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@sacafotos Not sure I'm describing it right, but the dye is not completely even so there is very slight shading/patterns in the fabric. The fabric itself is very soft and light but don't know how it compares to kyber cloth or sanded canvas. Also the inside of the pants is not the same color. More like a tan so if you like to fold cuffs then get a longer inseam.
Thanks. These boots are really low maintenance - I wipe with a moist cloth and brush for a minute after wearing. They don't get much wear as I have 8 pairs of Aldens and 1 C&J boot and only need to wear nice shoes at most 1-2 times a week as I usually work from home. It's also why I'm on a shoe buying freeze. I'll only get a new pair if I offload an old one.
Cross post from the Epaulet thread. I'm wearing mine today as well.
Alden 4060 with commando from Alden of DC. I usually wipe with a moist cloth after wear and then brush. I use Saphir Reno or Saphir Neutral Cordovan Cream but haven't recently. I only have to shoes 1-2 times a week as I usually work from home.
Apologies for the iPhone pic but here are my new MTO Driggs in Slate Japan Garment Dye cotton. Color was a little lighter than I expected.
AoC has Black Calfskin in stock:http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/Shoes-Black_Indy_Boot_210.htmand has black shell, chromexcel and suede for pre-order:http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/Shoes-Black_Indy_Boot_210.htm
I thought I'd crowdsource what I should do with my ranger mocs on crepe. I picked them up from Need Supply at the beginning of the year for less than $300 and use it as a beater shoe. I was never a fan of the crepe sole but the plan going in was to resole via B.Nelson at some point anyway. Since I feel the crepe sole makes the shoe heavier, I want to replace with a sole that will make the shoe lighter but can still be worn in all conditions for California (e.g. rain,...
Mike, I sent a PM and email to see how to exchange the washed grey canvas Driggs for another size 32.
Thanks Mike. Since I have to alter the waist on the Driggs anyway:- How much do you think the washed canvas will shrink in the waist if I wash and dry? If it's more than .5" it might be better to keep then.
Are the washed English canvas driggs running larger than the twill? I just received a pair of Grey driggs and the waist is 1" larger in the waist (34") and the inseam is 35" (my olive driggs in the same size measured 33" in both waist and inseam when I received it).
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