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I am fairly certain for Kamakura, I would take a 41-whatever (ideal sleeve for me would be like a 90 sleeve length). And for Eidos sportshirts, I've found 41 or 16 has probably been ideal.The Nordstrom shirt (which I'm wearing now and is amazing!) was sized S-M-L though, and Antonio recommended I take L because they ran small that season, he said. I did and it fits perfect. I'm guessing it corresponds to a 41 because every 42 or 16.5 I try on from Eidos is ginormous on me...
Well it varies as I've mentioned before, but generally they are 29.75-30".
52R. But tipo so longer than most other models. Comes in at 30.75"
lol i know about farrah fawcett
Miiiiight be time to cut the hair... lol [[SPOILER]]
I'm going to return this blue jacket—the shoulders are just a bit too snug to be comfortable, and the alteration my tailor said it would require would cost a couple hundred (he explained it, and it's something like removing the collar, recutting the shoulder seam, etc.).Sooo, if there are any 52's who want it, instead of me returning it to the eBay seller, I'd be willing to sell it on here. The price would be about $300 to cover what I paid plus shipping. PM me if...
Used. Fit TTS. Price includes shipping CONUS. Lots of wear left in the sole (i.e. barely worn at all)
Used. Fit TTS. Price includes shipping CONUS. Lots of wear left in the sole (i.e. barely worn at all)
bad photography, but that shirt is actually a FW15 shirt in a nice brushed cotton flannel.Coachman in Knoxville carried that chambray shirt this season (at least, in the photo the one guy sent me, looked identical to that color, which I have from last season via Nordstrom, which carried it in a sport shirt configuration). Might give them a call.
I have a nice white broadcloth dress shirt from Sid Mashburn, but it's slightly too big in the collar, and several things about it bug me (mostly the fit). My goal is to replace it at some point. So, except for the DJA Sea Island cotton, does anybody have a white broadcloth they highly recommend? Stanton and Mercer are basically the same price. Which is nicer? Any experience?
New Posts  All Forums: