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OK guys my wife and I just got back from a month in Italy. I don't want to spam up the place, but I do wanna post a few pics, so I'll do them all at once in one post.A few representative #waywt photos from our time there: [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
yeah, the Eidos collection is absolutely killer. i love the inherent optimism of a 21oz tweed overcoat (which presumes you're already wearing a sportcoat underneath that's itself 10-15oz, or a sweater). "what global warming?" i still haven't worn the faux-tweed navy donegal herringbone i snagged from last winter's collection and here i am drooling over the gun club… great work as always Antonio (and Greg to ordering such incredible pieces)
ah yes i've seen others wear it from that season. shame, would love that.haha! i think some of these clothes antonio and others make would make so much sense if you lived in napoli itself and hung out on the streets. for me, in cincinnati, ohio, living in the burbs with my desk job… a bit harder to make look sensible.i try my hardest, though, lol.
the jacket on the far right—is it a sale item somewhere? i strongly desire it…
OK I will post it for you @amckeague LOOKS AWESOME
UGGGGHHHHHHH @amckeague post the pic. POST IT
SHH. It will be mine! (eventually, I hope…)
sorry Murls!
Good point… Like new ≠ new, haha, even if it is barely worn. Scarcity of product does make up a certain amount, however, which is the other thing to consider…I'll take offers if anybody is interested. PM me. Sorry to spam the thread!
thanks man! please somebody buy my jacket!
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