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Here's what I have so far. What should my next one be? Light brown wingtip (AE Macallister in walnut) Light brown captoe blucher (AE something or other in walnut) Brown single monk strap (Peal & Co.) Black balmoral captoe (Peal & Co.) Brown penny loafer (Peal & Co.) Alden Indy Boot in brown Chromexcel I'm thinking either a brown suede long wing or brown suede double monk. Or possibly a slightly dressier boot to wear in inclement weather but that would still look good...
Jamison, When do you expect to et more black knit ties in stock?
Thanks! It's actually a light blue check shirt.
Please ignore my vaguely angry facial expression.
A kinda-sorta formal dance Saturday night. Black and white was the theme, but not owning a tuxedo, I went with my sadly too small navy suit (with fashionably high buttoning point, as you can see). Close enough. Time for a new navy suit, though.Photobooth pics: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah half the time I crop, but I think my head provides a sense of proportion missing if it's just straight up cropped off. My head is gigantic and really does add some weight to my top half.
Oh, and it has nothing to do with anonymity. Sometimes my face just looks really stupid. Haha.
See below.I do indeed think they're birdseye, though.Thanks! Got more compliments on this than almost any other fit I've worn (in real life, that is).You are correct. When it comes to critiques/advice, if the shoe fits, wear it, as they say.And these pants fit awesome.
thanks.Is that so? I never knew that! But these are my favorite-fitting trousers. What'll I do with them?
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