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Picked up this jacket from alterations today. Eidos, naturally, with a Brooks Brothers ancient madder tie, gutteridge end-on-end shirt, and Howard yount flannels. Meermin double monks. [[SPOILER]]
Gun club post alterations. Low right shoulder still gives me probs in the robo-pose, but overall I'm much happier. Going to keep working on getting the lapel roll I desire… [[SPOILER]]
I had the gun club altered. Fits better and I'm happier with it. Shoulder expression is great—Antonio had told me it would be perfect this season, and I have to agree it's the best of any of my Eidos jackets.A couple pics [[SPOILER]]
I just saw that excellent Star Wars premiere blog post. Please tell me Kyle or Greg has put that ensemble all together and worn it for a photo
This.I'm constrained by my budget; so I spend a lot on the items I really care about, and live with lower-priced/lesser-quality stuff in the other categories. For me, I am highly drawn to tailoring; Antonio's gotten more of my money in the last 12 months than any other single brand over the span of literally my entire life.But I doubt I could ever bring myself to spend $185 on a henley—made in Italy by hand of the finest fabric or not. If a henley were the type of thing...
As an Eidos fan, and as someone who has about 5 different SA's numbers in my phone for random retailers who sell Eidos but do not do ecommerce, I would love to see NMWA offer some of the knitwear/sportswear/shirting/non-tailoring-or-field-jackets Antonio makes. Not all of it would make sense alongside some of your other brands (like Inis Meain or S&C or Portuguese Flannel or whoever), but based on the look books (and in particular Antonio's comments about his change in...
They're short on me too. It's a big downside I choose to overlook bc of the fabric and collar as well
I'm just curious if anybody here bought this jacket: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-hopsack-sport-coat-12-13-oz-wool.html As soon as I saw it, it struck me as the ultimate quote-unquote year-round-go-to-navy-blazer. And I want to live vicariously through whomever you are.
Is there an SA there anybody has contact info for?
thanks!I guess I thought I was subscribed to their newsletter. I'll re-subscribe
New Posts  All Forums: