, and that's the generally accepted practice around here and the style blogs. Your shirts will last longer and you'll reduce any chance of shrinking. For a guy like me who isn't buying shirts more than $80 retail usually, it's especially a good idea not to dry any of them.I'm totally jealous, by the way, I really want that club collar shirt. I bought the unlined-collar OCBD, however, so I've spent...
Yes please do! I personally have no experience with those old skool OCBDs, so I don't mind the new ones. But I do love longer collars almost every time, so if love to see both a measurement comparison as well as a pic holding the two against each other, lining up the collar bands and seeing the difference
That's a cynical point of view.
That dude looks great—I'm afraid I'd look like a barbershop quartet guy who's lost his companions if I wore that thing.
My normal collar size was a bit big—but I know it will shrink. This is one collar size down. You can see the extra distance between the top two buttons (since it has a 6-button front) and also it's somewhat evident that the collar is unlined.
Which linen are you referring to?
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