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I met Dalcuore's wife off chance last month in Italy, riding the funicolare. She helped us figure out where to go, and mentioned her husband was in NYC for a "convention." I thought "he's gotta be a tailor." Sure enough when I followed up she confirmed he was a tailor and told me his name. She was super nice![oh and awesome coat ]
thanks!So far—and this is 2 weeks in, mind you—I've been wearing jeans or chinos with either a polo shirt or OCBD.
My new working from home lifestyle means it'd be a little silly to put on flannel trousers during the day. But I went out to run an errand today, so… put on a tie! LOL
Yeah that's a super bummer for me. The jacket I have of yours that I love the most, which is long enough for my taste, I'm almost certain was made incorrectly or is on the long side of the 1cm of tolerance you mentioned earlier. It's a SS15 Tenero (navy raw silk), size 52, purchased from Haymakers here in Nashville, and measures 30.5" in length on the nose. I got another SS15 Tenero elsewhere, and it was a full 3/4" shorter. I assumed I could count on the length to be the...
Somebody show me the best, most professionally captured image of a Formosa jacket they know of. Like one with a decent perspective and focal length (i.e. not shot from 4 feet away with an ultra-wide iPhone lens from crotch height lol). I'm having trouble finding any good shots that accurately depict the silhouette (perfectly styled mannequin shots aside ).
OK poor is a relative word here, lol. I'm rich compared to much of the world! My wife and I are in the process of moving cities, so we are trying to use as much money as possible on buying a house! It's expensive (have you ever done it? sheesh). Haha. If someone actually sent me hundreds of dollars I'd have to responsibly use it toward a down payment lol.There are some really nice squares for sale, though…
So, I'm poor and probably can't afford anything that's full price in the 5 days I have to use this coupon, lol. Looking at pocket squares and socks. Seems like a crime. Someone wanna donate a few hundred so I can get something expensive? lol
• Sartoria Formosa "Rusty brown" herringbone Dugdale Caldonaire tweed sport coat - 13 oz • Eidos Grey herringbone soft tweed field jacket, 21 oz wool • Formosa Flat-front trousers in Special Ed. Fox Brothers oatmeal flannel, 14 oz • Barbanera Hemingway tassel loafer, brown suede
A slightly chillier end to the week (after several days in the 70s F). Donegal and flannel, yay! [[SPOILER]]
There may be retailers out there stocking a 38L or 40L (NMWA only stocks 42 and 44 in L), but I'm not sure; Antonio would know. If not, sounds like MTM is your only option, so it would be a higher cost (but you'd have the benefit of choosing your cut and fabrics).
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