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MP3 had this in Navy. I'm ashamed to say I didn't pick it up and scope it out—I noticed it toward the end of my visit and was basically out of time. I wish I'd have put it on and snapped a pic at the very least
OH snap I gotta get a third source of income
Get the raw silk. The hemp was fine but I was never wild about the color—it is what I'd call greige. Also I felt the weight, which is fairly heavy, made it tough to wear in the hotter summer months, which is what a light colored SC seems best suited to in my opinion.
Awesome man.You know, if I didn't have a linen silk shawl lapel Ciro DJ on preorder from NMWA for spring, I'd be all over the one he's got in my size...Ahh well, I guess I will be patient.
What is "Isand" fit? Does it predate you @NickPollica?
So for you guys who are swiping up these raw silk jackets from the eBay dude in Italy, I will share some advice based on my experience with the two I own (I have one in brown from NMWA and one in navy from Haymakers). I've noticed color leaching out of them onto my shirts when I sweat in the armpits, but nowhere else. Mine are totally unlined (quarter lining may make a difference), and I had to sew my own cotton "pit-flaps" to protect my shirts and also to try and abate...
thanks man!They are the Singleton snuff suede loafers from Polo, made by Allen Edmonds.
Awesome dude. Great jacket. I'm wearing mine today (which is Tenero), and it is my second favorite Eidos jacket.Congrats!
Ha, great story! "It's all fun" is definitely my approach to menswear. I appreciate you keeping it that wayAnd to the Primo: Glad something so great went under your nose—the one I own, which is the one from Haymakers, is my favorite Eidos jacket hands down. Fully lined though it may be
Lol it belongs to a friend who bought it before even I was really buying Eidos. He let me wear it for a day when we were visiting.
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