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Well, he was good in Groundhog Day.
Th second jacket has more leather, more danced materials, and more safety features. Whether they're worth the money is another thing...
I pay $180/year to GEICO for the CB400, full coverage, which is about $60/year more than liability. Yeah, I could buy another for about a grand if something happened, but with the difference being less than what I spend on Starbucks every month, why not get it?
I've always liked the Monster but the Streetfighter 848 is my favorite Ducati right now - very under-rated bike. Surely the thousands saved will offset any potential warranty issues? I can't see it worth going for new.
I much prefer a backpack to bungees and cargo nets, though I've got both. Like the above poster, I'm paranoid about a load coming off the bike and with a backpack I know it's secure. I use my cargo net when I've got something too awkward-shaped to fit my backpack, or because the pack is full (last time was a box of wine for a pizza party).
Nope, the riding position is very upright and there's minimal wind protection. Cracks me up to see guys riding around downtown Chicago on adventure bikes with motocross helmets.
I know. The mistake was getting the CBR600RR last year - though I didn't fall in love with the bike, I did fall in love with the idea of a modern bike - it's a much nicer riding experience than my Hawk GT and Hawk II. In the end, I decided to keep the Hawk II because it's the bike I started with, and I knew I'd get more for the new bike fund selling the GT. Ironically, the buyer bought it because it was the same as his first bike, and he was very pleased with it, seeing...
And then there was one. Sold the Hawk GT a few minutes ago, so my sole bike is the model I started with CB400T. All that's left now is deciding between a CB500F or British Sportster (Bonneville) with the proceeds from this and the CBR600RR I sold last month. I still haven't sat on the new Honda, which will likely be the deciding factor...
I'm biased since the CB400T was my first (and current, 30-odd years later) bike, but I really think the 70s-80s UJMs in the 350-450cc range work. Not just the Honda CB350/400/450 twins, but the Kawasaki KZ400/440, Suzuki GS/GT line, or the original Yamaha SR, RD, or XS650. Next cheapest - and not as desirable - are the small displacement pseudo-cruisers from the 1980s when the Japanese decided everything had to look like a either Harley or a race bike - bikes like the...
I'm not too fussed about no electric start, I'm more annoyed that it has fuel injection. A carbed single with kick-start is almost impossible to kill - you can come out to a bike with a flat battery, dead or missing fuses, in freezing cold or blazing heat and know the sucker will get moving if it's got fuel. With FI, you need power for a fuel pump and such or it won't start anyway - why not add electric start?
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