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As much as I like the Monster (I've played with getting an early model for years), the SF848 is my favorite. It has a lot of what's appealing about my Honda Hawk GT (lightweight, narrow, V-twin, very similar ergonomics) with an exotic flair. I doubt it's as care-free, though. I like the yellow.
Well, Ducati has let everyone ride the new Monster 1200S - thoughts and reactions? I've always admired the Monster and seriously considered getting one a year or two back, but the overall ergonomics never worked for me on the old ones and with size 15 feet it's looking like the new one is off the table as well.
What I've encountered on my CB400T is being unable to maintain a buffer zone to the rear when someone inattentive comes up behind me too quickly. It will (theoretically) top out at ~100 mph, but if I'm cruising at 60 mph in 5th it'll take a while to speed up unless I downshift a couple of gears and lean on it. I290 if really bad for this, to the point I typically keep the gears low and the revs up, just in case.
It's a parallel twin, so not as twitchy as an I4 - for a beginner I think it's one of the better choices as far as a sportbike goes. A cousin of mine got one as his first bike and I was nervous for him, but once I rode it I could see it working for him. Weird thing - asking seems to be low to mid 4s for all of them, from 2005-2012.
Nice jacket. It's weird, something about those bikes makes me want to park it next to a 944 - such blatantly 80s designs.
Down to two bikes now - sold the CBR600RR on Friday. Now the tough part - finding a nice, stock late 70s CB550.
The folks on ADVRider will wear pretty much nothing but Aerostich - I don't think you could go wrong.
I'd disagree with them. I think big books are making something of a comeback because e-readers mean we don't have to haul them around. From what I've seen, lots are still cases like The Stand - modern writers don't seem to work collaboratively with editors as much anymore, so writing isn't as tight and polished. Franchise makers like King use their clout to push their work thru damn near untouched when most of the great writers in history had long, tempestuous but...
I just started Cronin's The Passage, and every single review of it seems to compare it to The Stand.. The latter is the first book by King where I thought "Damn, they aren't editing his stuff at all, are they?" I'm hoping this doesn't have the same issue, but at 800 pages...
Hmm, I may skip the Technicl Sneakers and add the new Rev-It Ginzas:
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