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yes, but…
Roped shoulders are the bomb. I wear natural/bald/round shoulders because I feel comfortable dressing them down. Padded shoulders feel best dressed up. You are all wrong about roped shoulders looking bad.
If any of y'all are close enough to Nashville to drive, there's this going on this weekend (lol they should pay me commission). End of the line for eidos in Nashville methinks (at least at Haymakers). J.Michaels is their parent store, and carries HF, isaia, Polo, etc. so there may be some goodies to be had from them as well. On the racks this afternoon waiting to be sold are obviously eidos stuff but also LBM overcoats, trucker jackets, sweet western style stuff, and...
Thanks for the include! If someone buys my coat (the Eidos Chiaia), and mentions this thread, I'll do $415 shipped ($10 off—sorta lame, but hey every $10 helps right?).
p2p is 19.5" bottom hem width is 18" (didn't take other measurements as these are the two in particular that are very small on me).
Oh yeah, I totally forgot about this until just now. Thanks my man!
Anyone have this in L? http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/g/gKF100021S/ I want it. I'm hoping it'll be made again. L seems like the size for me. If anyone has it, the main concern I have is the sleeve length... I'd also be tempted to call the NY store and see if they have it and if so if they could ship it.
Long sleeve. The fabric is the standard polo fabric Eidos uses (it's a stretch pique-esque weave, not sure how to describe it). It is opaque (i.e. not see-through), which is frankly awesome, and therefore feels slightly heavier than my navy Lupo.
if you still want this, Haymakers had one 2 days ago. Call them (haymakersandco.com is their website, has their contact info). It was in store, but not online when i was there, so call them.
Anyone been hunting for a white Lupo in size M? Bought one from Bloomindales (popped up for a second, I jumped immediately) for $87. It is shockingly slim compared to my other Lupo in size M. Others had commented they ran small this season, and I'd agree (at least this one from Bloomingdale's—the others I'd tried on at other shops seemed to run the same size). Feels like a mislabeled S lol. I'll be sending it back unless someone wants it from me—cost plus shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: