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I think they are 2-3 years old but I don't wear them often. Edge is natural or clear I believe.
Wearing the neglected cigar captoe boot on commando in the city today. They need a good brushing when I get home.
I might have to try my Cigar Indy's on eBay too...
Is this price with or without VAT? Also what last is the Gianni on? How does it compare to the Islay? Thanks.
Call one of the stores and they can help with the Visa gift cards.
I'm clearing out my closet of chinos I no longer wear. First up are a pair of Left Field NYC NAVY JAPANESE TWILL MINER CHINO in size 32 with a retail price of $198. These are nice 10 oz. Japanese Military twill with Corozo button fly but the cut just doesn't suit me. They have been taken in at the waist, shortened and hemmed with a cuff. They've been cold water washed a few of times but are in great condition. More sizing info and pictures can be found here at the Left...
O'Doyle Rules Can't wait for my navy to arrive on Monday.
Thanks. Very pleased I picked them up last week while in Paris.
Wearing the Islay for the first time in California on a nice afternoon...
FWIW, I recently paid $750 for the C&J Islay boot in Paris (hope to get the VAT refund of $100+ at some point but this is the Barney's price point too). The Islay is dark brown scotch grain calf. Not even shell so prices are high elsewhere too. However, I liked the style and fit so I was willing to pay.Another nice thing about Alden is there seems to be a healthy secondary market for their shoes and boots. You have the TSM seconds list, B&S and eBay just to name a few. Of...
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