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I often see the unlined suede chukkas on the Shoemart seconds email. You should cal them to see if they have any in your size.
Any chance of getting shoulder measurements for the blue and red chambray shirts for small and medium? Thanks.
Very nice. Just another reminder I need to get Ravello in the future.
Definitely nicer in person than on the AoC site.
Agreed. I have two boots and a #8 PTB on the commando sole.
Thanks. Cost me $25 at my local cobbler and they tried to match the leather and stitching as much as possible.
Wow, very nice. What kind of sole?
Getting to your post late as my boots were at the cobblers. These are the AF84 brown calf wingtip boots on the Barrie last with commando sole from Alden of Carmel I know not everyone is a fan of pull tabs but I just had them added to these boots to try it out. Not an exact match on the leather but I think it came out ok.
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this Cigar Indy Boot from ShoeMart what you're looking for?Edit: Noticed they are not in stock but you can call them too....
You can get anti-chafe products such as the ones at the top of this page. I've used BodyGlide to stop my nipples from chafing...
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