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Cigar Tuesday in the Bay Area
Mike, Apologies if answered already, but which cotton fabric would work best for a MTO Driggs summer (or year round in California ) chino: 7.8oz Japanese garment dye fine twills English sanded canvas Egyptian Khyber Cloth
I purchased this RRL Blue Chambray Button Down Shirt in size small a couple of years ago but it's a little too slim for me. It's still in great condition and here are my measurements: Chest: 20.5" Shoulders: 16.75" Sleeve: 24" Length (bottom of collar): 27" Priority mail shipping CONUS for $45 SOLD
Nice! Trying to copy your pose with Ravello LWB + Seamaster Chronograph on #4 strap.
Interesting as the 33" inseam on my Olive Driggs was perfect. After shrinkage from wash/dry I could just fold over for a cuff and tailor only had to alter the waist. Trying to figure out which MTO to get for my next pair.
Trubalance.PM sent. I'm on the fence as I know the second I sell them I'll want another pair
I've been thinking the same as I hardly wear my cigar captoe boots. However I like the look of the Grant last so will try to wear more often. I'm now thinking of off loading my cigar Indys instead as something about the square instead of rounded stitching at the toe bothers me.
I've wore my Alden chamois ranger mocs to the C&J store in Paris. While I was trying on the Islay boot the sales guy was checking out my Aldens and asking questions.
On the same topic, here are a couple of pictures I took of my cigar indy's on commando on the same day with same camera. Only difference other than angle and distance was that the sun was out in the first pic and it was overcast in the second. Actual color is probably in between...depending on lighting
I think they are 2-3 years old but I don't wear them often. Edge is natural or clear I believe.
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