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When I moved to Chicago it took until my second winter here to work out that the gear I wore for winter in the south simply wouldn't cut it - temps like we're seeing today (3*, -16* with windchill right now) need serious cold weather clothes (insulated, windproof, layers). Start with buying a few sets of long johns to wear under your current wardrobe, then upgrade what's lacking even with them on.Snow isn't as big an issue. In the south, they don't remove the occasional...
BMW will not quit until their keyfobs are as big as a cell phone.
Yep, but the shield options for the Custom, imo, suck. I'm talking about a different open face helmet with attached shield, like these with a more classic look.
While we're on the subject, does anyone know of an open-face with a flip-up shield? I like my Bell Classic, but the snap-on face shields are a hassle to carry/store when removed.
At a car show, I'd think it's more stupidity than malice. I've shown cars before, and people really have little respect for people's property. I saw an altercation start at a British classics show when someone politely asked a teenage girl to not sit on his E-type's hood and her father started yelling about the car's owner being rude to his daighter.
Remember Lotus white? Used to come on the original 6-series.Closest I came in a car I owned was Parchment:
I like the Arkady Renko series, but haven't gotten to Tatiana yet. If you like those, you may like te Berlin Noir books, about a hardboiled detective working in Germany starting in Nazi Germany and moving to post-war Argentina.Currently, I'm re-reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - fun sci-fi actioner about a contest in 2140-something based on 80s-90s pop culture.
I'm with you on The Ninth Gate - imo, a good example of a movie that improves on the book (Club Dumas). The Fountain I didn't care for, which was a surprise - Jackman, Weisz, directed by Aronofsky, how'd they make a dud?I think Kalifornia is admired, just on the fade as years have passed. For under-rated, I'd go with Dark City, which got buried by the release of The Matrix, iirc. And Bill Murray's Quick Change.
Stanchions was actually "StaInTunes" - a popular Triumph exhaust. And yeah, he was a bit non-PC, which I blamed on him being from Australia.I thought it was funny and informative in highlighting some of the bike's flaws and problems, while still presenting it as likeable. Just about every bike needs some sorting, it's just a matter of how much you as a buyer are willing to put up with. I'd still take a Thruxton, myself. Though, yeah, I'd go with a W800 if they weren't...
By now you've probably seen this :
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