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Thanks, Despos. The shoulders fit perfectly and as you can see, there's no excessive extra material anywhere in the chest. I think this may be considered a drapey type cut, so it's fuller in the chest than the normal clean-chested jackets that I've got in my closet. I do think that maybe the sleeves are a bit full, though. Is having the sleeve slimmed down possible/worth it?
What a great thread. You guys rule. Just looking at the jacket in this photo. I had my tailor take it in in the waist. Then I took it back to have him take it in some more, but he argued with me for an hour He felt that taking it in any more was the wrong thing to do because it would make the vents flare, but he did it anyway. I know I have a dropped shoulder and that both shoulders stoop forward. I appreciate your input, guys!
SG is correct. My main problem with it is its length—J.Crew's Ludlow cut is shorter, which can look goofy depending on your proportions (it certainly does on me). If it's the correct length or you can get away with it, it fits well and you think (as I do) that it's one of the coolest-looking shawl collar tuxedoes on the RTW market, go for it. See if you can find a 30% off coupon, which they distribute somewhat regularly, though—at full retail, it's a rip-off considering...
Hardly worn white Gucci loafers, made in Italy. I'm not sure how old these are (I'm guessing 10 years or so), but the leather is really supple and the soles show very little wear. With just a little effort (and probably some Saffir), you could most likely spiff these up really nicely. They fit true to size (I'm usually an 11D or E, and these are just a tad snug, but not enough to be uncomfortable and definitely not to the point where they wouldn't loosen up upon breaking...
It's not short like a normal peacoat, but it's not quite long enough to be 3/4 length—it's somewhere in between. The fabric isn't super heavy duty wool for the dead of winter, but instead kind of a fall coat. Measurements: Shoulder: 18" P2P: 22" Length: 33" Sleeve: 26"
A couple shots of me wearing the thing. Size medium Measurements: Shoulder: 18" P2P: 22"
Nope, doesn't look like it. It's different from J.Crew's in that it doesn't have a canvas chest piece, and its got more "mature" lapels, lol (not narrow and fashionable atm).
It's L.L. Bean's from last year. Center vent, so not perfect, but it's worn in really, really well (and I put mop buttons on it, which set it apart from every other navy jacket out there). I didn't wear the red pants too often—they actually got bleach on them and were ruined not too long ago, too Also I highly recommend a navy-base madras + white jeans.
That linen jacket, slightly off-white cotton+linen pants and various shirts. When I didn't sport the jacket, it's been one of these two shirts with white pants/jeans or navy shorts and either desert boots or my blue/white stripe espadrilles:
Am I the only one noticing the vent that's popping open? It could be due to posture, but bring that up when you take it back to the tailor.
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