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Looking good!
I purchased this Boglioli "Dover' 3-2 roll sport coat last year from Yoox.com. It's brown and black check, made in Italy and 100% wool in size EU48 (US 38). It has 3 patch pockets, a single center vent and is unlined except for the sleeves. Very soft hand but unfortunately I rarely wear sports coat as I work from home. Here are the measurements: Shoulders: 17.25" P-2-P: 19.5" Length from bottom of collar: 28" Sleeve from shoulder seam: 24.5" Priority mail shipping CONUS...
I purchased this pair of RRL Naval Wool/Cotton Officer's Chinos in size 30x32 last year from RalphLauren.com. They are a slim officer's chino-style pant in washable wool and cotton cavalry twill. Has a button fly with anchor-etched buttons, belted waist. size-adjusting tabs on hips, back welt pockets with button flaps and waistband lined with cotton sateen and Japanese indigo pincheck fabric. They are 60% wool, 40% cotton. I had the waist and inseam taken in a little but...
Thanks. Looking forward to wearing.
@FrankCowperwood Do you find the Barena Knit Sportcoat pills at all? I just received a charcoal one from the recent sale and was just wondering. Thanks.
Still have a few weeks but will try to get some pics.Thanks. The Boulevard Raspail store is near my hotel so I'll make sure to pass during one of my walks.
Thanks. I'll make sure to stop by.
I planning to visit Paris next month and was wondering how the Paris stores were. Do they carry any of the C&J boots? Is it worth the visit? Thanks.
Wearing my Alden of DC #8 captoe boots with commando sole today in San Francisco too.I do find the crepe soles very comfortable and have a ways to go before they need resoling so we'll see what I do when the time comes. In the meantime I will give the Ranger Mocs a lot of wear and will probably use them as my main walking shoe when I travel to Paris next month.
I picked these up too during the holidays when I saw the Need Supply deal as posted here. Really like them and I'm using it as my around the town beater shoe that I leave at the front door without trees. I work from home most days so it's a real effort to take my Aldens out of the closet just to drive down to the grocery store.Since I got them for a really good price I don't care if I wear down the crepe sole too fast. I'm thinking of sending them to B. Nelson at some...
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