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Great-looking penny loafers from Brooks' Peal & Co. line a few years back. As far as I can tell, these were made by Crockett & Jones. Anyway, price includes shipping in the continental US; message me if you live somewhere else and are interested! Shoe trees not included.
The ever-classic, unbeatable, amazing, classic Alden Longwing in genuine Shell Cordovan, Color #8, in size 11D. They're used, but they've been worn so few times, you've got years of life left in the sole. The shoe trees are not included. Price includes continental US shipping. ’
Thanks my man! I never feel like my wardrobe is adequate but occasionally I'll see the pics my wife takes and think that if I had seen my outfits now in 2008, i wouldn't have believed it was me
Yep, they came this slim. Way too slim, actually. They taper down like crazy. The waist on these is actually loose by an inch (the size 34 fit my waist but were sprayed on; these are 36's), then they taper down to like a 7-inch opening.That said, I believe tartan pants need to be slim to avoid looking like pajama pants. Because sadly, to the typical midwesterners I'm friends with, their main frame of reference for tartans in general is composed primarily of pajama...
Gracias. You can thank my wife for the pro-level pics.Casual Friday timesVintage Brooks jacketBanana scarf (actually my brother's and I'm borrowing lol)Epaulet oxford popoverGustin green weft'sPeal bootsOver-the-top, unnecessary KJP and J.Crew bracelets [[SPOILER]]
Everybody's looking great!
Unstructured, no canvas chest piece, no shoulder padding, soft shoulder, awesome Corneliani-made Polo Ralph Lauren jacket. Tagged a 44L—could work for a 42L as well. Price includes priority shipping in the continental US; let me know if you're elsewhere and we can work out a deal. Single vent Enlarged glen plaid check I found two small moth holes on the right sleeve that have been repaired. One is on the underside of the sleeve, the other is on the outside 4 inches or so...
My "The 90s called, they want their silhouette back" fit [[SPOILER]]
I'm trying a new tailor, who slimmed this jacket quite a bit. It might be a bit too slim.Motivation to keep the weight down, haha. Gotta get back into ketosis. [[SPOILER]]
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