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Leffot Reverse Chamois boots on a rainy day
Must be the angle. Sometimes I think the same
My gateway to C&J. Purchased these Islays three years ago at the Paris C&J store
Correct. I switched with an extra set of Alden flat laces.
New Conistons again before the rain hits
Leffot Chamois Tanker
Got it. Mine are probably a little lighter in color than the picture.
It cost $40 but the cobbler had never replaced all the eyelets for a pair of shoes so it was more than he expected. He will charge $70 in the future if asked again I live in the SF East Bay and the cobbler is in Orinda.
I'm not sure. Maybe close to 1 cm?I actually wanted brown eyelets like the JCrew version but the ones the cobbler had looked almost black. Depending on the lighting they've always look more copper/rust.
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