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Has anyone received the thick and cozy yet from the last EFF?
Leffot Reverse Chamois WT Boots. I'm almost use to having no speedhooks.
Is the Mr Porter deconstructed shirt jacket model an Augusto? Sorry for the questions.
@NickPollica Could you explain any differences between the blue linen herringbone sport coats at Mr Porter and NMWA? Thanks.
Rainy day boots.
I purchased this SuitSupply Havana 100% Blue Linen sport coat in size EU48/US38 a few years ago. I rarely wear sport coats and it has probably worn it less than 10 times over the years. The two-button Havana sport coat is pure Angelico linen with patch pockets, half lined, double vents, working cuffs and is still in great condition. Shoulders: 17.25" Length (BOC): 29" Sleeves: 24.5" Selling for $135 with suitbag and hanger (US Postal Priority Mail shipping...
Anyone have the Formosa Bottle green wool/silk/linen sport coat with real life pics? I rarely ever wear sport coats, but it seems to be calling to me.
Is this the EFF from end of January?
Thanks for all the advice. Shipping is a good option but I might want to wear right away I'm wearing my first pair of C&Js today, which I purchased a few years back at the Paris store. They electronically submitted the VAT info and I broke them in walking around the city. The only hassle was submitting paperwork at CDG on the way home and waiting for the refund to appear on my credit card. Otherwise it was a painless experience.
Received two orders this week. First are Rota pre-order garment-dyed cotton/linen trousers with higher rise and side tabs. These are my first Rotas so fortunately they fit well and only need slight tailoring in the waist and length. The Buttero's on final sale took a more circuitous route to Northern California. They were original sent to a customer with the same name in Southern Cal, who then had to ship them up to me. This isn't the first time as it happened before with...
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