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next Brooks Brothers corporate sale is march 2. 25% off
The jacket is Eidos' Lorenzo cut which is defunct and has been replaced by the Ciro (and No Man Walks Alone's cut). They reduced the crazed cutaway quarters as it didn't flatter every guy. Frankly the Ciro/NMWA cut is better, but this one certainly is pretty special (and the fabric is amazing).The shirt is the Eidos Lupo polo.And faded denim.
thanks peeps. It's taken me a long time to get here ha
all Eidos all the time lol. I only own one non-Eidos sportcoat (trying to sell it!), and one suit that isn't Eidos (biding my time until I can replace it). But yeah I also only one three FW seasonal sportcoats and two SS seasonal sportcoats. But I like the minimalism of that lifestyle.The tailoring I've seen coming down the pike for this Spring's collection looks killer. Will be a good time to take a hard look at them
shut your mouth that's amazing.
I blame manton
I guess if TTO is posting again, I ought to as well. [[SPOILER]]
Checking in again. Bought my brother the one-piece button down ecru Japanese Oxford shirt as a birthday gift (same as the navy version at bloomingdales, and malmborg and stanley korshak still have it in ecru). His exact quote: "This shirt collar is perfect and I want everything to be this from now to infinity"
Total non-sequitur, but, huge fan of the Primo silhouette.Carry on. [[SPOILER]]
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