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The pocket square and tie are super matchy—I just couldn't help myself!The square is linen, though, so that makes it better I think. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, why's that?
The other night. Tie loosened itself on its own evidently…
Buy a navy suit that fits well and have it tailored as necessary. Buy a white shirt (with french cuffs if you'd like). Silk knots or mother of pearl cufflinks. Black balmorals shoes. Navy socks. Glen Plaid tie. Black leather belt (or braces if that's your bag). White linen TV fold pocket square (or silk if you're exceptionally stylish). Whatever you do, *don't* do whatever you think you were going to do.
You are correct on all points.
Glad I posted before you—your awesome lapels would've cut my face off.
Yeah it's my grandpa's watch. Nice and small, so it's perfect with a suit!Thanks, it's a TMLewin, actually. I own basically one suit that kinda fits me, and this is it. It fit 2 years ago but that was when I wore a 40—I'm now a 42. I've been buying far more into a wardrobe of sport coats and trousers, but I would like to get a better fitting, awesome gray suit and an awesome navy suit. That'll probably satisfy my suiting needs and free me up to pursue the odd jackets,...
Running the risk of pulling a timotune and posting literally the same outfit every day, here's what I wore yesterday. Perhaps this DB jacket is the only thing I think SF members want to see in my regular rotation. Pics taken on my bourgeois third-level apartment balcony. [[SPOILER]]
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