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good, because i can't be stylish if everybody is wearing the same exact jacket as me all the time
when i first joined styleforum, narrow lapels were kinda liked. all the bespoke-only dudes of course had their own thing going, but us plebes still kinda liked them.also docholliday always talked about how they were a way of life. has he stuck with that?ah, the good old days.
i've concluded either the fitzgerald is an excellent fit for you or there is no hope on earth that it will look good on you. For me, I've never been able to fit into one—there is always a wonky shoulder issue with one that fits in the chest. Since losing some weight, I thought the shoulder issue disappeared—only to discover that the chest is weirdly big on the size that fits in the shoulders. Turns out to get the right chest fit, the shoulder issues return.@SeaJenMy tailor...
embrace the long, slimming lines of the 2.5-inch lapel!
don't we all
regret no more, most sizes of it are magically restockedhttp://www.brooksbrothers.com/Fitzgerald-Fit-Check-Sport-Coat/MM00386,default,pd.html
Thanks guys. It's actually kind of a boondoggle jacket to me in some ways. I had them order it in to try (from BB), and when I went to try it on, I had had a pint or two. It fit horribly in the chest, but I bought it anyway (dumb alcohol fueled decision). In order to make it fit, my tailor reduced the chest, which cost me 50% again what I paid for the jacket to begin with. He's exceptionally skilled at tailoring, but nonetheless, there are some vertical folds in the chest...
Haven't posted for a couple days. Today, and yesterday. [[SPOILER]]
you will love this
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