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Ha, just caught up on the 4-page discussion about photography quality. @Caustic Man@9thsymph FWIW, Doing pics everyday for me is kind of a chore—and requires my wife to stop what she's doing in the morning and take them (I believe I've mentioned before she is a professional portrait photographer, hence why we have the equipment and she's so good at it). I started making myself do it to 1- Keep my blog going as a viable outlet for my interest in clothing, 2- To try and...
Giving in and breaking out the ultra-light silk-linen today, even though it was only 32°F this morning when we took pics (it'll be 70°F later today, so I figure I can get away with it…). [[SPOILER]]
J.Crew To quote Tubal-Cain in the recent terrible Noah film: "I DO WHAT I WANT; I TAKE WHAT I NEED"
Thanks man. It is probably my favorite watch ever. Full disclosure: it's actually my dad's; but many of the watches I wear are his. He and I plus my brother all swap watches between ourselves for periods of time. I always come back to this one, however, as my favorite. When I borrow it from him, I'll usually put it on and never take it off for months on end until I give it back to him.
Probably belongs in the menswear casual thread… But here I am—my transitional wardrobe for these mid-60s days is kinda lacking. [[SPOILER]]
Endeavoring to do pics every day, even on days that are kinda "blah" for me, so everybody can see who I truly am [[SPOILER]]
OK, don't wanna spam this thread up, but turns out the wedding reception is "casual attire."For contrast, my dad jumped in for a pic (he changed before we left for the evening).Obvs my adorable wife steals the show. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks very much!
Suit up.I plan to change a few details in this fit later tonight for a wedding reception, maybe I’ll post a pic or two of that. [[SPOILER]]
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