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Unstructured, no canvas chest piece, no shoulder padding, soft shoulder, awesome Corneliani-made Polo Ralph Lauren jacket. Tagged a 44L—could work for a 42L as well. Price includes priority shipping in the continental US; let me know if you're elsewhere and we can work out a deal. Single vent Enlarged glen plaid check I found two small moth holes on the right sleeve that have been repaired. One is on the underside of the sleeve, the other is on the outside 4 inches or so...
My "The 90s called, they want their silhouette back" fit [[SPOILER]]
LOL.Don't put too much stock in the tracking just yet—USPS' tracking can be *really* off sometimes.
I'm trying a new tailor, who slimmed this jacket quite a bit. It might be a bit too slim.Motivation to keep the weight down, haha. Gotta get back into ketosis. [[SPOILER]]
Has anyone bought these and could therefore comment on their actual color? http://www.howardyount.com/collections/pants/products/super-100s-winter-flannel-mid-gray-2 Title says tan, URL says mid-gray…
Haha crazy idea. http://menswearmusings.tumblr.com/post/106739604807/whenever-i-wear-this-double-breasted-blazer-there
btw, to your comment about how you think the DB is elegant, I appreciate that. There are things that bother me about this DB—its extended shoulders are one of those things. I took a video of myself walking and posing in my office—the height of vainglory, I know—and seeing it in motion makes a difference.
Thanks—I debated about wearing loafers with the socks kind of for this reason (though not specifically). I dunno. Thanks for the feedback.It's Kent Wang's Carta Marina pocket square.
just saw this. they're meermin double monks (if you were asking me!)
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