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New in box - "The Steve McQueen" Bought these by accident online and they have never been worn. They are a size 10, but fit like a size 9. The sole looks dirty in the pic - but it is just from someone trying them on in-store. Individual white shoe bags included. Same as these: Retails $128.00 CDN. Will sell for $90 + shipping.
I used to toss white t-shirts on the regular (and a couple white lacoste and R.L. polos too) due to staining. I switched to a combination of Crystal underarm stick and a Weleda natural spray and no problems since. Never a yellow armpit any longer. And the combo of the 2 holds up excellent even when bundled up in the winter or in the hot summer. Regular wash with other whites.
WBaker - awesome price indeed! Might grab one of these... gregor - love the stuff from Want. The leather case is a nice touch too! thanks! alliswell - the stuff @ jpress was a little too busy for me - but they have a ton of other great stuff! thanks for the link.
Been looking for a collar bar to fit a wide-collared shirt, and havent found much online. Can anyone suggest a site or 2 with something simple and classic? (safety-pin style or just a barbell) Something like this from Brooks Brothers. Regardless of whether this sticks around as a trend or filters back into a less popular tie accessory, I think it is a classy touch if done right. A silver pin-style bar on a white shirt looks great. I've seen a couple pop up on...
thanks bubba but i live in vancouver. just didnt put my name down on the mailing list. It was nov. last year i thought? Could use some new vests... Caucasian x.-large in W*H sizing.
LEAST favorite pants I own. At least they are priced reasonably... I would still rather shell out the extra $200 for something that will wear well for a few years.
...speechless. The key to my comment was the price range. And I would appreciate some supporting data on why deacoholozed spirits dont sell well. Unless you are 99% of their intended market?
you should switch from cigars to imported tobacco's and a bespoke whale ivory pipe. Liquor's purpose is to intoxicate, no matter how "exclusive" you want to make it. A difference in quality of taste is worth $40 MAXIMUM markup no matter if you are talking top shelf spirits or wine.
∆∆ agreed. pretty sick of the h1n1 paranoia.
I waited a year before I washed a pair of grey waxed denim Dior's. Hang dry and cold wash, but they still look completely different now. Is there a way to restore the waxed look? (They werent shiny - but they had a "matte" finish to them - now they are just a lighter shade of grey and fuzzy looking. They fit too good to give up on...
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