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unlined snuff suede PTBs and a blurry Seamaster Chrono on a NATO strap. I have #8 and #4 straps but my wrist is in between sizes so the heavy watch is stretching the hole. Might go back to the bracelet.
I'm not the seller but this listing on eBay fits the bill:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-X-Leffot-Indy-Boots-in-natural-chromexcel-leather-and-commando-soles-/141093011348?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item20d9cc7f94Good luck!
Latest purchase off eBay - Snuff Suede LWB from Leffot. Looks like they were worn only a couple of times at most. They also fit a little snugger out of the box than my cordovan LWBs.
RTP, I appreciate the translation BTW, I've had success emailing Alden on Madison too in regards to the Cigar Indy.
Yes to Kathy and Yenni. Call the former and call/email the latter and the Alden of NY store.
ˆ Yes, Kathy at Alden of DC for the Cigar captoe boot and either Yenni at J.Gilbert (Commando) or Alden of New York (double leather) for the Cigar Indy. FYI, the Indy is on the Trubalance last majority of the time so you might to try a 9.5D.Good luck.
Be, not PJs but very casual TaylorStitch canvas pants
King gunboats in the backyard...
I purchased these Epaulet Walt grey flannel trousers in size 32 a couple of years ago. My tailor took in the waist (32"), inseam (31.5") and added a cuff. I wore them twice but realized they are a bit too warm for me here in California. They are in excellent condition as they have been hanging (from the cuffs) in my closet. They also have room for alterations. They are a medium weight flannel and most similar (and maybe the same) as these being currently sold by...
It's hard to measure the internal length but somewhere in the 10.25" range but don't quote me on it. The shoes are lined so should be fine for cold. The Dainite rubber soles are good for wet conditions but on ice will not provide great traction as noted by others. The chukkas are suede and can be sprayed to make them more water resistant.
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