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This is aimed right at me. And I love it. I noticed they changed their photography a lot- they went to a single light source, gray background, new models, and different poses. It makes a big difference in the appeal of the clothes, IMO.
Excellent, niidawg- baby blue really suits you well. Not a huge fan of the "fun" socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A Why hide the face - you forgot to change your avatar You noticed! Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Love the tie. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Big A I drank this absinthe, everything got fuzzy, and suddenly my right foot was 3 times it's normal size. IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking...
y'all grow up so fast...
Cotton & Linen Tuesday
Wear it. Why'd you buy it if you can't wear to where you spend 60% of your waking life?
Put my wedding photographer hat on yesterday in Louisville. My wife is the lead photographer, I'm the second. It was a fun day!
Quote: Originally Posted by WBaker Very classic. Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin I like. Classic combo that I favor myself. Nice buttons on the SC. Mike Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Nice, white buttons makes it even better. Thanks, guys. A non-sartorially inclined friend said to me, "you look like you should be on a yacht, with tons of beautiful women at your side in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Nice vibe to this photo. Thanks holdfast. After a great sabbath dinner with friends, a quick wayrn shot.
I added two pairs of pants to the lineup.
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