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Haha thanks! It was particularly miserable that day. One of our friends in the group was the videographer and I helped a bit with photography!
Lol. I wear contacts too sometimes but am also in search of the perfect frames. These are warby Parker prestons
Typically post on the CM side; figured I should post here, too…Navy on navy on navy today.Eidos Napoli jacket & poloRugby RL denimSperry canoe mocs [[SPOILER]]
that is awesome. what season / collection was that?i want…
Do you recall what models there were?
Super soft hand, despite the texture. It doesn't wrinkle quite as much as linen, but it does to a certain degree—presumably the wool evens that quality out. So, for example, after a few hours' wear, the sleeves start to slightly shorten themselves like they do with linen—but after you hang it up, they've mostly fallen out overnight. It drapes well, too.
Maybe I have eidos goggles on
Sharp eye. I hadn't even noticed: it's about .75" shorter than my navy one.Which is crazy because that puts it in a length territory (
So you're my competition… I prefer the Tenero on me. I love both but the Tenero just fits me better in lots of subtle, almost indistinguishable ways that I would never have a tailor try to match on the NMWA cut. Perhaps if I ever do MTM I can iron those things out.
X-Post from Eidos thread. My quick and dirty post-workout-shower-terrible-hair iPhone shots from today.I wore all of these things today—except I wore boat shoes all day, and switched to espadrilles when I got home. [[SPOILER]]
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