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Brand new. Unworn. Jamison has not gotten back with me about a return. I bought them at full retail, he dropped the price, so I'm going to take a hit on these, which sucks. My loss could be your gain, though.
Thanks! I'm only consistent bc I don't post everyday
Breaking the "tie width should approximately equal width of the lapels" rule.
So, I've never entered a challenge before. Do I just post a pic here and say it's for the challenge and I'm good to go? Anyway, rule breaker challenge submission or not, my fit for today, featuring a PRL DB blazer with lapels that'll slap you in the face if you're not careful. And narrow tie (the rule breaking aspect).
Re: charcoal trousers, one of my favorite posts from years past featured them [[SPOILER]]
They're non-functioning, but the vents are fully open (i.e. the sleeve lining isn't sewn over the vent). I'll check and make sure about the sleeve lining this afternoon—there probably is an inch at least to lengthen, I'd guess, because I am the first owner of this jacket and I never altered the sleeves.
J.Crew's Mcallister was softer and more comfortable out of the box than any Clarks I tried on. Just my input on that thread of conversation... Wedding attire for today. One of my best buds got married. Went full classic normal human regalia ( ie no morning wear lol)—navy suit, spiffed black cap toes, white double cuff shirt, Glen plaid silver tie. With the bride and groom With my brother
Got this Boglioli jacket today in the mail (via eBay), loving it.It's an excellent representation of that jeffreyd post explaining how a shoulder expression is independent of the amount of shoulder padding in a jacket. This jacket has a wonderful natural shoulder expression but fairly major padding. It's very handsome and wonderfully executed. [[SPOILER]]
Just imagine gray trousers and light brown wingtips at the bottom. Kamakura OCBD, Polo tie, Polo jacket
haha, this is like 70% of why i wear sportcoats—to carry stuff in , instead of in my pants pockets.
New Posts  All Forums: