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Adam at AoC carries a black indy on commando as well as a black plain toe boot on commando. He has some at overstock prices too here: http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/overstocks.htm
Looking good. I'll call tomorrow.
More pics in the wild please? I've been wondering about them for a while.The website says my size is out. Is it a call only deal?
+1. I'm not a chukka fan.
Not a great iPhone pic but below I'm wearing the #8 captoe boot on commando from Alden DC today. Paired up with my Seamaster Chrono with #8 strap.Regarding recent talk about increased pricing, this boot plus my cigar Indy on commando from J.Gilbert are the only two Aldens I currently have where I paid full retail.Of the rest of my Aldens, I purchased my Cigar captoe boot on commando, Ravello LWB from Leffot and Snuff suede LWB from Leffot used off of B&S, my #8 LWB new off...
I believe @Dave_SFU is sixfeetunderrecords. I've also purchased a number of items from @deez nuts from B&S. He sells on eBay as well.
I've used Franz Custom Tailors a few times. Can be pricey.http://www.yelp.com/biz/franz-custom-tailors-san-francisco?sort_by=date_desc
@NAMOR Are you in SF? Is your tailor in the city?
I'm off to Paris too at the end of the month so I'll check out Anatomica. Also on my list is C&J as I'm considering the Islay boot. I'm staying for over a week and trying to pack light with just a carry on so not sure which Alden(s) to bring. Weather might be wet and I plan to walk a lot.Right now I'm thinking of either bringing two pair or just one and buying a pair of shoes in Paris if I can find something On the short list are chamois ranger mocs on crepe, #8 LWB on...
I guess I need to try both the UK 7 and 7.5 when I'm Paris. They currently have one of each but it's still more than a couple of weeks before I leave.
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