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has anybody bought a 52L Tenero at any point? whether via MTM or when Bloomies carried it? curious what the measurements are.
Bouncing off this observation and an earlier comment about the unlined OCBD that BB now makes, I determined just by trying the new one on, that BB removed the lining but did not change the pattern of the collar, so it fits larger. I wore 16.5 neck before, and absolutely would have to go for a 16 now in the unlined collar. Which would be a boon since that would make it fit me better
Yessir this is the one. Actually while I was taking the protractor to the shirt, I kinda felt like maybe the two buttons weren't sewn on at exactly the same height—like the left one (from the perspective of looking at it like in a photograph) was slightly higher than the right one. I will investigate further to see if that is true and if so, i guess see if i care enough to try and fix it lol.
Proper cloth on the shirt matrix collar points: 3.5" Angle: 45° Button width: 3.5" Button depth: 1.5" Birthing factor: 85% Here is what it looks like on me
I will have to get out my protractor tonight and measure my Propercloth "Soft Ivy Button Down" to see if it's in birthing territory or not, since as of now it's outside of the Shirt Matrix. What is your ideal range for an angle? If it's 42° would that be too birth-y for you? I'll report back tonight
Derek I don't think you've quite come to grips with the fact that #menswear is a simulated reality, which Billax has thankfully labeled plainly for us as the shirt Matrix.
This comparison confirms my personal preference, anathema as it is for die-hard OCBD originalists (cough vox cough), being that I prefer a more contemporary button-down a la Kamakura, which has a slightly wider buttoning stance. I.E. in shape, it's more akin to a semi-spread collar with buttons instead of a point collar with buttons.
x-post from the casual thread.
At the end of the day, Ivy League is my favorite.
haha i used the money to fund various Eidos purchases. Actually, save for one sportcoat and a rarely worn suit, all my tailored jackets are now Eidos.
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