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Ha, thanks. The Super Bowl is tomorrow and the office I work in is also home to an educational institution. The students declared last week "spirit week", with each day being a different theme day. Thursday was twin day. Friday was team day (which team do you support?), etc. Except Thursday, I dressed normal the rest of the week, lol.
Spirit week at work for the game this weekend. Today is twin day. Me and my normally bald coworker friend:
I had the exact same problem with that exact same boot (well mine was the herring rebrand of the same boot), only it was the small toe on my right foot that rubbed. In my case it didn't just rub though, it got squeezed a little each time I walked, which was painful. It never got better and I sold them. Whatever it would cost to return or exchange is way less than what I lost in reselling them (I lost like $120--nobody wanted to buy them!)
I think the Indy boot thing is kind of along the lines of that weird junction of "American Heritage" and "#Menswear" 2-3 years ago when places like J.Crew were pairing Made-in-the-USA Red Wing boots with suits in their catalogues. I don't think they're forum darlings as much anymore, but I'm glad to own them for their utility and quality.I'd like to get maybe one or two more shades of blue OCBD—I wear them a lot, I find, and it'd be nice to have maybe a lighter shade to...
Thanks foo. I wore my blue ocbd yesterday, but I literally thought that exact thought this morning as I chose my shirt.You don't like my Indy boots? I saw snow on the forecast today, hence their presence. I have some suede long wings en route. Next time my feet will be shod with those.Thanks again
another pic, better light, from SAN [[SPOILER]]
thanks! this is the easiest jacket in the world to wear—super casual, super broken in, just wonderful (and it was only like $80).They're from J.Crew c.2008, when their pants were of a higher quality. They're flannel, fully lined, sturdy wool. Their current pants (bowery), I find to be of a flimsier, almost stretchy wool, though I like the cut of them more than these.
Yesterday morning, in San Diego (Coronado)—linen. 80°F Today, in Cincinnati—lambswool. 15°F [[SPOILER]]
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