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Saw this whiskey today and after all of connes stupidly funny threks i was thinking about buying it. But is Connemara any god or should i stick to Jameson when i want irish whiskey?
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T She bought them today. Average Joes in dry selvage, US$175. Is that good? Thats around 1200-1300 Sek depending on the exchange rate. Wich sounds like the normal price here in Sweden. Some sales are still going on so i think she could have found them cheaper some where else.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Watch the first two seasons of Lost, then stop. Watch the first two seasons of Prison Break, then stop. Watch the first season of Heroes, then stop. Then, go watch the entire run of The Wire. lefty Sounds about right except prison break, stop around halfway through season 2.
C&J Draycott are nice but around 300-400€, but maybee with a discount you can make it work.
Ehm equal, dont really sort em just take a handfull at a time
Also had some steak last night No photo of the sideorders and drinks
Nothing for me but ive never been big on breakfast, usally coffe and a toast or yoghurt
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T episode was decent. 6 is looking better than 5 so far. Developing serious it possible not to? Sloan in that green dress was a treet for the eye and most of here other dresses aswell. Mrs. gold is pretty good looking for her age.
Hope they ditch the mexican story and get the gang back together now that the marriage went out the window
Around 50 hours a couple of times if i remember correctly
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