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Made in Italy by Caruso Black Label double-breasted navy blazer. It's a lighter shade of navy. Awesome for spring/summer. Full canvas, 6x2 configuration, double vents, 42L (could potentially work as a 40 and could also be considered a Regular; check measurements and decide for yourself). The original dark navy buttons have been replaced with brown horn (I put only 1 button on each sleeve), though I will include the original buttons as well. Measurements: Chest – 21.5...
thanks!Slim fit chinos from Brooks Brothers.
Only if I sit on it
Haha, it was my cheap way of getting a standing desk without costing the non-profit organization I work for unnecessary money. They would've gotten me an actual standing desk if I wanted, but why spend the money? There are better things I'd rather them put that money towards.
After a week serving at summer camp (typically one of the best weeks of the year for me) in cotton-poly polo shirts, it's good to be back in coat & tie.Today's fit.RLBL jacketBB shirt and tieJ.Crew pantaloonsMeermin dub monks [[SPOILER]]
My dad has this watch (so does my brother). He lets me wear it (and any other watch he owns) whenever I want. Typically I'll wear it for 6-8 months without ever removing it. I love it so, so much. Should probably give it back to my dad for a while, though. [[SPOILER]]
I'm flattered. thanks!
pm sent
No insult intended.intelligentsia |inˌteliˈjentsēə|noun (usu. the intelligentsia) [ treated as sing. or pl. ]intellectuals or highly educated people as a group, esp. when regarded as possessing culture and political influence.
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