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Running the risk of pulling a timotune and posting literally the same outfit every day, here's what I wore yesterday. Perhaps this DB jacket is the only thing I think SF members want to see in my regular rotation. Pics taken on my bourgeois third-level apartment balcony. [[SPOILER]]
Cool. Are those shoes really that great?Tell all!
I get that a lot but usually only from people who've met me, so I always chalked it up to some aspect of my real life behavior.Must be the glasses, lol…Today's fit, blurry taken in studio b. ignore the bottom button buttoned. Must've just buttoned it randomly without thinking before taking the pic. [[SPOILER]] Oh and Sheepy, get one last confused look at the hair. It's getting cut tomorrow…
What have I done?! And to think, all it took was a reference to DELICIOUS CAKE POPS made by MY WIFE. Seriously, guys, they were delicious. PB, I recommend you get a wife asap to bake these for you on your birthday. I think she found the recipe on Pinterest.
What is it about commitment in a legally binding (and religiously, in my case) relationship does everyone hate so much? Seeking after emotions first and behavior second seems to be the root of this phenomenon. Blame it on Greek thought, I guess… And old, single people are usually way weirder than married ones (you seem pretty cool, HF).
I turned 25 yesterday. Had a little bash at a friend's place. My wife made me cake pops! How awesome is that? Only a couple pics turned out, here's one with a buddy of mine: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the thumbs up everyone. Oh I forgot to make my joke when I posted the pics. Don't tell about this jacket. I hear he has something of a dislike for structured DBs...
Kick ass RLBL blazer courtesy evandb [[SPOILER]]
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