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Haha, so, "crazy" is your vote.Vox explained to me that there are three fallacies to my premise, and his explanation rings true:1- First, that your hybrid idea will look more "formal" than a simple dark suit, white shirt, discreet tie. It will not.2- Second, that cotton or linen wears cooler than wool made for summer use. They do not.3- Third, the charm of cotton and linen comes from their rumply-ness, and is that ideally consonant with black tie? No, it is not.
I'm not sure… I'd have to look.Evidently only some do. I just have to wonder if a $220 (retail) shirt has them, what price must one pay not to have them?
Found this thread after buying a Canali shirt from Mr. Porter and being dismayed that it would have sewn-in stays. Returning the shirt. Overall I like it a lot, but that along with a couple other small issues make it not worth the price I paid ($110).
I want to resurrect this thread because I just independently had the idea for a navy blue cotton/linen/cotton-linen blend tuxedo. I am attending a wedding tonight at 6:00 PM in the midwest, at a nice hotel with a beautiful inner courtyard. The wedding will be outdoor (in the courtyard), but the reception will be inside in a traditional ballroom. What would be more perfect than a navy blue cotton or linen tuxedo? A traditional wool tuxedo would be too hot and look bad when...
Not a contestant for the challgenge—wearing striped socks. Have a great weekend, errbody. [[SPOILER]] I feel like I kinda wear the same 4 outfits over and over again.
Linen jacket, Alden loafers
Haha I work for a church, so I typically don't like to ask them to spend money on stuff unless it's really necessary. Cinder blocks do just as well as a fancy, real-life standing desk!
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