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@Easily Amused I didn't but my friend did last week when it came in.
Whew, at least it's classy
Up in Grand Rapids visiting my college buddy, who gave me the grand tour of AK Rikks. They've had some drops for fall which was cool to see. More to come presumably. Anyway gave the cashmere robe of glory a try on. Pretty great if you could afford it and justify the price
MP3 has some awesome drops according to their SA Robert Elder (he is in FB) I hope to visit next Sunday. If I do I'll get better pics for y'all!
LOL this is great If everyone who said they'd vote for me if I could actually win, actually voted for me... I'd actually win! Bernie! Bernie! Oh wait... Wrong poll. Sorry got carried away (I'm voting Anden)
i know! i told you i was weird! i can't explain it lol
Mine is M (from last winter).But i'm weird apparently. I wear a 52 jacket but 16/41 in shirts, M in knitwear/sportswear, and i even tried on a size 38 Pablo jacket the other day and it fit perfect.
Nope that's it, thanks a bunch!
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