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Brown on Brown. The left shoe gets the most bloom of any cordovan shoe I've owned.
Saphir Creme. Neutral mostly for the Islays and Dark Brown and/or Burgundy for the Conistons as I'm trying to darken them a bit.
I purchased these Epaulet MTO Driggs pants in size 33 last spring from Epaulet for $195. The "English Drill" fabirc is woven in the UK and is a robust 10oz combed cotton. The pants have a hidden coin pocket and have been worn and cold water washed/hang dried a number of times. They are still in very good condition as I don't wear them too often. They are a little too slim for me in the thighs as the drill fabric has less give than my other Driggs in different...
Sorry about the poor indoor iPhone picture but cleaned up the boots today.
I'm strictly business casual and don't mind wearing boots year round here in Northern California. Then again I drive to work and stay inside all day. If I had to walk around a city in the Summer it might be different.
More rain so Islay Friday...
I'm wearing my Herring Gosforth II today which is on the 026 last (their version of the Kempton). I find it TTS (maybe a tad short) and wear a UK7.5F. As a point of reference, I'm a UK7E for C&J Coniston, Islay and Cardigan 4 and US8D for Alden Barrie last. Hope this helps.
Snuff Monday
Conistons again
Rain should clear up for today so breaking out the Cardigan 4s.
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