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First time posting on this thread. Here's my daily beater that I've had for about 10 years. Originally came on a black leather strap that I replaced last year with an aftermarket Hadley Roma stainless steel bracelet:
Unfortunately not with my camera. Quote: Originally Posted by Decahedron Is the scratch on the raybans not photograph-able?? Interested!
Mabitex sold and dropping price on Ray-Bans
Dropping the price on the Mabitex to try and sell them quickly.
Great seller. Got my pants yesterday and they're really nice but unfortunately a bit too slim for me
Adding Khaki Mabitex and dropping price on Ray-Bans to $70
Do you think the supposedly upcoming F&F sale will be better than the current promo which ends Sunday, March 14? $60 off $300 purchase $125 off $500 purchase $250 off $800 purchase I have gift cards and need a blazer and shirts.
Adding a pair of NWT Khaki Mabitex I just picked up from 95///M3. They're really nice lightweight 100% "Soft Touch" cotton but are just a bit too slim for me. SOLD Measurements are: Khaki Mabitex - EU46/US30 - 100% Cotton - "Soft Touch" - Waist 31"; Front Rise 10.5"; Thigh 11"; Leg Opening 8"; Hemmed inseam 35". I bought these Ray-Ban Aviators (RB3293-047/6G) new a while ago but they are just too big for my face. I wore them a few times and they are still in great...
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl Wait, so you wanted measurements for the 40R yet you are asking for a 36R????? I knew it would sound funny the sec I hit submit. I'm more like a 37R so I can go up or down depending on how slim the fit is. That's why I was interested in seeing the 40R measurements. I hope this makes sense?
Quote: Originally Posted by hitokiri8 Measurements posted. No 38's unfortunately. Thanks. Any 36Rs?
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