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Here in Cincinnati is an annual beer fest and comedy week called Brew Ha-Ha at Sawyer Park on the river, and my bro, his wife and I went last night. Seeing as the weather was in the 90sF with literally 140% humidity, we both sported the lightest weight shirts we could—him madras (Sid Mashburn), me linen (Kamakura's cut-away stripy shirt, which, incidentally, belongs to him). It didn't help—just standing around you soaked through.I feel like the collar is a bit droopy and...
I wore blue every single day this week in honor of the challenge Polo jacket Kamakura OCBD Polo tie J.Crew pantaloons Meermin dub-monks
Sharing the response I received from kamakura about the collar length disparity.What I wrote: [[SPOILER]] Their response:
Haha ok guys. I have a 42 chest, am 6'0, and a large is what I wear, but it's bigger than my other polo shirts (which I typically wear M in). I supposed it's just personal preference.
Medium, probably.
PM sent
Thanks :-)
well it's not so much that a longer collar doesn't make sense on a smaller guy, it's that a larger guy can't get a shirt with the longer collar (or doesn't have ape-arms like their NYSF sizing suggests they think we all have). Just selling in neck/sleeve sizes would alleviate it, but their sizing scheme is frustratingly deficient for those in between
Again, perhaps old news, but I confirmed with them that the button down collars are also shorter on regular fit shirts vs slim fit shirts: 9cm vs. 8.5cm. This explains my disappointment upon getting my first shirt from them and it's collar points not matching what Derek wrote for put this on in his OCBD series. He clearly was measuring a slim fit model.Pretty stupid and annoying if you ask me. Their slim fit shirt sizes are limiting.
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