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Finally gave in to the dropping British Pound and ordered the cordovan Cardigan 4 from Pediwear. The website said my size was in stock (UK7) so crossing my fingers.
Someone on B&S is selling a brown grain Pembroke in 7e here (not me). Good luck.
Selling Epaulet items that are languishing in my closet due to lack of wear.SOLD Bundle of two Epaulet shirts, both in size medium - $45 for the two (US Postal Priority Mail shipping included)Buttondown Collar Navy & Blue Gingham - this is a lightweight, almost gauzy cotton fabric but shirt just doesn't fit me well in the waistEpaulet by Gitman Bros Spring 2015 Ends for Friends - GDK6-400 Indigo Gingham Lawn - great color and fabric but unknowingly this came with the...
Selling a Fall/Winter sport coats that is just a little too warm for me in Sunny California. It has been sitting in my closet barely worn. It is in great condition from a smoke-free home.Ralph Lauren Blue Label Polo II Sport Coat by Cormeliani - $50 (US Postal Priority Mail shipping included)Purchased new from B&S 4-5 years ago.Marked size US40 but fits more like a US38 (see measurements)Fully lined, 100% mid-heavy wool - Fall/Winter2 button, Ticket pocket, side vents,...
What is your size in other brands/lasts? I have the Islay on the 365 last in UK7 and it's roomy in the forefoot. Wondering if I should go same size on the 325 or size up .5.Thanks.
Hi, Does anyone here take the same size on the 365 last (Islay) as the 325? My Islays are roomy in the forefoot and I'm looking at acquiring a pair of Pembrokes. Stay the same size or go up a half size? Thanks.
Thanks @alexSF. I already have a pair of Islay so not sure I want a shoe version too.
Is this the Purdey version of the Pembroke?
If I'm a 33 Walt/Driggs for the extra thigh room and take in the waist to 32, and a 32 in the Garrison, what would I be in the Taylor?
Hi, my son bought the Wilshire 14oz cone mill on clearance and is looking for something similar in terms of fit and easy break in vs raw denim. Any recommendations in the $200-300 range?
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