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Guilty as charged, I guess, lol.
Can't wait for the 3D knit cashmere sweater to go 80% off
I'm a major fan of RF. Before they added stretch, the chinos were my favorite because they fit slim, but were a solid twill fabric—nothing like the thin, cheap cotton you find on J.Crew chinos, which they're obviously trying to compete with. I also have an awesome cream loose-weave cotton roll neck raglan sleeve sweater from RF that's perfect for cool spring and fall evenings. My wife doesn't bother looking at regular BB women's stuff, but owns a dozen or so RF items. I...
ha! i do recall you saying the collar was not supposed to be white.
Got this email this morning. They're reducing the corporate discount to 25% from the usual 30%.
super random side note. if anyone owns this in M or L, and would consider selling it, PM me. I kick myself often for not snatching it from Haberdash before their demise. [[SPOILER]]
how do these size? i wear 41 in dress shirts and sport shirts.
MP3 had this in Navy. I'm ashamed to say I didn't pick it up and scope it out—I noticed it toward the end of my visit and was basically out of time. I wish I'd have put it on and snapped a pic at the very least
OH snap I gotta get a third source of income
Get the raw silk. The hemp was fine but I was never wild about the color—it is what I'd call greige. Also I felt the weight, which is fairly heavy, made it tough to wear in the hotter summer months, which is what a light colored SC seems best suited to in my opinion.
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