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Anybody gotten the blue stripe linen-cotton? Planning to get it, but just curious if anyone else has real life experience.
LOL nope. It's not higher quality in those regards, but rather in how the pattern has been executed. I'd have never guessed different makers with the same patterns and made to the same quality could be so different (FW15 by Isaia compared to this season by SP). This is better. Tough to explain without seeing them both side by side.
Partenopea construction is awesome by the way. That may have been lost in my Formosa tirade last week. It really makes the cut and silhouette outstanding. Not that it wasn't before, but it really is something special. Hoping future collections by Michaelangelo, Isaia, or whoever, can match this.
Some of the reviews said it looks just like cheap cotton. I can see what they mean, but the fact that it is cotton linen and fits so well and has the awesome details I specified (the collar and cuff namely) outweighs that potential downside. For me, I think the biggest improvement they could make would be to use more contrasty threads in the Oxford weave (a darker more saturated blue thread with a stark white thread, more like their standard heavy Oxford fabric). That...
That is my initial experience with just two washes. I plan to buy another of the linen cotton blends and added a quarter inch in the neck and another half inch in the length. But I want to break this one in more before pulling the trigger to confirm the shrinkage.
Ahh. This one:http://propercloth.com/fabrics/light-blue-cotton-linen-oxford-1454.html
If this is a question about which placket I got, I did plain front.
I will report back! I bought it for a specific event so I haven't actually worn it yet (though I've had to wash it twice... Long story lol). After I get it into my regular rotation I'll report back!
Big fat fatty here reporting in, just to say I'm a huge fan of the linen cotton Oxford fabric. I've already gushed a bit I know but every time I put it on its softer and more comfortable and lightweight. Also my wide, fat man placket on the Black Fleece shirt I'm wearing currently is awesome. That is all
Looks perfect to me. Unless it's a 52. In which case send it to me
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