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Clearing out some more pants I don't wear much and bundling these three pairs to make it worth selling and shipping. First is a pair of sand colored Zegna Incotex Chino Lino flat front pants with split rear waistband, belt loop and cuffs. I bought these off B&S and the tags have been cut. The pants have been worn twice and washed but still in like new condition. Measurements are: Waist: 32", Front Rise: 10", Inseam: 30.5", Leg opening: 8", Cuff: 1.5" Second is a pair of...
Really like the shirt. Nice!
Very nice. What last and type of sole?
Nice socks! Who makes them?
I didn't even think about the material of adding a pull tab but might have to ask my cobbler to try it on my brown CXL pitt boots or brown calf wingtip boots.
Enjoying them very much thanks to you!
It says 40680HC inside the boot but I think it was a special makeup for the Alden DC store.
I don't mind pull tabs. Is this something a cobbler can add?
Thanks. I purchased them from SF member HorseHide. I heard these were a special makeup for Alden DC but don't quote me on it.
Starting to like the Grant last more. Apologies for the crappy iPhone photo in flourescent office lighting. Cigar captoe boots with commando sole & Marcoliani OTC cotton socks purchased on B&S.
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