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I've already picked one up, thanks for the offer though. Mods close this thread please.
I'm interested in purchasing a Wings and Horns tiger fleece hoodie. Preferably in a dark color such as charcoal/black/dark grey. The fit should be large slim fit, or as close to that as possible. Feel free to pm me, or post here. Thanks. Found one. Close please.
I'm in need of a proxy in Vancouver, Canada for the Roden Gray Wings and Horns sale. PM me if available. Thanks.
Are you planning on returning for more? I'd be interested in a larger size.
Alright, thanks for the help. I'm going to look for length and chest measurements on the two then, but for now it seems like the classic fit is a better option because I don't think my torso is too long.
Sorry for the late reply but I was away on a trip. In any case, thanks for the replies and input. I have decided to opt for the Wings and Horns tiger fleece. That poses another question. Should I get the large slim fit, or medium classic? I'm 6.1 and 175 lbs, I usually wear a medium that fits slim, but in the case of wings and horns they seem to be slimmer than most. Ideas? Thanks
Decided to go with the W+H tiger fleece but unsure of what size. I wear medium usually and it fits slim. I'm 6.1 and 175 lbs. From what I've seen the W+H slim fit is quite slim, so should I get the large slim fit or medium classic? All input is much appreciated. Thanks.
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