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Also I will say that BB3 is supposedly equivalent to 16/35. Whereas my typical BB shirts are 16.5. So it just may be large in comparison to the equivalent size but I don't have one to compare it to
I'd say that the age of the shirt may make a difference. It seems like they tweaked the fit over the years. My brother ordered a white OCBD from the end of the line sale, and it turned out to be from 2007 (!), and the length is like 7 inches longer than any of the others. Sometimes BB4 fits me and sometimes it is gigantic. All depends on the shirt.
I am the same on the pocket. Since I wear sportcoats most of the time it doesn't bother me and the utility of it is appealing when worn alone.This BB3 shirt's sleeves (blue) are identical in width to this extra slim fit (Milano; pink) shirt in size 16.5/35.
Yeah they are pretty awesome in person. I really, really wish they offered more than just the typical shade of blue. I just picked up one of the end of the line solid blue Black Fleece OCBDs, and it's the perfect color.Here is a pic for comparison.Proper cloth heavy blue oxford on leftBlack Fleece in the center,Normal BB blue at the topWhite BB OCBD for control at the bottom: [[SPOILER]]
Isn't that kind of the point of an unlined or softly lined shirt collar? Seems like putting stays in would defeat the purpose somewhat.
[[SPOILER]] Have a great weekend, y'all
just got word that Coachman in Knoxville received their Eidos stuff this morning (not sure if it's all or just some). Short-sleeve lupos (not-quite-navy blue, light gray and white), a chambray very similar to this past season's at places like Bloomies or Haberdash, a light blue horizontal stripe linen sport shirt, band-collar navy popover, and flecked donegal trousers are what he mentioned.
On the Regent fit Own Make stuff (bummer it was discontinued), is the shoulder strong and padded like the typical Regent fit stuff?The other stuff—which you correctly identified as fitting weird and small—had a decent soft shoulder, probably most similar to the Fitzgerald stuff. But the Regent fit's shoulder so strongly put me off that I just wrote all the Own Make off if it mentioned it.
LOL it isn't bad, just not ideal for me. I love the shirt I've got. Just won't be getting another one with a placket is all.FWIW the solid blue heavy oxford cloth is the fabric I've got on that shirt; the university stripe is awesome (I ordered a sample way back when). You will like it.
it's 2.75" i believe.edit: wrong. 3" according to the internet—http://dappered.com/2014/09/the-splurge-in-praise-of-the-brooks-brothers-fitzgerald-fit/
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