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There's usually some difference, but this was notable, at least for me. The Scorpion's a tighter fit than the leather, despite being a size larger? Struck me as odd - it's the biggest disparity I've had between a pair of jackets.
And it's a smart move. I loved (still love, actually) the 360, but I've always stuck with Porsche (with a few side-trips to BMW) because of Ferrari's reputation on maintenance. This is the sort of thing that would tempt me, if it applied to a Ferrari model I like while in the market. Even so, top contender to replace my Boxster S when I tire of it is the Audi R8, a sort of compromise between Italian flair and German reliability.
I'd have kept the Porsche too, but as much as Harris loves Porsches, he doesn't keep anything very long, despite being a reviewer and getting a steady diet of new metal for free. I'm impressed he's off the Ferrari blacklist, even though he's worked at getting back in their good graces (somewhat - he's bought two Ferraris since and praised them, but he's still been critical of their antics).This is why Harris was banned. Other writers have mentioned their tweaking of cars...
Hmm. The textile is an American make, and my specific model touts 3-season wearability (it's a Scorpion Hat Trick), so I'm surprised it does run a bit small but requiring you to use both liners during the winter is probably key to the problem. The new leather is more of a Euro cut/style than my old leather but I'm liking that - so much stuff is huge thru the torso with little (if any) drop, and that sucks for riding.
Just curious: I bought a new textile jacket last spring (my first mesh) and this week bought a new leather riding jacket. What was annoying about the textile, noticeable now, is that it fit perfectly without the liners but was snug and looked puffy with the waterproof and cold-weather liners. With the leather, knowing it came with a winter liner and that I'd likely want to layer it (I ride all winter, Chicago weather be damned!), and after the experience with the textile,...
Haven't watched it yet, does he say where he got the car? Ferrari blacklisted Harris years ago over an article, and he's bought or borrowed the Ferraris he's written about ever since. IIRC, the last new model he borrowed from an owner, they actually gave the owner shit for letting Harris drive it.
Practical is a quality judged on a scale, not an absolute. Just as a Dodge Caravan is more practical and an Ariel Atom or Morgan Plus4, some bikes are more practical than others.
The chief appeal of the Mini is that it fits in my motorcycle jacket's inside pocket, so as nice as the Air is... no. Now I have to decide if I'll spring for the 128GB model!
Will those work with your boots? They look to extend pretty far down the leg. I went with Forcefield's limb tubes in part because they won't interefere with full-on moto boots:
When I was in my 20s, went thru the same thing. I had friends that were always starting some venture and always wanted me along. I stuck with my career with one company for 20 years and did well enough, but a couple of them are really did make it. But yeah, when people ask "who was that guy?" and I say they're my age, people freak. One's completely gray and gained a ton of weight, the other has the health issues of a serious drinker, and both worked years of 80-hour weeks...
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