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Do you recall what models there were?
Super soft hand, despite the texture. It doesn't wrinkle quite as much as linen, but it does to a certain degree—presumably the wool evens that quality out. So, for example, after a few hours' wear, the sleeves start to slightly shorten themselves like they do with linen—but after you hang it up, they've mostly fallen out overnight. It drapes well, too.
Maybe I have eidos goggles on
Sharp eye. I hadn't even noticed: it's about .75" shorter than my navy one.Which is crazy because that puts it in a length territory (
So you're my competition… I prefer the Tenero on me. I love both but the Tenero just fits me better in lots of subtle, almost indistinguishable ways that I would never have a tailor try to match on the NMWA cut. Perhaps if I ever do MTM I can iron those things out.
X-Post from Eidos thread. My quick and dirty post-workout-shower-terrible-hair iPhone shots from today.I wore all of these things today—except I wore boat shoes all day, and switched to espadrilles when I got home. [[SPOILER]]
wow. really well done.not totally sold on your color combo of aqua PS + pale pink shirt, but maybe i'm just a color-averse boring old dude.i don't even mind the brown calf shoes (snuff suede would be my choice)just tighten that knot up and 👌🏻
Some quick and dirty post-workout-shower-terrible-hair iPhone pics of what I wore today (the hemp wool hopsack jacket).The fabric is very soft, and is a more "greige" (gray+beige) than a tan with a yellow tinge. It's also fairly heavy. Compared to the open-weave 9oz silk jackets from this collection, this 11oz is far heavier. It's something you'd pull out when the sun's going down on the beach and the wind starts to chill you. But for the 90° weather Cincinnati's been...
Hehe, what'd you end up with? If I had another several hundred dollars, there's quite a bit I'd be picking up from AK…Jordan sent me an Isaia hanger instead of the typical Eidos hanger. Haha, thanks @amckeague
yep. i will give you his # in a PM
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