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The store isn't closing and none of their other sale items were as interesting. There is only one store in Seattle that sells this sort of furniture so it would be a huge loss to the area if they disappeared.
I am doing the same upgrade from the 120 to the 220 pro. In the US upgrades started mid October (as far as I know). I paid for the upgrade and am awaiting my return shipping label. I have two 120s but I am going to start with one upgrade for a room that needs a sub...I wouldn't be upgrading if the 120 could power my JL sub. I am curious to see how different they are when the 220 arrives.
I found a "good" price for a PK-24 while I was visiting Seattle...if I didn't already have a similar piece I would have been tempted. It's a floor model...nothing wrong with it.
I got a price and as shown it's $9,500 before any trade discounts...I will see if it's cheaper to order directly from SpainThere is something anatomical about it...maybe I am only seeing in context with other pieces which are animal or bug-like.
I am not sure why I like this chair; it's ugly and zoomorphic. I am waiting to get a price. I wish there was a low back version.
I saw a familiar piece today while at lunch. The fit and finish is good. The woodwork isn't interesting like a piece from Ceccotti and some other brands wood focused brands but it's nice. I didn't like the high back but it was otherwise comfortable.
Sollos also comes in Elmo leathers. I will try to get some samples of their entire elegance line. BassamFellows recommend Elmo Baltique and Rustical as their high-end options but these are not smooth leathers. I will ask if Elmotique is a possibility.The leather is important to me though being a design thread maybe I should keep that to myself. This chair doesn't have to be a show piece it just has to be something I enjoy and the leather is a big part of that for me. ...
I suppose it is strange to pick the leather first but it's a piece for my home office so I want it to feel indulgent and leathers with a strong grain don't give me the feeling I want.I looked at pieces from Walter Knoll, Wittmann, and Linge Roset and I was surprised that they didn't offer the sort of leather I wanted. Brands that I know that offer this leather sort of leather would be Flexform, Baxter (Italy), De Sede, Poltrona Frau.The Walter Knoll leathers I received...
I like a really smooth open pore leather...there are different hides and different types of tanning and finishing.I am not saying that the WK leather was bad quality at all; the samples I received are of a very high quality leather from a high-end brand and their leather specific catalogue shows their commitment to quality leather.The type of leather I am referring to is beautiful but not practical many environments as it is very easily stained and scratched so many...
Their email address bounced back but I submitted a message through their website and perhaps I can try calling them tomorrow. The Walter Knoll samples came in and sadly despite being three of their best quality full aniline South German bullhide leathers they are not near as nice in feel (though probably more durable) when I compared with the CFAs (the rolled leather) from other pieces I own. I will go to DWR tomorrow and take a look at the quality of leather offered...
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