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LOL nope. I just got to have a fun afternoon doing video shoot downtown one day for this show and thought I'd share. Whether you watch past the first 45 seconds is up to you.
RLBL jacket Sid Mashburn shirt Saks trousers
What I liked about this jacket when I bought it in 2009 from LLBean Signature were the lapels. It was actually a suit, but I didn't keep the pants. What's interesting is that while I've come to realize the jacket is short on me, the lapels don't follow in the narrowness that has accompanied this shorter style in the last couple years. Also, I'm convinced I've either gotten taller or jackets appear shorter on me due to horizontal growth in the 2.5 years since then. Not...
Definitely a ghost
Agreed. I'm in search of a better-proportioned linen jacket. In the mean time, I get dressed in the morning with the wardrobe I have!
Unfortunately the storm didn't cool it down any. Almost all linen today.
At first glance, they looked black, which may have raised ol' Voxy's ire. I can't be sure, but I had the same reaction when I first saw it. Brown makes it better, but the fact that they're balmorals still may put them in a slightly "citier" category in the city-to-country continuum than what the rest of your outfit communicates. Brown suit with mega-cuffs might look a bit more cohesive with brown bluchers as opposed to pointy, shined-up balmorals, brown though they may...
Are those black balmoral shoes with a cotton suit, 2-inch cuffs and a button down collar?
Before southernstyle bids us all farewell for the moment, I just remembered that I had to post this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4HEXfTD9hk
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