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It's not short like a normal peacoat, but it's not quite long enough to be 3/4 length—it's somewhere in between. The fabric isn't super heavy duty wool for the dead of winter, but instead kind of a fall coat. It may work as a topcoat for the right guy. Size medium. Measurements: Shoulder: 18" P2P: 22" Length: 33" Sleeve: 26"
Only an up-close shot today…
My first thought was that a car's surface doesn't bend. I would think at the creases of the shoe, the wax will crack and look ugly after a few wears
Unstructured and soft, this jacket is comfortable and in a pretty tailored fit—the Regent, which is one of BB's trimmer cuts. Double vents, brown horn buttons, unlined except for the sleeves. Retail is $450. My price $150. It just doesn't fit me like I wish it did, which is why I'm selling it. Exactly the same as this, except it does not have pick stitching:...
Yeah, Victor, I could maybe be on board if you didn't have double cuffs on… It became August again this week. White linen it is!
Man. That sucks. He's my dad's age.
haha, my one pair of black shoes are low-quality. My next shoe purchase will probably be a new pair to replace them. Until then, I wear them sparingly.
an action shot of this uninspiring jacket taken by a dude randomly with a cell phone. [[SPOILER]]
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