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Kind of an action shot from Saturday. A doubly honored day, in that it was my birthday as well as a high holy day. Transitioned from full suit with shantung tie, to white jeans sans tie for a picnic at a winery with friends. Sorry no shot of the full kit, but here I am with my wife. Commence the last year of my 20s! Eidos suit jacket with J.Crew jeans and snuff suede AE for Polo penny loafers, and a linen-cotton ProperCloth shirt.
Great to have you here! Another place to put on my list of reasons to come visit Atlanta from Nashville!
ok wait i am a bit confused, actually. 52 for me is great all around, except the waist band is too big (by like, an inch or more). otherwise i dig how they fit in the hips, thigh, knee, etc.i wouldn't want the casual ones any bigger in any of those areas. if the casual-er ones fit bigger in all those areas, but are just tighter in the waistband, as long as there is room to let the waistband out in case they're too tight, sounds like maybe 50 is what i should get.... ?
LOL! good to know!
awesome, thank you.
but everywhere else the same? like thighs, knee and hem?
Do Rota's cotton-linen / casual pants (i.e. the ones that come hemmed) fit the same as their dress pants (i.e. those which come unhemmed)?
Anybody gotten the blue stripe linen-cotton? Planning to get it, but just curious if anyone else has real life experience.
LOL nope. It's not higher quality in those regards, but rather in how the pattern has been executed. I'd have never guessed different makers with the same patterns and made to the same quality could be so different (FW15 by Isaia compared to this season by SP). This is better. Tough to explain without seeing them both side by side.
Partenopea construction is awesome by the way. That may have been lost in my Formosa tirade last week. It really makes the cut and silhouette outstanding. Not that it wasn't before, but it really is something special. Hoping future collections by Michaelangelo, Isaia, or whoever, can match this.
New Posts  All Forums: