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for what it's worth, a robo-pose. [[SPOILER]]
thanks my man. i appreciate both—though, the best-fitting tenero i have is a freak of nature that's not cut at all how it's supposed to be lol (i posted about this in this thread previously).AK Rikks does in Grand Rapids (search the thread for info or I can PM you the phone # of a sales rep there). Haymakers here in Nashville does (they finally have all their Eidos stuff online for sale via ecommerce). Pockets in Dallas does I'm pretty sure (no ecommerce again, but I can...
haha, i knew it!glad to know i'm not crazy loli'm sure the more i wear it, the better it will drape on me.one very specific thing that made me adore the NMWA cut is that negative belly on the lapel—that then continues into the quarters gently with a perfect roll. duh, it's the florentine look, there's a reason it's popular/famous. to me, that design inspiration is absolutely critical to making a jacket with lapels this wide not look like a cheesy 1970s jacket—which I...
Interesting. Any advice on getting the lapel to roll a little more nicely? I fear steam.And maybe chalk it up to the 1cm tolerance you've mentioned, but this buttoning point is definitely higher.
X-post from the NMWA thread.
Thanks, doing fine! I feel like it came with a fairly hard lapel press, instead of a nice, natural roll, and that's making the difference. The button hole is pretty stiff and kind of forces it to the crease at the second button.
Solid advice. I've worn it a bunch already with various pants—chinos (by far and away what I wear most of the time), flannel trousers and jeans today. Ha, I even had it on when we saw Star Wars Thursday night, as I went straight from work. Mostly my concerns are unchanged
Yeah the waist suppression is one thing I'm considering, which I haven't needed done on any of my Eidos jackets so far. I probably lost 10 pounds here recently during a hospital stay (though the way I'm eating right now that won't stay off very long lol), so possibly I'll fill it out a bit more here soon
Shoulders seem about the same to me, actually (this has far less grinze on the sleeve cap, which is one definite change Antonio said he made, and which is fine with me).Buttoning point is 1cm higher. Lapels don't curve at all when it's buttoned, which kind of eliminates the swooping half-circle effect this cut was going for. And the notch seems different somehow (though this might be due to visual distortion from the pattern).For comparison, look at this SS15 raw silk jacket.
The gun check Eidos in the flesh.There are 2-3 things about the cut that feel like they've changed from this past Spring's, and I'm not super crazy about them. Some of it could be the visual effect of the pattern on my visual assessment. Or maybe I need to give it time to "break in".Anyway, here it is. [[SPOILER]]
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