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J/Crew is selling these on the Barrie last: http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/s...6863/26863.jsp
I have a pair of Crate Routes in size 30 (30.5" waist, 10.5" rise, 8" knee, 10" thigh, 7" leg opening, 31" inseam). They were hemmed and washed a few times with some fading but still a lot of wear left. Just a bit too slim in the top block and thighs for me. PM if you want some pics. Looking for N&F Weird Guys in 29 or 30.
My modest collection (left to right) all on the Barrie last: AoC AF84 Brown Calf Wingtip Boot w/commando soles Leffot Kudu PTB Boot w/vibram soles Shoemart seconds Brown suede chukka w/crepe soles Shoemart seconds #8 Chukka Alden restorations #8 PTB w/commando soles Wishlist: Cigar LWB snuff suede shoe or boot
These Black Fleece pinpoint button down shirts are from the Brooks Brothers Clearance Center. Worn about 12-15 times and professionally laundered (pics are after washing and hang drying) so still a lot of wear in them. Both are size BB2 and the sleeves were shortened a little so please check the measurements: Shoulders: 18" Length (Bottom of Collar): 29" Sleeves: 24.5" Pit-2-Pit: 23" I'm selling these as a pair. Get both for SOLD CONUS with shipping included. Paypal...
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW they were probably a pair that were pretty much new and the owner wanted commando soles put on them. nice pick up That's what I'm thinking or at least using to justify the purchase Paid less than a pair of ShoeMart seconds I was considering and got the bags and trees included so I'm happy. Now onto my next pair of Aldens...
Just got these #8 PTB off of eBay. They have commando soles and are marked Alden Restoration. They came with box, bags and trees. Inside and out, they look and feel brand new so my question is, do all Alden restorations come out like this?
Let us know what you think of the Brown CXL PTBs from Winn Perry. They look nice on their website....
Quote: Originally Posted by PeterParker The Kudu in this picture shows a striking resemblance in color to #8 cordovan. According to Leather Soul, the Kudu leather is treated in a similar manner to cordovan so that would seem appropriate. Suddenly I'm wishing that I had a pair of Kudu Ultimate Indy's... The chukka 2nd from the left is #8. BTW, I have 4 Aldens on the Barrie last (tan chukka on Leydon and AoC brown calf wingtip boot not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bugsy BACK TO THE KUDUS 404 most of the pictures i have seen read look dark. the leffots pictures show a hint of reddish brown? could any owners confirm the tru color? Does this help at all? Far right is the the Kudu boot from Leffot
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL We actually have the Pitt Boot on order in brown chromexcel too. When are you expecting these?
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