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Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Blustery and cooler today with rain forecast. More meetings... Killer, MoK. Something about this fit strikes me much more than others you've posted of late. Square, shirt, I even like the tie (and I usually don't like ties with geometrically repeating shapes like yours today). I will say that hacking pockets aren't my favorite, though- I just have yet to see some that flatter the...
i voted for lufty, too! color me surprised that 1) i was included in this poal, and 2) I actually got two votes.
I have a T.M. Lewin suit and it doesn't fit me *awesome.* The shoulders have more padding than I like and just look weird on me. Worst case scenario you buy it and return it. Everyone here would say find a nice RLBL or similar-quality tux on ebay, B&S or some other second-hand or used place and you could get a great deal ($500-ish). Based on my experience, though, I'd rope J.Crew's suit quality in with TMLewin's, and J.Crew has a really awesome-looking shawl-lapel...
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition Quick submission before I take a look at some of the other submissions for this Friday's challenge: Close up: Whoa. Awesome coat. But can this really count for the challenge? I mean you put it on to take a photo but you could hardly argue you're wearing it today. You said yourself it's far too hot to wear it.
Maybe it's more streetwear, but like Big A, I rarely post over there. Plus I happen to be wearing plaid today, so what the heck:
Love that pocket square, Moo.
Interview outfit Wednesday.
good, as were the first two. i like that you address dressing well in broad terms, both for people who should be wearing a coat & tie, and for some people who work in professions where a coat & tie would be absolutely out of the question (carpenter, or something).
normal cardigans look weird on me, so i prefer shawl collar ones. they don't work under a jacket, but i don't wear jackets everyday. ymmv.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast New jacket I got yesterday, worn for the first time this evening. Sorry for the bad lighting in the pic; hopefully next time I'll snap a pic in daylight. I like it, Holdfast! Great fit.
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