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On the one hand, I totally understand this attitude. It's the classic color, it's got history, it looks good - I can relate to someone getting their Ferrari or Ducati in red.On the other hand, to me it says "I've got plenty of money - imagination, not so much." The cars are practically bespoke - you don't just walk on the lot and find a bunch sitting there, the way you do with silver BMWs. With the broad vista of choice stretched before you, you went with the most common...
I like them for riding around town, but I do wish they'd come with a shift pad.
Yep, I mis-quoted them in the first paragraph; the jeans are modeled on the 550 Relaxed Fit, not 501. I mention Relaxed Fit in the subsequent paragraphs but didn't include the model. I agree that fitting like 501s would probably be spot-on. Someone happy with the cut of the 550 would likely be very happy with these. Even with the extra room, I like their more low-key appearance.
This is heresy, I know, but boots I sort of skimp on. Oof Revzilla's videos has a great guide on what to look for in motorcycle boots. I took those principles and shopped for regular boots and wound up with some Merrell 9" leather boots with steel toes and reinforced shank that do the job well and only cost me ~$50 at Sport Authority, and since they're designed for walking they're comfortable off the bike.The tricky part was finding something without lug soles to I can...
Compared to new hands and feet? Speaking of protection while riding, I added another review of inexpensive Kevlar jeans to the Motorcycle Jeans thread.
Cheap Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans II: The Reckoning! Saw yet another deal on motorcycle jeans and succumbed to temptation. My last pair was BiLT's $70 "Iron Workers" from Cycle Gear This time, I ran across an ad for Sliders for $80 from Competition Accessories. What Sliders tout is that their jeans are safe while being not much different than your Levis 501 jeans. Now, I know this is SF, so let me explain that this is seen as a positive attribute among normal people, who...
Huh. I was going to say from what I've seen the cafe racer set looks more like TRINI, but then... Kidding aside, the bobber/cruiser/hardtail set seems more image conscious, less safety conscious. Bell Classic or no helmet, leather jacket with no pads and unzipped or no jacket at all, leather boots like Doc Martens or similar rather than motorcycle boots, denim jeans rather than Kevlar. Cafe riders favor vintage-look gear, but it's actual motorcycle gear and properly worn,...
You and I have very different ideas about what this crowd rides. I picture the folks in the Yamaha Bolt ads on cruisers and hard-tails, not faired cafe racers.
^ that shot shows why they're off my possible list - the leg angle looks painful on those. Bonnie SE for me.
To me, the chief selling point of the M3 is that it's a practical sports car, so it makes a lot of sense when fairly new. If I were buying a couple of generations old, like the E36 and E46, I'd go with the Z3 Coupe or Z4 M Coupe (again - I had one). No need to compromise if it's going to be an occasional toy.
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