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I'm still hanging in there. Today in Chicago it was mid-20s with a mid-teens windchill. While at a light, this older lady at a crosswalk saidwith a laugh "You've got balls - it's cold as hell out here!" The surprise for me was passing someone on a Thruxton going the other way.
Hm. Honda's doing some interesting things with the CB1100: but I'd take even the original in black One of these along side my black CBR600RR and I'd be set for bikes. Park'em next to a black S2000 too.
This is the year I'm going to make it all the way thru winter!I think that most years, but it usually turns out I either don't have the gear or don't have the guts. I rode to see Thor and that was a mess - pouring rain when I got out, I got home soaked, cold, and had a couple of small slides because the tires couldn't warm up. To really do this properly, I need to go ahead and get a CL450 with knobbies on.
No Sofia, SoFla - Southern Florida, like SoCal is southern California. He forgot to capitalize the F.
The scenario does sound like she stormed out of the in an emotional state.
I think that somewhat mis-reads the retro market. It's not comprised of people shopping for modern bikes who want something with more style, but people on or looking at old bikes that want something new. Not new in terms of the latest technology, but new in terms of no concerns about age-related issues like rust and metal fatigue. You don't get a new Bonneville over an R1, you get it instead of an old Bonnie, so the advances aren't on the table either way.
Say what? I've always had the impression they liked Triumphs in general and the Bonnie SE in particular; didn't one of the staff own one for quite a while?
I'd get one just to enjoy it for what it is, inside and out (I'd also go for the 8-cylinder, btw). Truth is, for all out performance I'm happier with motorcycles, like my CBR600RR; fast enough that I haven't started lusting for a liter-bike or somesuch.
There's usually some difference, but this was notable, at least for me. The Scorpion's a tighter fit than the leather, despite being a size larger? Struck me as odd - it's the biggest disparity I've had between a pair of jackets.
And it's a smart move. I loved (still love, actually) the 360, but I've always stuck with Porsche (with a few side-trips to BMW) because of Ferrari's reputation on maintenance. This is the sort of thing that would tempt me, if it applied to a Ferrari model I like while in the market. Even so, top contender to replace my Boxster S when I tire of it is the Audi R8, a sort of compromise between Italian flair and German reliability.
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