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Paul Smith, pants from Zara, Nike.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman What is this? Grand Marnier Edition Collector 2006, special bottle of the regular cordon rouge i believe.
obama to scared to look at that again.
+ kilkenny draught and a cheap bottle of rum.
Quote: Originally Posted by vivalet what model are these, pretty cool -- look like some Paul Smith's from a couple years ago. Its says nike air elan pinnacle on the box.
Does brown sneakers work? I like em and the nike logo isnt really that visible when you are wearing them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Interface Okay, I will make sure to got to NK in Hamngatan next week. Thanks. However, are you sure about Åhléns? Judging from their website ( it seems like a women's store. Also, there is no such thing on Drottninggatan, at least not on Its a big(by swedish standards) department store with mens clothing on floor 3. If you go to t-centralen you cant miss it. But go to NK first.
Blake\\Serena ftw
Sounds like a nice whiskey but where i live there is lots of other good bottles in the same price range like the caol ila 12 and cragganmore 12 that my taste buds realy like.
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