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Another drop.
$10 drop to $150
I bought this 40R Flannel Bay Linen/Rayon (tag says 60/30) sportcoat from this thread http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=193048, (#8). Unfortunately is just a bit too big so I'm taking a big loss on this as I paid $160. Asking price is SOLD shipped CONUS US postal priority mail. Paypal personal payment is preferred but not required. Here are the measurements: shoulder: 18" chest: 21" sleeve: 25" BOC length: 30" It has nice pick stitching, dual vents, patch...
PM sent if any are left.
Shoemart is a store in Connecticut that sells Aldens. It seems like they are also the only retailer who can sell Alden seconds. You have to call them to be added to the email list for your size. Here is their website for contact info: http://www.theshoemart.com/
My new brown calf wingtip boots on Barrie last with commando sole from Alden of Carmel. Bought these after selling a similar pair of Shoemart seconds on the Leydon last which were too tight in the toes. With 3 pairs of chukkas (Cord #8, Brown suede and tan unlined) and a PTB kudu boot from Leffot, I think I need a pair of cordovan shoes next
Quote: Originally Posted by joz411no Anyone have these wingtip boots in scotch grain from Shoemart? http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-men..._calfskin.html Yes, and I quite like them. Thanks. Any action pics Trying to decide on these or getting the brown calf on barrie last (to replace the ones on Leydon last I just sold).
Anyone have these wingtip boots in scotch grain from Shoemart? http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-men..._calfskin.html Not sure what my next purchase will be and whether I want to shell out (pardon the pun) $600+ for cordovan boots. However the Leather Soul #8 PTB boots with crepe soles are looking mighty nice...
Here is my current collection: L-R: Dark Brown Suede Chukkas w/Crepe Sole, Cord #8 Chukka, Unlined Tan Suede Chukka, PTB Kudu Boot from Leffot All are Shoemart seconds except for the Kudu PTB boot, and they're all 8.5Ds on the Barrie last except for the unlined chukkas which are 9D on the Leydon last. I decided to sell the brown calf wingtip boot below as there are on 8.5D Leydon last and too tight in the toes for me. I'm not sure what I'll replace them with: either...
With great reluctance I'm selling these Alden Brown Calf Wingtip boots with commando soles that I purchased as seconds from Shoemart earlier in the year. They are an 8.5 D on the Leydon last and although I love how they look, they are just a bit too tight in the forefoot/toes. I'm usually a 8.5D on the Barrie last, which are roomy for me even with a extra leather insole, so I thought I could make these work but to no avail. These have been worn probably 15-20 times and...
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