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Does anyone have the Skye 4 in snuff suede? I'm looking for opinions if possible. Also If my Islays are size UK 7 would I take the same in the Skye?
This is in line with current thinking as I'll probably wear the Ravello LWB more than the Cigar captoe boot. The #8 captoe boot is also a consideration.
One of my favorite things about this thread and community are the WWSFD (What Would Styleforum Do) posts. So here's mine: I live in the SF Bay Area, work in the tech industry and dress mostly business casual (chinos, OCBD, occasional sport coat - I might wear a suit once a year for a wedding or funeral). The majority of the time I work from home and might go to the office/meetings a couple times a month. This means I might be in shorts a lot of the time during warmer...
Is the corporate 30% off in store only? I don't see any reference to it on the website.
This happened to the left boot of my cigar captoes boots on the grant last. I had a cobbler sew down one side of the tongue. Easy and cheap fix. Also @englade321 made some tongue holders out of leather here http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/64280_40#post_6690429 to fix it.
I think the website shows the measurements of the old fit.
Wore the 4060HC this evening and fit seems the same as before too.
I picked up a sport coat with working buttonholes and the arms are slightly long. I don't trust my tailor to alter the sleeves from the shoulder (and don't want to spend the $) so was wondering if it's: an easy fix to shorten from cuff enough room if I need approx 0.5" shorter Below are pictures of the cuff from outside and folded up to show the inside. It's about 1.5" from the last button to the end. Thanks.
Thought I'd share my Alden customer service story. Back in mid-January I posted here about some issues I was having where the inseam was showing on the left boot of my 4060HCs from Alden of DC. The boots were a couple of years old and I emailed Alden about the issue. They told me to ship them back for inspection and about five weeks later I received the repaired boots. I haven't tried them on yet but it looks like the shell might have been touched up/polished in places...
Hope it's OK to post but here are my new Herring Gosforth II in Cigar Suede. I wanted a suede chukka a little darker than the Kempton but lighter than the Pimlico. Nice shoes at a good price. Went true to size for the 026 last and dropped a full size from US to UK (US8.5D -> UK7.5).
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