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Perhaps old news for everybody (maybe my searching capability is severely handicapped), but I communicated with Kamakura and asked them whether the TSF spread collars are longer than the NYRF spread collars. Short answer is, they are—their slim fit spread-collar shirts (both Tokyo and NY) have approx 3.5" collars, and the regular fit shirts (again, both Tokyo and NY) are about 3". I didn't ask about the button-down collars; I'd presume they're the same, but who knows.Here...
I'm a little late to the sales frenzy, but I don't suppose anybody's seen the white camicia polo in size medium on discount at bloomies or anywhere, and would proxy for me?
Another weekend, another wedding. Traveled solo this time.
ahh, ok thanks. was hoping it was in regular oxford!
university stripe? link?
Brand new. Unworn. Haven't heard back from Jamison about a return. Hoping to sell these for what I paid—my price includes shipping.
Thanks! I'm only consistent bc I don't post everyday
Breaking the "tie width should approximately equal width of the lapels" rule.
So, I've never entered a challenge before. Do I just post a pic here and say it's for the challenge and I'm good to go? Anyway, rule breaker challenge submission or not, my fit for today, featuring a PRL DB blazer with lapels that'll slap you in the face if you're not careful. And narrow tie (the rule breaking aspect).
Re: charcoal trousers, one of my favorite posts from years past featured them [[SPOILER]]
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