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Price includes shipping in continental US; message me if you're outside that. These are a really great style; they have lots of life left in the soles.
Only need 2. My buddy's wedding in St. Louis last summer. Wearing my eHaberdasher Benjamin suit, black cap-toe balmorals from Peal & Co., a white royal oxford double cuff shirt with silver cufflinks, and a silver glen plaid tie (Polo I believe).
These are the incredible Alfred Sargent wingtips made for J.Crew, size 10.5. Originally retailed for over $500. Original sole. Toe taps and heel guard have been installed.
This vintage Brooks Brothers sportcoat is made in a glorious dark brown tweed herringbone. It's a dark brown mixed with black. Check the close-ups. The fabric is outstanding. It's 3/8 lined (only the sleeves and a curtain in the upper back to make it easier to slide on), with an awesome soft shoulder like they used to make, flapped patch pockets, swelled edge lapels and the two-button sleeve BB is known for. Measurements: Chest measured pit-to-pit: 21.5" Waist through...
This incredible Polo jacket is made in Italy. It's almost completely unstructured—no chest piece and it's only minimally padded in the shoulder to give them some shape—as well as unlined and with a very lightweight, open-weave structure that makes it extremely comfortable in the heat. The perfect casual summertime jacket. Soft shoulder, swelled-edge lapels, with flap-patch hip pockets and a patch breast pocket. Only 3/8 lined (sleeves plus the curtain in the upper back...
This is an incredible fall-winter piece by Brooks Brothers in an amazing gun-check-style flannel wool, with an extremely soft construction—it's half-canvas with completely natural shoulders without padding. It's got open patch pockets on the hips, a typical welt pocket on the chest, and a single vent.It's been slimmed down in the chest and waist, so it will fit slimmer than a typical 42L in Fitzgerald fit. Check the measurements to be sure.Chest measured pit-to-pit:...
when Greg persuaded me to buy the full suit... [[SPOILER]] ]
thanks—it's a popover. i stopped ironing most of my shirts a while ago. kinda casual-fied
Here's me yesterday.Basically wearing what I wear everyday—Eidos jacket, Red Fleece chinos, OCBD or variation thereof, absurd amounts of wristraff, suede loafers and my dad's Omega watch. My wife and I may have been a little drunk when we took these pics… [[SPOILER]]
I'm back! Glad to see everyone keeping the torch burning while I was gone Back to coat and the occasional tie after the best week ever at summer camp.Here's what I wore yesterday. [[SPOILER]] Bonus video.
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