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Pretty much - I've never seen such disorganized group riding; it was a disaster waiting to happen. I've heard that groups on sport bikes tended to misbehave, but the videos (which they seem to be scrambling to remove now) show a lot of riding idiocy. Sucks about the one guy in a coma, though.
Check around online, ideally a forum dedicated to the model. I found a PDF copy of the manual for my '78 Honda on a forum for Honda twins.
So there's already been an update? I never upgraded by iPad, but got a notice that iOS 7.0.2 is out now.
Most of the time, I take mine with me. Friends have told stories of having stuff done to their helmets (one was full of Slurpee) on the bike here in the city, where the act of having something nicer than someone else means you're an undeserving piece of crap that has to be taken down a peg . Away from the city proper, I use the locks Honda put on the bikes.
I thought most people did, since the motorcycle hobby means owning multiple bikes is pretty cheap. Guys here have spent more on a suit than I've paid for my bikes. I've sometimes worried about back issues from an accident or prolonged use, but truth is I use my backpack about once a week, to haul groceries home and the store is about 3 minutes away so it's not a big deal. It was comfortable enough on the one 700+ mile roadtrip I took, but I pack pretty light.
Boblebee - I always worry about that hardshell in an off; you can be the guinea pig. I prefer the Kreiga. As for the tailbag/tankbag debate - someday, when I'm down to just one motorcycle, I can see it - maybe. For now, I like backpacks because it stays with me, so I can hop on whichever bike I'm in the mood for and when I get were I'm going everything comes with me. No worries about disconnecting stuff, or leaving it and someone messing with it, etc.
Technology with cars is always trickle-down. Like Cary Grant, I think we're headed towards almost nothing with manuals in a decade or so, just specialty cars like Morgans. Factor in the trend towards self-driving cars, and you get a world where not only do we not have them, but no one will miss them since they don't drive anyway. But if you're really attached to shifting your own gears, you can get a motorcycle - we've been holding the line since the 1970s.
Perhaps, but... My biggest issue with the cruisers - not picking on just HD there - is the weight. Man, almost 700-lbs? My brother and I started out on dirt bikes, which you just pick up and hop back on like it's nothing. The transition to street bikes weighing 350 or so was bad enough. The Bonneville is about my limit.
Depends on the highway, depends on the ride. I've got a Honda CBR600RR, CB400T, and NT650. The CB400T, like otc said (he's got one as well), is about 35hp and has a top speed of 99mph; it hits the meat of its torque-band above 5000 rpm. I've ridden it to Milwaukee, but I do that by taking Route 43 way north of Chicago where it merges with I-94, and I can cruise along at 70mph. I'm keeping up with traffic, and if I need some more a (BIG) twist of the wrist will move it...
I go ridiculously easy on the turns because the street is the street, not the track - you simply don't know what's on the street. I've come close to losing my bike on turns due to broken glass, diesel, at least a Super Gulp-sized Slurpee, a puddle of what I still think was maple syrup, and a clear sheet of plastic that was invisible until my front tire touched it. (Funny how after a close call, you always go back and see what the hell it was). Yes, I feel like an idiot...
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