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I liked the references to Iron Fist - given the fight scenes for this it should be pretty good. Nice tie-in having organized crime taking advantage of all the construction required after the last Avengers movie as well!
You could get a Vinago (Virago made into a Vincent replica).
I've spent most of the winter looking for a project but nothing local has been worth it. Being a Honda guy, I wanted a CL450/350 to fix up but no luck. It looks like I'll just wait another month and buy a W650 or Bonnie.
Yep, I like the Brutale but I've hea hirror stories from people that had a dealer close; here in Ky it'd be garage art 90% of the time.
There's a trick to riding the sport bikes. I thought the CBR600RR woulld be uncomfortable as well when I bought one but once you get the hang of it (sit forward, keep your weight off your hands/wrists). I planned on just weekend fun rides when I got it, but it saw a lot more miles than I expected.I love the V7 but for an all-rounder it'd have to be closer to 60hp than it is. Right now it doesn't compete with the Bonneville or 883 Sportster.I like the SF848 but it seems...
Gradually sold off my three so I'm wintering bikeless. As much as I'd love a classic standard, I'm thinking I'll buy something new next season, so a neo-classic like the Bonneville or Ducati Scrambler. Other times, I think about the Monster 821.
Not really. And most of those places prohibit working on vehicles there.
Actually, I read hipster as meaning "young"; I'm in my mid-50s. That puts me at old enough to be nostalgic for these bikes but dismayed at how porky or pokey the new ones are. I sold my old CB400t and resigned myself to getting a Street Triple, FZ-09, or GSX-650F , which are all good bikes but lack the retro feel I've wanted. That's why the Scrambler appeals.
I'm pretty far from being a hipster but think they've got something with this bike. It's got decent power compared to the SR400, TU250X, and Royal Enfield Bullet or Continental GT; it's a lot lighter than the Bonneville, or CB1100; it's got better ride height than the Bolt, Sportster and their analogs. Really, my sole criticism is pretty mild - they shouldn't have called it a Scrambler. Calling it a GT75 or GT800 would have fit their history and left expectations open. I...
A car is great if I need to get somewhere with a lot of stuff quickly. If I have the time, I'd much rather take a bike, use county/state roads and risk having to ride in a bit of inclement weather.
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