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That is a traditional watch but in a wild color. Something less traditional
Quote: Originally Posted by Rusty G. Are these Macquaries? Actually, I think that they look pretty good! Macquaries with rubber soles to be exact and maybee i can get used to a more pointy shoe.
My first pair of rmw's arrived today. Kinda like them and they fit pretty god but they are a bit to pointy for my taste. Thinking about selling them and order a pair with the medium round toe instead. Thats the problem with ordering stuff you only seen pictures off and i dont know if iam going to like the medium toe better. Maybee they will be to clunky looking like the regular turnout that i looked at.
Got one a while back and its a pretty decent fabric and construction for cheap polo. But be carefull with the slimfit option, mine ended up skin tight with smaller circumference(2-3cm) in the body compared with my given measurements. But after i a mail with a picture in it i was given a store credit to order a new one becouse they fucked up. Also have to say that 3/6 of the shirts/polos i have orderd from them have arived a bit of, but there customer service gave me...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Nice,I really like this, do you have it? Dont have it, a bit to expensive for a smalltimer like me at the moment. So i wear this chopard most of the time.
A moser perpetual could work as a onewatch for me, but i also like chronographs and nice bracelets so the onewwatch idea will never happen.
D win games even when you give away 45 points
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