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I just saw that excellent Star Wars premiere blog post. Please tell me Kyle or Greg has put that ensemble all together and worn it for a photo
This.I'm constrained by my budget; so I spend a lot on the items I really care about, and live with lower-priced/lesser-quality stuff in the other categories. For me, I am highly drawn to tailoring; Antonio's gotten more of my money in the last 12 months than any other single brand over the span of literally my entire life.But I doubt I could ever bring myself to spend $185 on a henley—made in Italy by hand of the finest fabric or not. If a henley were the type of thing...
As an Eidos fan, and as someone who has about 5 different SA's numbers in my phone for random retailers who sell Eidos but do not do ecommerce, I would love to see NMWA offer some of the knitwear/sportswear/shirting/non-tailoring-or-field-jackets Antonio makes. Not all of it would make sense alongside some of your other brands (like Inis Meain or S&C or Portuguese Flannel or whoever), but based on the look books (and in particular Antonio's comments about his change in...
They're short on me too. It's a big downside I choose to overlook bc of the fabric and collar as well
I'm just curious if anybody here bought this jacket: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-hopsack-sport-coat-12-13-oz-wool.html As soon as I saw it, it struck me as the ultimate quote-unquote year-round-go-to-navy-blazer. And I want to live vicariously through whomever you are.
Is there an SA there anybody has contact info for?
thanks!I guess I thought I was subscribed to their newsletter. I'll re-subscribe
My comment on versatility was completely in the context of what I own and wear and the lifestyle I live.That is, I wear the pants below 3 times a week at least. I could be wrong (maybe next time I'm over at Haymakers and can look at the houndstooth fabric again I can compare it to these chinos), but I feel like that jacket wouldn't work with those chinos or the other, slightly darker pair I wear often. The brown gun club will 100% work with: dark jeans, light jeans, white...
I've been eyeing that coat and want it badly. And the houndstooth SC is great. I've gone back and forth on how useful it would be in my own wardrobe based on what I typically wear (felt the brown gun club from NMWA was a bit more versatile), but everyone I see who got it looks awesome in it.
Yeah Haberdash closing its doors sucks. They have great customer service and ecommerce, and had nice self-branded stuff (like their Haberdash Shirtmaker ties) at pretty good prices. Also sucks because it's going to take loads of willpower for me not to just buy all the things in their everything-must-go sale…
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