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Actually I did get those brown trousers and that's basically my only suit now.Pic of my wife and I at a wedding on Saturday (at the Columbus zoo): [[SPOILER]] And yeah it's usually worth it to pick up the corresponding pants if they're available. These brown ones never get worn without the jacket but the fabric and color on the current season pants in question seems that you could break it up and they'd get lots of wear.
The oversized belted coat reminded me of when I used to wear my brother's belted Barbour coat when we lived together.. It was a size too large for me but I'd cinch it down and it was actually pretty awesome.
Haha same here. Except I don't own one. Was looking to get a versatile piece I could wear over tailoring as well as on it's own. The shorter length doesn't work I guess.Oh well. I guess trolling eBay is my fate.Anyone selling a 52 field jacket let me know
I emailed asking about the fit of the Napoli shirt. If I get a response I will post here!
chopping would be bad, very bad, haha.Here are mine.NMWALorenzo (not the best posture or lighting but you can see what's going on)as antonio said, quarters are the biggest difference. shoulders have come in quite a bit as well (which you can see—my Lorenzo dates from AW14, the gun club is AW15).
Antonio can correct me if I'm wrong, but Isaia most likely produced this (or Michaelangelo).It doesn't fit the same as the Bloomies one bc the model—Primo—is the slimmest Eidos has produced, and generally not available. It's slimmer, specifically, so that is likely the cause of the difference in fit (Drape as you put it).Primo is actually my favorite eidos model. Nearly perfect. And I've been eyeing that green jacket in my size.
yeah i love that thing.could always get the BA RRL version for nearly half price, haha!http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-RRL-Double-RL-Mens-Navy-Military-Wool-Long-Coat-Pea-Coat-Jacket-M-/172358897247?hash=item2821640e5f:g:c-cAAOSwAYtWLxMK
Hey y'all I'm maybe considering selling my gun club sportcoat from last FW (from NMWA). Any 52's who may be interested PM me and if we can get a win win scenario on the price then, well, awesome. Haha. P.S. ^japanese gambling pants look cool^
I actually haven't bought one, so I don't know.On my old ones (the previously standard ones), I found blue to shrink the most, while pink, white and university stripe all felt like if they shrank, it wasn't super noticeable. But, I'm not sure if the new ones have a different fabric that would make a difference.I personally have switched away from BB simply because I own a few and like having others for the sake of variety—I've got my Black Fleece (best blue hands down, and...
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