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Arrived in Paris today and one of my first stops was the C&J store on Raspail. Picked up a pair of Islays and sized down a whole size from my Alden Barrie US8D to UK 7E. Here is crappy hotel room iPad pic of the new boots Also took the following pics of the store
You can call Moulded Shoe in NYC. They carry stock models and I believe they can add commando soles as well. Here is their website:http://www.mouldedshoe.com/aldeno.html
@applky Yes it shrunk right around 0.5". I could have had them hemmed shorter but will probably just fold them over for now. There is enough fabric to hem them longer or cuff. Usually I cuff but didn't want to see the old hem line on these. Maybe the next pair.
I just received my olive Driggs and I'm happy I decided to give them a try. I could never make the Rivets work due to the lower rise and my sprinter thighs and the Walt got costly with all the alterations - I had to take in the waist (I'm a 31.5" but buy size 32 with athe 33" inch waist so there's enough room in the thigh), slim the legs and shorten the length.The Driggs seem to work much better for me. Fabric and color is great and I washed and dried them to shrink them a...
I think @NAMOR has the same ones? Here's a pic earlier in this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/120192/the-official-rrl-thread/18480_40#post_6917361
Did the sizing work out for you? If I recall you were going down half a size from your Barrie size? I'm off to Paris next week so hope the C&J store still has one in my size.
Adam at AoC carries a black indy on commando as well as a black plain toe boot on commando. He has some at overstock prices too here: http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/overstocks.htm
Looking good. I'll call tomorrow.
More pics in the wild please? I've been wondering about them for a while.The website says my size is out. Is it a call only deal?
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