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I did place my orders separately, a shirt followed a week later by an order for trousers. Both remain "unfulfilled".Not quite sure I'd consider myself "shocked", I'm simply stating the current time frame so that others may adjust their expectations accordingly.V-
Yup.... me too...Same time frame; waiting on my shirt and trousers.V-
Damn good info. Thanks for taking the time to provide this as well as links to the sample swatches.That's what makes a forum like this so great, input from people like this.V-
Absolutely works. No worries. V-
I'm curious of this as well. I've recently sent in a shirt for measurement and am holding off on sending in my favorite pair of Cuccinelli pants until I get an idea as to how their whole process works. V-
I can find VERY little to complain about in the fit of those pants.; the seat, in particular, is outstanding. Did you send them an example of existing pants that you had them copy or did you provide them with measurements yourself? Really well done. V-
I'm of the opinion that, worn properly, a pocket square can be a definitive benefit to an overall look.
"Thoughts on what color I should get weekender in?" I was torn on colors too but ultimately went with the Olive after seeing it at the NYC Pop Up Store. No regrets...
I have a pair of Valextra whole cuts made by Stefano Bemer in a dark green that I would like to have dyed; I'm thinking a dark brown. Can anyone recommend a reputable place that does quality work in my area or perhaps does mail order? Thanks, V-
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