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Good one SVB. I'm a family man living in the East Bay burbs, working in Emeryville. Office will eventually move to the city. Maybe Rivets first and then moleskins next when I get more $$. On a side note, has anyone hemmed the rivets with cuffs or does the natural cotton herringbone twill on the inside leg prohibit this?
Need some help making my first Epaulet purchase when they come back from vacation. Can't decide between picking up the 12oz heavy duty rivet chino or a pair of Walt moleskins. I work in tech so dress is very casual. I mostly wear chinos, OCBDs and Aldens shoes/boots to work. Any thoughts? I wish I could pick up both.
My June email says $299 plus shipping. But I do remember ShoeMart had a 10% off deal in the Spring which could be used on seconds. Just remember to call and ask if the imperfections are noticeable. I have had good luck with their seconds but YMMV. Good luck.
I often see the unlined suede chukkas on the Shoemart seconds email. You should cal them to see if they have any in your size.
Any chance of getting shoulder measurements for the blue and red chambray shirts for small and medium? Thanks.
Very nice. Just another reminder I need to get Ravello in the future.
Definitely nicer in person than on the AoC site.
Agreed. I have two boots and a #8 PTB on the commando sole.
Thanks. Cost me $25 at my local cobbler and they tried to match the leather and stitching as much as possible.
Wow, very nice. What kind of sole?
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