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In for the Indigo Gingham Lawn as well but with a button down collar.
Very nice!
Thanks for the reminder.Hummus is good too.
Yes! Chocolate or Snuff.
I'd be in for a chocolate suede grant last captoe boot....
Thanks for the feedback. I didn't get any comments on Friday so I contacted Alden and they replied the next day. I mailed the boots to them today to inspect/restore.
I thought I'd utilize the collective wisdom of SF to see if I need to do anything about my #8 captoe boots from Alden of DC. My boots are a couple years old and the pictures below are from the left shoe. I wear them at most 1-2 times a month. Should I be concerned or just continue to wear them? If it's a concern do I email Kathy at Alden DC or contact Alden directly? Thanks.
FWIW, I'm a comfortable 8D in Alden for the barrie and trubalance lasts and my Islays are a 7UK.
I'm clearing my closet of pants that are too slim for me. These Epaulet Walt khaki cotton twill trousers (8 oz?) are size 32 and were purchased a couple of years ago from Epaulet. My tailor took the waist in a little, shortened the inseam and cuffed the legs. There is maybe 1-1.5" to take the waist out. They have been cold water washed/hang dried several times and are still in very good condition. Go here for more information (not the same fabric but color is similar)...
This pair of Alden Dover in unlined snuff suede in size 8D are on the barrie last and were purchased off The Shoemart seconds list a couple of years ago. A great pair of shoes in very good condition which I no longer wear as I have too many shoes in the rotation. I believe they are seconds because on the left shoe, the leather piping next to the blind eyelets on the right side of the shoe were not done properly. This can be seen in the 5th picture. Shoe trees NOT...
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