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Is this the Purdey version of the Pembroke? http://www.purdey.com/clothing-accessories/grain-leather-brogue-shoe-shoe012.aspx
If I'm a 33 Walt/Driggs for the extra thigh room and take in the waist to 32, and a 32 in the Garrison, what would I be in the Taylor?
Hi, my son bought the Wilshire 14oz cone mill on clearance and is looking for something similar in terms of fit and easy break in vs raw denim. Any recommendations in the $200-300 range?
It's been a while since I've purchased new Aldens. My pre-order Leffot Greenwich boot in reverse chamois finally arrived today. Not sure if I ever knew they were all eyelets so need to start getting use to no speedhooks!
I have a Wilshire Jean sizing question. My son has 3Sixteen ST130s in size 29. I'm assuming they have stretched out a bit. Should he get a pair of Wilshire's in size 29 or 30?
Newly acquired Loake Eton on the 019 last from Herring Shoes. I went the same size as my chukkas on the 026 last.
I purchased these two striped soft cotton jersey polo shirts from Kent Wang a while ago and I'm selling as they are a little too slim for me. The polos are a size medium and are white with navy stripes and navy with white stripes. I find the Kent Wang cotton jersey polos run a little slimmer and shorter than his cotton pique polos in the same size. They have been cold water washed and hang dried a number of times. Details and sizing information for each polo can be found...
Got in too for an 8D.
Here is pic of the dark green and navy (long-sleeve) pique cotton polos. I'm hanging them to dry after washing...
+1. I'm a medium and have several of the cotton pique and cotton jersey polos. The jersey polos are slimmer/shorter than the pique ones, which are a great fit for me. I'll probably offload my jersey ones (with stripes) on B&S.
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