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[[SPOILER]] Have a great weekend, y'all
just got word that Coachman in Knoxville received their Eidos stuff this morning (not sure if it's all or just some). Short-sleeve lupos (not-quite-navy blue, light gray and white), a chambray very similar to this past season's at places like Bloomies or Haberdash, a light blue horizontal stripe linen sport shirt, band-collar navy popover, and flecked donegal trousers are what he mentioned.
On the Regent fit Own Make stuff (bummer it was discontinued), is the shoulder strong and padded like the typical Regent fit stuff?The other stuff—which you correctly identified as fitting weird and small—had a decent soft shoulder, probably most similar to the Fitzgerald stuff. But the Regent fit's shoulder so strongly put me off that I just wrote all the Own Make off if it mentioned it.
LOL it isn't bad, just not ideal for me. I love the shirt I've got. Just won't be getting another one with a placket is all.FWIW the solid blue heavy oxford cloth is the fabric I've got on that shirt; the university stripe is awesome (I ordered a sample way back when). You will like it.
it's 2.75" i believe.edit: wrong. 3" according to the internet—http://dappered.com/2014/09/the-splurge-in-praise-of-the-brooks-brothers-fitzgerald-fit/
Own Make seems pretty good. Fairly stiff, though. My brother has a tweed sportcoat from their first Own Make collection; it is boxy and stiff, though the boxy look is something trads appreciate. I say stiff in comparison only to the soft tailoring I prefer via Eidos or other Italian brands.I've only owned the Black Fleece shirts, none of their pants, sportcoats or anything else. The OCBD's are great—better than BB's typical ones. And a bunch in staple colors are back in...
Ha, me, too. I ordered the soft roma cutaway with the light blue cotton-linen oxford fabric. http://propercloth.com/fabrics/light-blue-cotton-linen-oxford-1454.htmlMy only other PC shirt is the soft Ivy button-down, which I love and frankly is one of the best button-down collars I've found. Sadly, PC's placket is too narrow for my tastes so unless they widen it or give another option, it'll probably be my only one from them. But if this soft roma works out, and the fabric...
Actually lucky for you I have a couple of pics I took when I first got it that help illustrate. These are with white jeans from J.Crew in their 770 fit, so fairly low rise.Please ignore the messy room, we were in the process of moving. [[SPOILER]]
I'm about 6'0", and have what I'd consider a fairly long torso for that height (my typical inseam is only 29.5-30"), and the most recent season's chambray can be tucked comfortably even in my low-rise jeans, like from Uniqlo or J.Crew. There's probably a couple inches on the sides with a few more inches in the back, that tucks. Totally doable. I had tried a previous season at one point (SS15) and it was unwearable sadly because the fabric was amazing (it was a light blue...
Everyone waiting on Eidos drops like
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