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Haha thanks! You've likely seen it before in my fit pics just from a less dramatic angle. The magic of photography Thanks! Classico II IIRCThis morning, coffee in Newport.
Incredible full-canvas Boglioli for Bergdorf Goodman Made-in-Italy linen sportcoat in a 3-roll-2.5 lapel configuration. Fully lined and fully canvassed, this has a beautiful natural shoulder expression. Although it does have padded shoulders, its expression is very natural/round. It's very handsome. Welted breast pocket, flapped besom hip pockets and flapped ticket pocket. Cuffs have four buttons—three are fake, one is functional. Measurements: Chest (pit-to-pit):...
Our five days of celebration continues, today including a photo shoot (all done ourselves via remote and tripod). Dressed up with our bikes in the back yard eHaberdasher Benjamin suitTMLewin shirtPolo tieMeermin dub-monks (couldn't resist the sockless look)Calvin Klein dress (on her) [[SPOILER]]
Here's a polo tag I've never seen before. It's on a garment in considering on eBay. Any ideas?
This is a tag I've never seen before. Help, anyone?
Thanks so much!
It's my wife's and my 5th anniversary weekend. I've got 5 days of fun things planned (which she knows nothing of).Today we hit up the art museum. Tonight, french cuisine!A style shot and a lifestyle shot. [[SPOILER]]
I thought so! I've wanted to get one of those, but haven't yet as I wasn't sure i really needed it, but your pic confirms it: I need it.
tell me about this shirt, Tweedy…
whoa. just hopped over to the dressedwell link.I forgot about how awful human beings can be on the internet (haven't been searching it out, i suppose).Haven't witnessed such ass-clownery in years.Can you count this post as the one that makes you delete it all @in stitches?
New Posts  All Forums: