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@Gusw Right at the end is the comment he makes.
Time for me to weigh in on OCBDs, seeing as i wear basically 7 shirts in heavy rotation, and like 3 of them are blue OCBDs: classic Brooks Brothers blue is gray-ish, dull, and as Gus said, makes you look a bit dull. never been a fan. I've made mine into my "mowing OCBD." but the beauty of Oxford cloth is its depth of color from the weave—if done well. BB's black fleece had the *perfect* shade of blue. Beautiful, brilliant, thick fabric, just fantastic. too light of a...
AK Rikks in MI had it in Tenero. Give them a ring to see if any are still available.Also good to know on sizing. I tried the Augusto last season with the navy medallion print and took my normal size but didn't remember if Antonio had said he changed the pattern for this season or not.
so, on the augusto, how do folks size compared to, say, how they take the tenero?
haha! just am wearing it today!(i promise i don't get a commission)
looks perfect. that jacket is meant to be that long.
So they have these X% off sales and make it seem like a big deal but you might notice they jack up the price online whenever the discount gets higher. It's a different story if you go into the store. The prices stay pretty constant and so extra 40% is pretty great depending on what you're looking at. For instance, I exchanged the navy shawl cardigan for a different size and was able to score it for $32 (originally got it for $50), because even though they didn't have it...
y'all are way more cool than me. awesome fabrics, combos and style all around i'm sitting over here in cashmere knit tie and ocbd with emerald green sportcoat today. cool, but dang, y'all are rockin' it.
yesawww thanksreproduced for the benefit of others [[SPOILER]]
Beautiful Corneliani ID soft faux-tweed (looks like tweed, but has 10% cashmere so it's very soft). It's incorrectly labeled a 38L, because it fits more like a 42 (R or L depending on how you view these things). So check the measurements. I've had it slimmed by my tailor but the original seams are all still present so it can be let back out. Totally unlined, two vents, one single functioning button on each sleeve. Measurements: Shoulders: 19” Chest: 44” (P2P: 22”) Waist:...
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