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Thanks my man! Wanna see pics when you get alterations!
Totally agree. Lapel roll is as good as last season. And this fabric
Thanks! Chambray Eidos from last winter or summer
A few pics IRL. [[SPOILER]] ]
and some of us have expensive tastes but jobs that pay… lower than would be ideal
solid, unpatterned cream
Will do once it's delivered (Friday Lord willing!).
This is way late but I figure I'd post. Here's my fit from weekend before last, visiting friends in Alabama. Eidos "primo" fit jacket Propercloth linen-cotton shirt (soft Roma cutaway collar) J.Crew 770 jeans in "wheat" color Meermin snuff suede chukkas
Speaking of linen-cotton fabrics, I have been wearing mine full on into autumn and intend to continue wearing them all winter. I dig that they add texture, and who cares if they're "out of season"? Here's me in Alabama couple weeks ago wearing my hands down favorite shirt, a linen-cotton stripe fabric. It was pretty warm that weekend, but since then I've still been wearing these as the temps have dropped.
meanwhile i'm over here wearing it with linen-cotton fabrics and wouldn't change a thing.booyah! to each their own!(also, here's another vote for a wider front placket option!!)
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