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No wrinkly linen today. Wanted to. But moreso wanted to wear this new jacket. It's cotton hopsack, unstructured, 3/8 lined, etc. [[SPOILER]]
My bro bought me the Gatsby BB stripe tie. I don't have any classic BB stripe ties, and I like this shade of maroon better than their typical one. Wore it yesterday.
They're the regular slim fit. I typically wear ESF as well, so I'd prefer it if the unlined collar edition were that fit. But regular slim fit is in the realm of workable for me based on my body type.Why not order one and if it's bad, return it?
Covered a conference this weekend, and another guy snapped this pic. BB blazer and Zara shirt. Not pictured: white linen pants, brown suede longwings. You may notice only one button on the cuff—I replaced the gold buttons on the thing with brown horn, and sewed them on myself. But I got weary after sewing one button on each sleeve. I have a second button for each sleeve, which I'll add when I get the energy, LOL.
Hear hear!
LOL. Nothing like drawing conclusions before something is even released.
PM me and I'll give you my PayPal—you're paying, right?
More responses! I need more!!!
Thanks for all the responses so far.One other reason I've considered white MOP as possibly being excessive is because I currently have a navy linen blazer with white MOP buttons, which I wear all the friggin' time, haha.Would two navy blazers (however different in style they are) both with white MOP buttons be redundant?Pics of that blazer: [[SPOILER]]
Oh, let me clarify: I'm not necessarily going for versatility here. That's why I'm leaning towards white MOP.Basically the poll is to see if somebody can convince me not to get white MOP with a convincing argument why something else is a better idea.
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