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No filter but flourescent lighting. I would say they are a little darker in natural light.
First time in the office for the Cardigan 4s
Here is a picture of my Leffot reverse chamois wingtip boots next to my Leffot chamois tankers:Hope this helps.
Go for it.
Yes, I'm lucky @pediwear had my size (UK7) so I jumped on it with the Pound being so low vs the Dollar. Here is a picture today in natural lighting.
Ordered the Cardigan 4 from @pediwear on Monday and delivered to California today. Great service and other than some bloom in some of the broguing, the shoes look great.
I'm selling a pair of Loake Eton Brown (Snuff) Suede loafers in size UK7.5F that I purchased from Herring Shoes. I've worn them about a dozen times but I'm selling as they are a little too narrow in the forefoot for my taste. As a point of reference I wear Alden Barrie last in US8D, Loake Kempton in UK7.5F, C&J Islay in UK7. The shoes are in great condition as I always use shoe trees (not included). Includes original box, shoe cloth and plastic shoe horn. Selling for $78...
I have to see what my final credit card charge will be for the exchange rate but conversion at the time of order was around $611 with shipping. I'm not sure if I will get hit with a duty to the US. I was thinking of ordering direct from C&J in the UK or purchasing from SkyValet in the US but this was cheaper (so far).
Finally gave in to the dropping British Pound and ordered the cordovan Cardigan 4 from Pediwear. The website said my size was in stock (UK7) so crossing my fingers.
Someone on B&S is selling a brown grain Pembroke in 7e here (not me). Good luck.
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