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Sunshine and grenadine earlier today Off white chinos below
It looks cool, dude.the last like two winters I didn't own a winter coat worthy of wearing on top of my SCs, so I borrowed my brother's DB belted wool Barbour frequently, and it looked about like this. i thought it had a certain casual insouciance that I liked. [[SPOILER]]
i want your jacket
Oh i see, it's cinched, not belted. derp. my brain obviously did not process that correctly
Ahhh, good to know. I'm about to pull the trigger, just have heard from literally everybody else to get it in size 50 lol. The one I'm about to get ( at AK Rikks in MI) is not belted. My buddy Adam who is my connection there is probably super annoyed with me as I make him measure them each and I keep waffling back and forth, lol.I've decided to go with my normal size after comparing measurements with my other outerwear. Thanks for your input!
like so
It seems like everybody generally agreed that the raglan sleeve topcoats were sized large, and that consensus was to size down one size—even if you intend to layer over a sportcoat, correct? So, like for me, I'd get a 50 and could comfortably layer over my NMWA and other Eidos jackets, right? haha, just wanting to confirm before I buy one…
Lupo in Burano Buttoning it would be like buttoning the bottom button on a sportcoat!
If only it were my size, I'd have kopped this weeks ago
It takes me a second every single time I read "HJ" to remember it stands for Hunting Jacket lol
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