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Ravello LWBs taking a ride on BART
I've been going back and forth about them for the longest time. They were in the last irregulars email from end of June, and I emailed ShoeMart yesterday if it was still available. Heard back today they were so I decided to pull the trigger. Hope the issue with them isn't too noticeable.
Thanks. I have the chamois ranger moc and now want a boot too.Thanks for the feedback. If a Barrie 8D shoe (I'm probably more like a 7.75) fits me comfortably, do you think this 8D boot will work?
Any one have this tobacco chamois captoe boot on commando from shoemart? I was thinking it would make a good inclement weather beater boot. Thoughts?
I was there today and they still have some S/S stuff @ 65% off. Mostly larger sizes but I was able to pick up the long sleeve polo in light blue for a lot less than I paid for the white one I bought in the Spring.I agree the F/W stuff looks great. I only wish I lived in a colder climate to wear some of it as I run on the warm side.
Cigar CT boots in SF.
I might have missed it posted here but the Mocha Doyle looks really sharp. I might have to consider adding it to the Navy I already own.
I got a very good deal on them from Need Supply and it was always my intention to resole them. Alden's crepe sole is comfortable but I was never a big fan as they make the shoe much heavier.
I received my tobacco chamois ranger mocs back from B. Nelson after replacing the crepe sole with dainite. Haven't worn them yet but pretty happy with the resole. Shoes are noticeably lighter without Alden's crepe. Here are before and after pics. Before: After
@TweedyProf I just picked up the below (apologies for crappy iphone pic) from the SF Bloomies in 38/48. Loose measurements are:Shoulder: 17"Chest: approx 20"Length (bottom of collar): 29"
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