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It fits him very well, but there are a few styling details that I would do differently. But whatevs, the fit is nearly perfect.
Yes. I had one for a little while but ended up selling it. It was 80% awesome for me. The 20% that wasn't awesome was that it had a very short back balance for my build and very narrow overlap on the double vents, so they flared open like crazy on me. So from the buttoning point up, viewed from the front, I loved how it looked on me. But from the side, it looked very ill-fitting.
I actually found that their try-on frames are worse quality than the actual frames you receive when you purchase them. It could be due do wear and tear by thousands of other people handling the frames before you, but often I found that the try on frames were crooked or had a loose hinge. The frames I purchased are fantastic, though. Glad others find the service to be useful.
Hardly worn white Gucci loafers, made in Italy. I'm not sure how old these are (I'm guessing 10 years or so), but the leather is really supple and the soles show very little wear. With just a little effort (and probably some Saffir), you could most likely spiff these up really nicely. They fit true to size (I'm usually an 11D or E, and these are just a tad snug, but not enough to be uncomfortable and definitely not to the point where they wouldn't loosen up upon breaking...
It's not short like a normal peacoat, but it's not quite long enough to be 3/4 length—it's somewhere in between. The fabric isn't super heavy duty wool for the dead of winter, but instead kind of a fall coat. It may work as a topcoat for the right guy. Size medium. Measurements: Shoulder: 18" P2P: 22" Length: 33" Sleeve: 26"
Only an up-close shot today…
My first thought was that a car's surface doesn't bend. I would think at the creases of the shoe, the wax will crack and look ugly after a few wears
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