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Thanks for the follow-up.
The GB500 had the same problem as my NT650 - it pre-dated it's trend. People would scoop them up in droves now, with the retro/cafe craze, and the Hawk GT arrived years before naked bikes came into their own with the Monster. Same thing happened to Kawasaki with the W650 - it missed the wave of retros. My thinking is that Honda may be too late to the game with the CB1100.
Off to check out The Family today. I'm hoping to like it better than Riddick, which was somewhat disappointing; they tried to capture the spirit of Pitch Black by making a re-make of Pitch Black. Some friends want to head out tomorrow night to see At World's End.
I don't think I've ever seen a t-bird or speedmaster in the wild. Chicago's crawling with Bonnies, Striples and the like but cruisers, not so much.
The American public has steadfastly refused to buy any Japanese bike with character for decades. They make them, the press raves, and we all go get another Sportster. Watch how things go with the CB1100.
This attitude baffles me. Buying a car typically means dealing with some depreciation - faced with that reality, the sensible thing to do is pick something that depreciates as little as possible. People manage expenses in most every aspect of their lives, but car enthusiasts (in the US) seem to always throw up their hands at the idea of managing depreciation. It's something of a crap shoot, sure, but it's worth the attempt.
2013 minus 5 is?
From that perspective, and assuming it's something I'd also enjoy driving: BMW 1M.
RideApart is pretty much the best-written website about motorcycles right now.As an aside, I had a "life in the big city" moment today. Came home on the CBR to see a ticket stuck to my NT650 - yep, someone stole the plates off it sometime today, and the Dept. of Revenue caught it almost immediately (I'm wondering if they actually saw the guy take it!). The replacement will cost $26, but I should be able to get the ticket waived. Fortunately they left the CB400 alone...
I don't know that I'd try to tour a continent on a cafe - they show them with bags, but where are they putting them/how are they mounting them? For the money, I'd go with a Triumph retro like a Bonnie or Thruxton. This would be tempting if it were midway between Tha Misfit ($3200) and the Bonneville - say $5k or so.
New Posts  All Forums: