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There was discussion here last month I think that Alden will now only recraft to the original style. No special requests any more. Best to check with Alden before sending your shoes in.
Crappy weather days are the hardest for me to get motivated, especially when it's early morning. At least you got out there and gutted it out. Couldn't wake up this morning so got in 6+ at lunch.
Around 40 minutes this morning. Wanted to sleep in but force myself to get out of bed....
When I'm not motivated, it's so easy for me to go back to sleep instead of running in the early morning darkness. Fortunately was able to get out the door this morning and run around 6.7 miles.
Most of my shoes have rubber heel taps. Some have rubber toe taps too. I'm not sure anyone in my area can do the flush metal toe plates.
I think Black and #8 shell are priced similarly. Really depends on the style. Cigar, Ravello and Whiskey are priced at a premium....
A slow 4+ this early morning to see how my ankle feels after rolling it yesterday.
Ran 8+ this morning on the trail but rolled my ankle early in the run and started to tighten up at the end. Ran every day this week.
These are the other Shoemart 2nds I picked up. Brown suede PTBs on the Barrie last with a flex sole. All my shoes are 8.5D Barrie but these 8Ds work too. A little snug in the forefoot but they stretched a little after a night with shoe trees in them. The brown suede boots I purchased are going back as they were a nice to have but not a must have.
Here are a pair of Shoemart seconds I just received. All my other boots/shoes are Barrie 8.5d (or Grant 9d) so I wanted to see how these brown suede captoe boots on double leather soles in 8E on the Barrie would fit. They fit OK but look blobbier to me due to the E width. I noticed a couple of imperfections - one with the suede on the left shoe below the captoe and the other on the inside leather of the right ankle. They are also a darker brown than in the picture. Not...
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