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Hope they ditch the mexican story and get the gang back together now that the marriage went out the window
Around 50 hours a couple of times if i remember correctly
Ok start of the season and sloan is hot
Quote: Originally Posted by Yo-han The man wants Brooks Brothersesque shirts and ecco shoes and your referring him to a subsidiary of Cheap Monday, brilliant! Only read the first line with casual pants and shirts and thats something you can find there but i guess NK and some stores around bibliteksgatan/norrlandsgatan will be more in his taste then.
Also check out weekday at drottninggatan 63 where you can find some good casual wear.
Homemade burger for lunch today
Made some for lunch today Like my burgers with lettuce, tomato, toasted bun, mayo, ketchup sometimes bacon and cheese.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Some, yes. It's been real hit or miss this season. Andy is the show's savior as always. Id say its doug that is the savior when he gets some time on.
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