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Is there a secret sale I'm not aware of? Keep feeling like folks are mentioning things like this and I have no clue what they're talking about.
Ask and you shall receive.Used a blending mode on the lines so that you can see through them and see the contrast where the edge of the lapel is, and judge how well I did following the curve. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] And our control (not super fair because the pic's angle and the pose is so different, but this is the image that's been burned in my head since originally seeing it years ago that made me covet the Liverano silhouette, and which is what cause me such great...
occasionally I am interested in sport coats made by companies other than eidos (shocker I know haha). Any size advice for me specifically in Cantarelli? I'm a solid 52 in any Eidos fit. Based on measurements seems like I could do 54 in cantarelli (I need at least 30" in length). Ive already determined if I ever want to/can try Formosa I'd probably be a 50R. Grazie!
I spent like an hour with photos of each season of Eidos jackets from NMWA starting with Lorenzo, then the SS15 collection and the FW15 murl and I have, importing each into Illustrator and tracing with vector lines the shape and curve of the lapel through the hem as closely as I could. I felt very and ultimately decided not to post the images for in depth analysis and discussion lol I dropped my jacket off to be slimmed a bit in the waist Wednesday. Looking forward to...
I have only tried Kamakura's regular fit, which has a slightly shorter button-down collar (which is almost identical to BB's, except with a much lighter interlining). I think there is a Tokyo slim fit size that will fit me, however (hooray), and am just always so close to pulling the trigger every time they restock Oxford cloth shirts with the BD collar. I am curious, for those of you who have the Kamakura shirt, if you also have any experience with ProperCloth's vintage...
thank you sir
mainly the lapel shape—it changed from having a smooth swoop (which greg called "negative belly"—love that term haha) to essentially being straight. Combined with rolling to just below the second button out of the box (which greg gave me tips to help it roll to just above the buttoning point), buttoning the jacket eliminates the beautiful curve from lapel through the quarters, which the florentine cut this jacket was inspired by does (and which is what attracts me to it so...
I'm looking forward to seeing it on you!Also, unbuttoned, the lapels roll perfectly and the whole thing looks amazing. I just like to button my jackets most of the time, so, hence my issues
for what it's worth, a robo-pose. [[SPOILER]]
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