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The original black leather strap was falling apart and so I replaced it with a black carbon that looked pretty good too. I wanted to try a bracelet and have been too lazy to replace. I'll go home and take some pics with the original and the carbon too. This is pretty small compared to today's watches. Only about 37mm in diameter.
First time posting on this thread. Here's my daily beater that I've had for about 10 years. Originally came on a black leather strap that I replaced last year with an aftermarket Hadley Roma stainless steel bracelet:
Unfortunately not with my camera. Quote: Originally Posted by Decahedron Is the scratch on the raybans not photograph-able?? Interested!
Mabitex sold and dropping price on Ray-Bans
Dropping the price on the Mabitex to try and sell them quickly.
Great seller. Got my pants yesterday and they're really nice but unfortunately a bit too slim for me
Adding Khaki Mabitex and dropping price on Ray-Bans to $70
Do you think the supposedly upcoming F&F sale will be better than the current promo which ends Sunday, March 14? $60 off $300 purchase $125 off $500 purchase $250 off $800 purchase I have gift cards and need a blazer and shirts.
Adding a pair of NWT Khaki Mabitex I just picked up from 95///M3. They're really nice lightweight 100% "Soft Touch" cotton but are just a bit too slim for me. SOLD Measurements are: Khaki Mabitex - EU46/US30 - 100% Cotton - "Soft Touch" - Waist 31"; Front Rise 10.5"; Thigh 11"; Leg Opening 8"; Hemmed inseam 35". I bought these Ray-Ban Aviators (RB3293-047/6G) new a while ago but they are just too big for my face. I wore them a few times and they are still in great...
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl Wait, so you wanted measurements for the 40R yet you are asking for a 36R????? I knew it would sound funny the sec I hit submit. I'm more like a 37R so I can go up or down depending on how slim the fit is. That's why I was interested in seeing the 40R measurements. I hope this makes sense?
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