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my brother and sister-in-law's diapar bag is a Filson
i'd be curious to see waywt pics of this
+suede jodhpurs
Great jacket. Just determined Tipo is not for me. Price includes hanger plus shipping CONUS. Outside US, message me and we can work out a deal. 60% linen 40% wool. Fully lined. Two vents. 3-roll-2 closure. Shoulder: 18.5 inches Chest: 43 inches Length: 30 inches Sleeve: 25.5 inches
here's my chambray workshirt. the collar works decently well. wool polo tie and new eidos emerald jacket. i discovered this sort of dressed-down, workwear-y fit is what my wife loves because she photographed it for me without me asking haha.
ooh good thinking.also my eidos one is a workshirt style. under a jacket i can probably get away with it but yeah, less than ideal.
I own one, it's great. Looking for something lighter, though.Thanks Gus and TP; perhaps I'll step into the custom realm at some point.Until then, Suitsupply seems to have something potentially worthy…
I want this lifestyle, but have trouble finding the right lightweight denim material. Though, as a mere mortal, "having one made" isn't really in the cards for me, lol. Any other suggestions for where to find such shirts?
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