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Haha thanks for the clarification. The lighting is difficult sometimes. The up close pic shows the yarns a bit better thankfully.And yes, the sportswear is the bomb! Particularly the mock neck fisherman pullover sweater, which I liked before, but after trying it on, now love.Keep on trucking dude. We'll all ride the wave grabbing the pieces that call to us along the way, punching sharks who try to grab them first and petting the dolphins who bring us the tasty tenero...
This is a size medium. It fit like I would've expected it to. Not tight, just fitted.
Ah, good to know. Cool!
Ha, great news for everybody! Todd was way off-base then.
White ones and teal ones (from spring i'm fairly certain). He mentioned they were the only seller to order any for fall, which would explain why you haven't seen any. He didn't tell me what colors (there was also a question of whether they'd actually even be made and delivered, but he made it sound like they will indeed be).Like $1700 or something. That was AK's price IIRC so I assume it's the same.All are Tenero. At AK Rikks, the navy textured SC I tried on is a 52, as is...
LOL.Don't bother with their ecommerce. He told me they are planning to add another 5,000 square feet to the 18,000 they already have, and after all that's done, they hope to upgrade their ecomm system so it doesn't suck, lol.
Yeah it is great. Seems pretty widely purchased as well so you shouldn't have to fight for it, haha.
Oh yeah I also visited AK Rikks in Grand Rapids last week. Besides the cashmere robe of glory, they had some other stuff in. [[SPOILER]]
As promised, some pics. I'll spoiler them. [[SPOILER]]
Not sure if this was anyone's here, but this was purchased then returned, then immediately purchased again. It was awaiting gift boxing in the back and the customer was coming back the next day to pick it up. Glad I got to see it in person! And if it was one of you who has having it gift wrapped, thanks for letting me try it on [[SPOILER]] Also, for those keeping score, I've decided to start sizing up to 54 in Tenero to give me extra length, and for the extra room in the...
New Posts  All Forums: