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Out of that bunch i would like to wake up next to chelsea and see if the boobs are as perky as she claims.
Realy good show but the best nah. But Crewes was one of the best charachters on tv with all his zen ramblings and the fruit. Shahi shure is hot but she was pregnant in the end so they used body doubles.
Williams are looking good after fridays practice and brawn to. But the new car looks awful with the wide frontwings and puny little backwing.
Iam missing the white powder was a year or two since i last skiied. Jon Olsson's new lambo is pretty special to. You have to be able to get your working equipment with you so what else should you do.
Quote: Originally Posted by SeriousBusiness The tits still look pretty good, thank god. thats why the security tag still on the dress her boob dr got the last cent
They cant realy do anything with the acount information to take your money only pay you. Could be a good idea to have separate acounts for your buisness and maybee start to think about if you need to pay taxes and stuff for your buisness when it grows or you could have un unwelcome suprise later on.
Quote: Originally Posted by micbain I wonder if anyone else is behind the ex-CTU faction...I mean they can't be funding this entire mission themselfs...they seem to have some pretty nifty gadgets Bill and chloe used some old ctu number and code word when tony contacted jack so maybee ctu had som black ops acounts that bill set up when he was running the place and now he is using that money. Becouse those tooth bugs, computers and rifles aint...
Yesterdays episode was all over the place and that purcell dude most have a real cold heart.
Must buy some more good whisky when reading that only got some cheap scotch today. Only got a bottle of islay mist and a bottle of grand marnier rouge.
That deville hourvision is looking sweet. Only got one decent watch and its this chopard.
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