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Thanks @UrbanComposition, though full disclosure: those are jeans I'm wearing 🙈
Haha sorry my man! Just got back—if you'd have asked me to before I went I'd have done it. once I get the navy tenero (should be next week), I'll throw it on and take pics—should fit exactly the same as every other tenero they've got. As for getting pics in the Ciro, sorry!So the only Ciro they have is the gray suit. The jackets are all Tenero, except for a couple of last season's washed cashmere jackets which are Lavato. Everything they have in the store from this season...
Do it! It's amazing (though it's the Tenero I bought). Just got back from purchasing it; only needed sleeve alterations, which should be done in a week and then they'll send to me. One benefit of living out of state: no sales tax
Hey no problem man, sorry I wasn't able to see you. Next time. Enjoy your time in NYC!
Normal size, which is 16.5. I accidentally tried on a 15.5 first and was busting out of it lol. Then realized my mistake, haha.
Miranda was great—I had forgotten about this jacket as well, but she just kept bringing things to the fitting room for me to try on, haha. It was awesome.I'm going back to today to pick up the silk navy tenero jacket.
Just wanted to say how awesome it was to stop in at Haymakers & Co. in Nashville (@jimstyles).Miranda and I geeked out over Eidos for like two hours; my poor friend who I'm visiting (who, incidentally, knew Miranda from high school LOL) and my wife had no idea what they were in for when we all drove there together. [[SPOILER]]
There's no requirement at my workplace to dress up, so putting together outfits each day is purely a creative exercise on my part. I kind of aim for an American Ivy League with southern Italian influence. You be the judge how squarely I hit that mark. Photographic skills courtesy my beautiful and talented wife. http://www.styleforum.net/g/a/626452/mossrockss-what-are-you-wearing-today-gallery
bloussant sounds delicious
I think I got the last one
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