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Aw, man - I was rooting for Welling.
Curious to see how the cast changes. Apparently some of the recurring characters have already said they aren't moving to Vancouver. I was actually surprised by one cast member - the second I heard this I figured Flockhart was out. I've never been big on her "Devil Wears Prada" take on Cat Grant, but she seems to be enjoying the role. At her size, scenery chewing may be all she gets to enjoy these days.
I haven't ridden either yet, but I'd go for the XSR900. It seems like the RNineT seems a bit like a Ducati - the owners love them but they require a lot of fiddling; the Yamaha just seems like a better-looking FZ-09 with the (fueling) bugs worked out. Yeah, you'd have to play with the suspension, but I expect to do that with anything.
The Undiscovered pack looks nice, with upside and one downside - I like the chest strap as sometimes at speed my backpack does t to shift a bit, but it's got that waist/belt strap which I wouldn't care for when crouched over on a motorcycle. As a data point, the old Blue Lounge Bonobo I bought is still doing quite well.
I agree the action wasn't as good as DD, but I think the characters were much stronger and it gave a good feel for New York in the Marvelverse as people adjust to having superhumans in the mix. Pretty entertaining overall, and I'm looking forward to Luke Cage's series ( in no small part because I want to see how they lead into. Iron Fist).
Depends on what you enjoy about old bikes. A buddy of mine has a shed full of old British bikes, but he enjoys tinkering as much as riding. I like the looks but prefer riding to repairing (though I don't mind maintenance) so retros like the W650 and modern. Bonnevilles appeal to me. The new Bonnies announced have rekindled a desire for the Thundebird 900 they sold in the 1990s.
When Huge Moto first announced this, they said it would fit the CBR600RR with a little modding. I think the kit would be better suited to the 600, and they'd sell more as the planets crawling with low-sided middle-weights.
I've got one of the reflective vests. You feel like an idiot the first few minutes wearing it, but when riding in Chicago it seemed like a good idea. Now that I live in rural KY, where the roads I ride on are mostly empty anyway, I just go with my gear (which has reflective stripes or piping anyway).
These worries are what have kept me from owning an MV Agusta Brutale. I never found much support for them in Chicago; now I'm in rural KY so I know it's off the table. Maybe a Ducati...My W650 Scrambler project isn't happening, btw. Seller went with someone local before I could pick it up over the weekend. My brother's livid but really, I've sold enough bikes and cars via Craigslist to know if you've got a buyer in front of you, you don't hesitate.
I definitely plan to try one of Arai's helmets when my Icon Alliance is due to replace; I've got a long oval as well and the Signet-Q seems to be THE helmet for that shape.
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