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The folks on ADVRider will wear pretty much nothing but Aerostich - I don't think you could go wrong.
I'd disagree with them. I think big books are making something of a comeback because e-readers mean we don't have to haul them around. From what I've seen, lots are still cases like The Stand - modern writers don't seem to work collaboratively with editors as much anymore, so writing isn't as tight and polished. Franchise makers like King use their clout to push their work thru damn near untouched when most of the great writers in history had long, tempestuous but...
I just started Cronin's The Passage, and every single review of it seems to compare it to The Stand.. The latter is the first book by King where I thought "Damn, they aren't editing his stuff at all, are they?" I'm hoping this doesn't have the same issue, but at 800 pages...
Hmm, I may skip the Technicl Sneakers and add the new Rev-It Ginzas:
Love Revzilla, most of my gear came from them, though I browse everyone constantly. I've currently got 3 Hondas - CB400T, Hawk GT (NT650), and CBR600RR. The CBR is the first modern bike I've owned, and it's got me considering reducing the fleet to two - something as new as but more practical for commuting than the CBR, and something fun with a classic vibe to tinker with. Yamaha FZ-09 and Bolt, Triumph Speed Triple R and Bonnie, maybe Honda CB1100 and an old CB550.
Yeah, my Z4 had this, so I was surprised when the questioner said he had a 6-series. In the Boxster, I keep them in the center console, and the Mini had a cmpartmoent above the glovebox.
I live in downtown Chicago but my job (eliminated last year) was in the 'burbs (Naperville) so around a 30-mile commute, much of it on crowded expressways. Since I worked finance, we were business dress M-Th and business casual on F.A jacket, helmet, and gloves were no problem with business wear, though I have yet to get my dream jacket for riding in business attire, the Aether Skyline. Leg protection was trickiest, but I wore a Kevlar liner with Forcefield knee-armor...
^ This. I did it, the club discount is worth years of membership dues (I think the discount was $600 or so when I went), you do a lot of driving, the hotel and meals are included, and they dump a ton of swag on you as well.The helmet they gave me was worth a few hundred at least, and there was a jacket, t-shirts, polos, hats, etc. It's a good value.
Nah, here in Chicago it seems to be "remember your floor, then look around." No rows, numbers or anything. There was a color associated with each poet, but people seemed to forget the color as often as the poet - you often saw people wandering the floors trying to remember where their car was. Interesting elevator conversations - one guy's wife got a kick out of us debating the imagery of Rios' "The Cities Inside Us" vs the word play of "A Hundred Bolts of Satin" before...
As the former owner of a black E46 - definitely. Speaking from Chicago, finding a silver 3-series in your typical mall parking lot would be even worse. Even tougher downtown in multilevel lots where you're supposed to remember hearing the Beatles or a Carl Sandberg poem when you parked/rode the elevator.
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