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I hate that this attitude is so prevalent. Motorcycles make sense in a lot of scenarios (electrics even more so), but the US market seeing riding as just a fun hobby is what keeps the market from expanding here. Then everyone grouses "why don't WE get that bike?" All the excitement over the "retro" SR400 (BikeExif has another cool custom of one up, btw) - they've been making that bike the entire time. Sometime in the 80s, we stopped seeing them as transportation and more...
Yes yes yes. I can't wait for battery tech to make these practical as daily rides. For a city-dweller like me, I'd like to see more of them adopt what Zero does on one of their models, and make the battery removable. It would solve a couple of problems being able to take it into the condo to charge overnight, and reduce the chances of theft since that's the most expensive part.
Like most things, there's something to both. I ride a 35hp CB400t every day and it's a lot of fun. The big thing about riding it is you keep your perspective on horsepower - the abundance we have now means few people really twist their wrists on a modern bike, and they transfer that to old bikes and think they're wimpy. I try to hit the 10k redline on mine every ride and you really do have to hang on as it gets moving. Top speed is just shy of 100mph indicated, but...
Prices do vary by region but that's a bit high for the cb360t around here for a nice runner; for $2000 firm I'd expect a much nicer bike. Watching his video: no way those are stock exhausts, and it sounds like it seriously needs a valve adjustment. And it's a huge pet peeve of mine when people point out "simple, cheap" repairs they couldn't be bothered to do while claiming the bike is worth top dollar. And neither this bike or its successor my CB400t are going to be...
You thinking something newer or is vintage okay? The first newer bike to come to mind is the Suzuki TU250X, but they're still over $2k - in part because Suzuki only seems to sell them in the US every other year.If you're looking for something older, CB200Ts, CB350s, and CB450s are all easily found in that price range. The CB200T seems well suited for shorter inseams.
It's weird. I ride year-round in Chicago if the roads are clear and it's not the rides in the teens and twenties that get me, it's the chilly days after it's supposed to be warm, as I'm not geared up. We had a morning in the 50s last week that had my hands and face freezing without my heavy-duty gloves and neck gaiter.
The adorable part is me assuming they're father and son. This was near Boystown, so it could have been some young dude and his sugar daddy.
While out riding this morning, saw a fun visual - a guy in his 20s riding a Street Triple with his dad, who was on an old Bonneville.
Well, he was good in Groundhog Day.
Th second jacket has more leather, more danced materials, and more safety features. Whether they're worth the money is another thing...
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