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Gotcha. Thanks for being so accessible by the way, man, answering questions and sharing in our collective enjoyment of clothing. Never change
So I'm curious about the fate of the Ciro. I know Miranda here locally told me it sold well last year and she loved it (haven't talked to her recently whether she's made any orders for anything in that cut). But also I'm curious how its design has diverged from the NMWA cut. They were very similar post-Lorenzo (I recall trying it on next to my NMWA raw silk jacket and couldn't really tell the difference, though I wasn't hunting for differences). The NMWA cut has evolved in...
Whoa. Thanks man. I've never in my life been complimented on facial hair when I've attempted a beard. This is a good 2-3 months' growth and I'm committed to one more month before I decide what to do for sure.Superb
that's what selfie sticks were invented for!
I'm wearing chinos and suede penny loafers, which sadly are not pictured. But here's what's up top! Finally pulled the trigger on this Kent Wang tie. Also gotta say i dig the weight of this jacket, as our weather is literally objectively perfect today, but this by no means is too heavy.
Have wanted to buy the blue-brown bi-color knit tie forever, and finally pulled the trigger recently when a buddy was buying a tie for his wedding, so I had him throw it in the cart. Super great. That is all.
Alright @NickPollica, I'm going on a 9-day hiking / rock climbing and rappelling / leadership training / adventure experience in the Wind River Wilderness of Wyoming in August. Tell me about the sportswear in the summer collection that'll deliver for me there Seriously though, if there's one Eidos piece I can take on this epic trip so I can represent, I totally will take it.
Each has super great attributes.See below for a partial breakdownhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/358758/no-man-walks-alone-official-affiliate-thread/28395#post_8245398
Maybe if I'm not lazy sometime I'll photograph each iteration and highlight the differences: FW14 to SS15 to FW15. I own one of each. It changed every season.
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