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I think @NAMOR has the same ones? Here's a pic earlier in this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/120192/the-official-rrl-thread/18480_40#post_6917361
Did the sizing work out for you? If I recall you were going down half a size from your Barrie size? I'm off to Paris next week so hope the C&J store still has one in my size.
Adam at AoC carries a black indy on commando as well as a black plain toe boot on commando. He has some at overstock prices too here: http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/overstocks.htm
Looking good. I'll call tomorrow.
More pics in the wild please? I've been wondering about them for a while.The website says my size is out. Is it a call only deal?
+1. I'm not a chukka fan.
Not a great iPhone pic but below I'm wearing the #8 captoe boot on commando from Alden DC today. Paired up with my Seamaster Chrono with #8 strap.Regarding recent talk about increased pricing, this boot plus my cigar Indy on commando from J.Gilbert are the only two Aldens I currently have where I paid full retail.Of the rest of my Aldens, I purchased my Cigar captoe boot on commando, Ravello LWB from Leffot and Snuff suede LWB from Leffot used off of B&S, my #8 LWB new off...
I believe @Dave_SFU is sixfeetunderrecords. I've also purchased a number of items from @deez nuts from B&S. He sells on eBay as well.
I've used Franz Custom Tailors a few times. Can be pricey.http://www.yelp.com/biz/franz-custom-tailors-san-francisco?sort_by=date_desc
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