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Here is my second attempt at pants right out of the box. Ordered Beige Cream Twill on 9/8 and received today in California. My first attempt I tried to a measure a pair of Epaulet Driggs pants before I realized I needed less slim pants with a higher rise and more room to accommodate sprinter's thighs. I think I'm getting closer and could go higher in front/rear rise and slim the thighs/leg a bit. Any other recommendations?
Thanks. All I order a Rudy with the unfinished hem.
I'm finally realizing my pants are too slim as I put on the pounds. These Epaulet Made to Order Driggs Trousers are made of 7.8oz slate Japanese garment dye fine twill in size 32. The garment dye pieces are run through an enzyme wash for an insanely soft hand and very subtle natural tone variations throughout the yarn. Hard to see the variations in pictures with the second picture best representing the color. I got these in June 2014 and paid $215. They have been taken...
I'm slowly accepting the fact that as I get older (and fatter around the waist), I need trousers that are higher rise and less slim as my Driggs and Walts are getting less comfortable. Having big, sprinter's thighs doesn't help too. So I'm looking at the Rudy and have an altering question that is not necessarily Rudy specific:. I have a competent tailor but think it would be easier for her to get the right length and slightly taper the leg if I got a finished vs...
Ravello LWBs taking a ride on BART
I've been going back and forth about them for the longest time. They were in the last irregulars email from end of June, and I emailed ShoeMart yesterday if it was still available. Heard back today they were so I decided to pull the trigger. Hope the issue with them isn't too noticeable.
Thanks. I have the chamois ranger moc and now want a boot too.Thanks for the feedback. If a Barrie 8D shoe (I'm probably more like a 7.75) fits me comfortably, do you think this 8D boot will work?
Any one have this tobacco chamois captoe boot on commando from shoemart? I was thinking it would make a good inclement weather beater boot. Thoughts?
I was there today and they still have some S/S stuff @ 65% off. Mostly larger sizes but I was able to pick up the long sleeve polo in light blue for a lot less than I paid for the white one I bought in the Spring.I agree the F/W stuff looks great. I only wish I lived in a colder climate to wear some of it as I run on the warm side.
Cigar CT boots in SF.
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