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I am thinking of getting a pair of Ashdowns for some up coming trips 1 week to a month long and I wonder if they would be okay for walking in all day. I normally bring two pairs of shoes (not including gym shoes) so I could rotate them out each day. Is this a bad idea? I had a pair of Ferragamos Vibram commando style sole that I loved but unfortunately the construction was garbage and re-gluing the sole no longer appealed to me so I threw them out. I wear Dainite sole...
Hi All, It's been a while since I have posted but I want to replace a pair of Ferragamos that are a cognac colored pebble grain derby with a fake commando sole...they have fallen apart AGAIN and I don't feel like another bandage fix. I have small feet (size 8 US) and the nice thing about the Ferragamo is that they have a thin commando style sole and a slightly more pointed toe than I suspect the higher quality English versions will have. For this reason I might be safer...
I went a Ralph Lauren store recently and I noticed all of the RRL jeans were using American selvedge instead of the Japanese selvedge. When did this change occur? Is American selvedge cheaper? RRL is my favorite denim brand after 3x1 and I was a bit disappointed that they changed the jeans. I don't know of any other brand using American selvedge.
Where can I find one with a silver buckle? I have a couple pairs of Sutor Mantellassi shoes and I have been having trouble finding belts that match the leather. Everything I come across seems to be either too dark or too light. If someone knows where I can buy SM belts please let me know. Any recommendations on where to look to belts that might get close? I have checked Paul Stuart, Allen Edmonds, Brooks Brothers, Alden, C&J (found one that was close enough but had a...
Thank you for the info. The stiff fabric is abrasive in the lower pelvic area where my legs meet my torso...so yes the crotch. I changed from briefs to boxer briefs and that seemed to solve the discomfort so I will keep them. As far as hemming the legs, what is the standard practice for this type of jean? I know I will eventually wash them so they will probably shrink a bit. Normally I wash my new jeans and then take them to the tailor.
I see that I should have posted my question in that thread but is your suggestion that I repost my question in that thread or are you suggesting that I read through the thousand page thread? I am not used to the new style of the website so I completely missed the new look of pinned threads.
I did a search and did not find what I was looking for. I bought a pair of Double Ralph Lauren raw Selvage denim and I am cannot tell if they fit properly and just need to be broken in or if they do not fit. Everything looks good and does not appear to be any tighter than the jeans I normally wear which are a regular straight leg (I have pretty muscular thighs so straight leg jeans fit me in between a slim fit and a regular straight leg) but I definitely notice that as I...
I have no problem with most 38 short suits. This is the first 38 anything that has not fit through the shoulders. If I was made of money all of my clothes would be made to measure. I am looking for something $500 or less that I can beat up and not feel bad about. I have a 48 Etro overcoat that fits perfectly but I don't like the idea of my briefcase rubbing against it while I walk ten blocks to work.
I knew it would be a long shot...I am getting tired of trying to find one that fits.
I have been having trouble finding an overcoat that fits me properly. I am normally a 38S but I am too short for most 38S overcoats. This cheaper Michael Kors coat seems to be the right length for me and the buttons are not too far apart so I don't look dwarfed. The only problem is that the shoulders don't quite fit. I am not planning to wear this particular coat with a suit so my question is can it be made to fit?
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