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I just started Cronin's The Passage, and every single review of it seems to compare it to The Stand.. The latter is the first book by King where I thought "Damn, they aren't editing his stuff at all, are they?" I'm hoping this doesn't have the same issue, but at 800 pages...
Hmm, I may skip the Technicl Sneakers and add the new Rev-It Ginzas:
Love Revzilla, most of my gear came from them, though I browse everyone constantly. I've currently got 3 Hondas - CB400T, Hawk GT (NT650), and CBR600RR. The CBR is the first modern bike I've owned, and it's got me considering reducing the fleet to two - something as new as but more practical for commuting than the CBR, and something fun with a classic vibe to tinker with. Yamaha FZ-09 and Bolt, Triumph Speed Triple R and Bonnie, maybe Honda CB1100 and an old CB550.
Yeah, my Z4 had this, so I was surprised when the questioner said he had a 6-series. In the Boxster, I keep them in the center console, and the Mini had a cmpartmoent above the glovebox.
I live in downtown Chicago but my job (eliminated last year) was in the 'burbs (Naperville) so around a 30-mile commute, much of it on crowded expressways. Since I worked finance, we were business dress M-Th and business casual on F.A jacket, helmet, and gloves were no problem with business wear, though I have yet to get my dream jacket for riding in business attire, the Aether Skyline. Leg protection was trickiest, but I wore a Kevlar liner with Forcefield knee-armor...
^ This. I did it, the club discount is worth years of membership dues (I think the discount was $600 or so when I went), you do a lot of driving, the hotel and meals are included, and they dump a ton of swag on you as well.The helmet they gave me was worth a few hundred at least, and there was a jacket, t-shirts, polos, hats, etc. It's a good value.
Nah, here in Chicago it seems to be "remember your floor, then look around." No rows, numbers or anything. There was a color associated with each poet, but people seemed to forget the color as often as the poet - you often saw people wandering the floors trying to remember where their car was. Interesting elevator conversations - one guy's wife got a kick out of us debating the imagery of Rios' "The Cities Inside Us" vs the word play of "A Hundred Bolts of Satin" before...
As the former owner of a black E46 - definitely. Speaking from Chicago, finding a silver 3-series in your typical mall parking lot would be even worse. Even tougher downtown in multilevel lots where you're supposed to remember hearing the Beatles or a Carl Sandberg poem when you parked/rode the elevator.
'Tis the season, I'll admit. I went to start the Boxster last night in 3* weather, first time it's moved since I got back from Thanksgiving. Fiddling with your key while wearing gloves in -16* wind chill, not fun. Automatic door unlocking and remote start would have been nice.
I was the same way growing up in the south - temps in the 30s meant I pretty much wasn't leaving the house. Once I got the hang of dealing with cold, I freaked out my co-workers (most Chicago natives) by walking the 3 miles to work year round, even in sub-zero temps. It was really just changing from a mindset of "avoid cold at all cost" to "deal with the cold." You may have to set aside some of the Styleforum mindset needed for occasionally.
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