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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan What do you make of the sub-dial positioning? Typical of Patek at the time? It looks off to me, as if the movement is too small for the case. Just typical patek. If you look at the 5196 its similar design with a small subdial.
Suit up first then the overall
Never thought about buying chelsea boots before, but this thread changed my mind after scrolling through it. Think iam going to order a pair of Macquarie boots, just have to decide what color i want them in.
Ordered some shirts from them and here you have a picture of one with a cut away collar.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Usually I would totally be into something like this - a bit gritty, dirty, interesting.. But it was just too formulaic and predictable and really disappointed me. I watched the first 3-4 episodes of the first season and just gave up. Maybe eventually I will give it another chance. Also disliked the first episodes but it started to get good halfway throgh season 1, so give it another chance.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama Nice choice! Make sure to try it first without water first. Its pretty good without water, but with some so you take it down to the mid forties its even better. That coal ila de bottle you picked up looks tempting. Have only tasted there regular 12 year old and i liked it.
Was going to get some beer and snacks for tonights CL games but when i passed the whisky shelf i decided it was time to try something new for me.
Have 5 watches but its only 3 of them that i wear often.
Does the striped white sweater work or should i try some other colors?
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