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The first Bmw M1 in the late 70'ies was a mid engined super/sportscar, so to use that name for the the 1 series wouldnt sit right.
A bit weird due to the lightning, but they are not as crisp white as a fresh pair of achilles more like an off white or very light grey.Like them alot and cant think of a better simple white sneaker at this price.
Also bought a pair and they arrived today. [[SPOILER]]
Boots and more formal shoes
Cant see much of a color difference in those pictures. With some wear and layer or two of shoe polish later i guess noone will notice the slight difference you will see.
Try to get to one or some of the citys in poland/ukraine in june when the european football championship takes place. Could be a good start to your european leg of the trip and end it with oktoberfest a couple of months later.
The Shield
Come on walts line to skyler: No! I am the one who knocks! Is way better.The showel cam and how jesse handled the tweeker buisness was also som great scenes
Go for smaller blue breast wallet and maybee ad a tail so it will be easier to get it out of your pocket
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