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This will be interesting if they havent already started skipping payments and i guess they employ alot of people. The system is pretty broken when this happens and there is no quickfix., so who will foot the bill if you dont to keep a city with a couple of million peoples running. Some sort of emergency tax for the wealthy that the frenchies tried to imply a while back?
I was looking forward to the new wintercoats, because thats what i need most but they are all discontinued at the moment right? Or is it possible to order that updated peacoat that you made a sample off? But the wool ma1, moto or cwu is also very tempting. If i only had a bit more money at this moment. Buut good luck with your restaurant.
They look similar but 2 months for a big company to steal a design and fix evreything neceassary for a production/distrubution would be pushing it unless they had a run of ma1 lined up but changed the design at the last moment. Really like the jacket and with your shorter lead times iam thinking about getting one or the comming anniversary jacket.
EU decide to take 6,75% from all acounts and 9,9% if you have more than 100k € to grant Cyprus latest bailout. How will the markets reacct to this?
Will the leather around the pocket edge be the same color as the sleeves or match the body?
Really like to look of the new admirals peacoat and will proabaly get one for next winter. Or maybee one of the other new woolcoats you were talking about is even more to my liking.
Mercedes have lost it with the proportions of the grill/headlights on this and the latest SL.
Also have the last post problem in IE9 but works fine in mozilla on the same computer.
Those mto millers looks interesting, is there a picture of a pair of shoes that shows what there dark blue calf look like? Have a pair of AS Armfield in size 8 that fits good and wonder if the handgrade lasts are similar?
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