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Finally left the house today to run some errands wearing my Ravello LWBs
Had another Alden sighting this morning as I walked to my office. I was wearing king LWBs and was at the 3rd and Mission street corner standing next to someone wearing snuff suede PT boots. Looked like they had crepe soles so maybe it was the J.Crew boot.
Doesn't Alden also pay for shipping both ways for restorations? If yes then they are making less than $155...
Ask Deez Nuts. He's selling a couple on B&S: http://www.styleforum.net/t/259860/rrl-jackets-sweaters-denim-bags-january-2014-update/0_40
Must have been gunboat day on BART this morning. Stood next to someone wearing a brown CXL LWB while I was in my snuff suede LWB. I think I can count on a single hand Alden sightings on BART over the past year.
Thanks for the heads up as my NeedSupply tobacco ranger mocs arrived today. Decided to keep them instead of a pair of BB Rancourt mocs I purchased on sale on Boxing Day, which arrived today as well.Switched out the laces as the ones with the shoes are too short....
TaylorStitch also has a selvedge chino in a few colors:http://taylorstitch.com/collections/bottoms/products/khaki-washed-selvage-chino
Haven't worn these Ravello LWBs in a while.
Alden of DC sells the commando sole version.
Looks like it's a #8 captoe boot day. Here are mine from Alden of DC with commando sole and all their creasing on an overcast day in San Francisco...
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