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Nah, here in Chicago it seems to be "remember your floor, then look around." No rows, numbers or anything. There was a color associated with each poet, but people seemed to forget the color as often as the poet - you often saw people wandering the floors trying to remember where their car was. Interesting elevator conversations - one guy's wife got a kick out of us debating the imagery of Rios' "The Cities Inside Us" vs the word play of "A Hundred Bolts of Satin" before...
As the former owner of a black E46 - definitely. Speaking from Chicago, finding a silver 3-series in your typical mall parking lot would be even worse. Even tougher downtown in multilevel lots where you're supposed to remember hearing the Beatles or a Carl Sandberg poem when you parked/rode the elevator.
'Tis the season, I'll admit. I went to start the Boxster last night in 3* weather, first time it's moved since I got back from Thanksgiving. Fiddling with your key while wearing gloves in -16* wind chill, not fun. Automatic door unlocking and remote start would have been nice.
I was the same way growing up in the south - temps in the 30s meant I pretty much wasn't leaving the house. Once I got the hang of dealing with cold, I freaked out my co-workers (most Chicago natives) by walking the 3 miles to work year round, even in sub-zero temps. It was really just changing from a mindset of "avoid cold at all cost" to "deal with the cold." You may have to set aside some of the Styleforum mindset needed for occasionally.
When I moved to Chicago it took until my second winter here to work out that the gear I wore for winter in the south simply wouldn't cut it - temps like we're seeing today (3*, -16* with windchill right now) need serious cold weather clothes (insulated, windproof, layers). Start with buying a few sets of long johns to wear under your current wardrobe, then upgrade what's lacking even with them on.Snow isn't as big an issue. In the south, they don't remove the occasional...
BMW will not quit until their keyfobs are as big as a cell phone.
Yep, but the shield options for the Custom, imo, suck. I'm talking about a different open face helmet with attached shield, like these with a more classic look.
While we're on the subject, does anyone know of an open-face with a flip-up shield? I like my Bell Classic, but the snap-on face shields are a hassle to carry/store when removed.
At a car show, I'd think it's more stupidity than malice. I've shown cars before, and people really have little respect for people's property. I saw an altercation start at a British classics show when someone politely asked a teenage girl to not sit on his E-type's hood and her father started yelling about the car's owner being rude to his daighter.
Remember Lotus white? Used to come on the original 6-series.Closest I came in a car I owned was Parchment:
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