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friggin'… if someone gets that tote and doesn't want/need it, SELL IT TO ME
Yes, thank you sir! 10% off my Polo cable knit sweater if you mention this thread!
Abercrombie (!)
Maybe should've posted this here instead of in the typical WAYWT thread.
100% wool. Great condition. Polo probably 90s or early 2000s. Price includes shipping in CONUS. Message if outside that to make a deal. Measurements: Shoulder: 20” P2P: 22” Sleeves from shoulder (unfolded): 24” Length from base of neck seam: 24” Neck height unfolded: 6”
all blue all the time.
picked up this OCBD because the color of the blue reminded me of my black fleece ocbd, which has the perfect color. it arrived this morning and it's not exactly the same but it is definitely much better than the typical light blue kamakura stocks. and it is a slightly thicker, sturdier fabric (being 40 2-ply x 10, rather than just 40 x 10). very happy with it. it is my first slim-fit kamakura ocbd, and i went with 41-89...
Trying to post more regularly. [[SPOILER]]
some great looking fabrics."JB" sounds probably most like what i'm looking for—did you produce that this season and would i therefore have had a chance to handle it IRL?also, the marcus unlined is perfection. sad that most guys are unimaginative.
hey make your own requests! don't sully mine with your personal preferences! lol
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