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Thanks for the heads up! Come on up to Nashville and the same goes to you!
I emailed them and they called me back, then texted some pics. I gave them my sizes in the various Eidos categories and they let me know what they had in those sizes.Got the last belted cardigan in L. Beyond excited.
Ok interesting. Thanks for the update!
even if you were to desire to wear them over a sportcoat?
Who or what is a respectable business? Apple? Facebook? The non profit I work for? None of them require jacket and tie—some outright ban them.I want folks to dress well as much as the next guy, but your stated reason doesn't cut it as an acceptable answer.What is "the right plainness" for a business shirt? What does a non-business shirt look like? Crazy plaids? In what contexts did people in the 50s wear shirts with this level of plainness outside of with a suit? You're...
Oh snap.I'm not certain what your problem is with the tie.And the shirt being a business shirt—do you say that because it's solid blue and has a spread collar?
This is 16-35, or 41-89 in their sizing. The black fleece shirt is actually my brother's so I can't comment on size comparison directly, though he wears BB4 and there's no way he could fit into this OCBD. This is probably on par with a BB ESF in 16-35.
Thank you sir 🍗
Pretty much wear the same things over and over these days lol. But, you can't beat this view of the city. Eidos jacket, Canali shirt, J.Crew jeans, Meermin boots.
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