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Never seen the Roy but what he said. All my Aldens are on the Barrie last and I'm liking the waterlock sole better than crepe. In fact, I'm thinking of sending my ShoeMart seconds Brown suede chukkas with crepe soles to Alden restoration to be resoled with a waterlock sole.
My new Brown Chromexcel Pitt Boots from LeatherSoul. I was in the Waikiki store last week in complete beach bum wear and had a very nice chat with Kuni, but couldn't make up my mind on what to buy. When I returned to the Mainland, Kuni helped tracked down the boots for me (on his day off) and then Bryan @ LSBH shipped them out with complimentary shipping in CA. I really appreciate the great service I received on my first purchase from LS!
Cleaning out clothes I don't wear much and bundling these three items to make it worth selling and shipping. First is a pair of Incotex Brown 100% cotton flat front pants with split rear waistband and belt loop. I bought these off B&S a while back and the tags have been cut and are labeled size eu48. The pants have been washed a few times but still in very good condition. Measurements are: Waist: 32" Front Rise: 9.5" Inseam: 31" Leg opening: 7.5" Second is a Brooks...
Sorry Scott for missing your post. I'm a 8.5D on the Barrie but thanks for the offer. I'll keep watching LS et al for now until I find something.
Does anyone have this snuff suede LWB on the Leydon last from Epaulet? Any action pics? http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-535/%27Alden-for-Epaulet-West/Detail
Yep. Bought it from fellow SF member HorseHide.
Looking for suggestions for a suede (or reverse chamois) boot. I was in the LS Waikiki store last week but waited too long to pull the trigger on their last pair of snuff suede ultimate indy's. Now I'm obsessed with finding an alternative but haven't seen anything yet online that's my size. Below is a pic of my modest Alden collection. I'm not looking for another chukka but would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
Top (L-R): Cigar Captoe Boot with Commando Sole (from HorseHide), AoC AF84 Brown Calf Wingtip Boot with Commando Sole, Shoemart 2nd Brown Suede Chukka with Crepe Sole Bottom (L-R): Alden Restoration #8 PTB with Commando Sole (eBay), Shoemart 2nd #8 Chukka
Any thoughts on whether this Regent Fit Unconstructed sport jacket is worth picking up at the FF discount? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...=§ionsize=
Quote: Originally Posted by bl@ster And do you agree that they're TTS vs the Barrie? For me the Grant last seems TTS. I have 5 pairs on the Barrie last in 8.5D and some fit better than others (mostly forefoot width). These Cigar Captoe boots on the Grant are 9D and seem a tad loose (but not in the forefoot and length). I might have been able to drop down to 8.5D but I think it would have been tight in the toe area. Strikes me as similar (but a...
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