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Fair enough. Here's a quick ride report of the new CB500F, btw. I'm in the minority on this, but I like how quiet the bike is thorughout the ride. I'd prefer the CB650F but we don't get that here in the US, just the CBR version.
First, I didn't know Wes Siler was writing for Lanesplitter now. Makes sense as Sean MacDonald moved to Cycle World.Second, have you thought about the Triumph Street Twin rather than the Street Triple? Seems to be a good fit in terms of size and power, looks a bit nicer than the CB500f to me, even with the improvements, which I do like. As someone notes in the article you linked, what I'd really like is a smaller CB1100 - a CB550 that's lighter and smaller but with the...
I always thought Jason Statham would be a better fit- has the gravelly voice I always expected of Logan, and he's short (Wolverine's like Tom Cruise-height). He's too old for a reboot of the character as well, though.The Deadpool effect. Or a mirror of what happened with comics decades ago, moving to more adult themes.
Yeah, I've got a dilemma - I've got two vacation days left this year, and I'm wondering if I want to burn one of them on Friday to binge-watch this On Saturday, everyone I know will be off work and want to do something, so delaying a day would likely mean I only get in a couple of eps over the weekend.
I like the Stylmartins, but when I was shopping no one had them in my size (15); I wound up going with Rev'It Ginzas, which I like quite a bit.
Ditto. I commuted by bike for years so I was in the rain often, and it seemed no motorcycle tires are made for it this side of off-road types. Now I typically look for a Starbucks, pull out my Kindle and wait it out. Rain and I have a troubled relationship anyway - every time I decided to ride it out, it got worse; every time I decided to pull over, it stopped immediately! :-)
Why would she be? They shaved her head at the lab, but she's out now. No reason she can't let it grow.
The dry clutches always sound broken to me. The S4R and faster bikes would be overkill for the kind of riding I'll be doing (winding country roads at 60mph or so), and what's got me thinking about the 696/796 Monsters is they're about the same power and price as the old S2R but have ABS standard. Here's the current front runner in my browser:And a note about dummies on Craigslist. Some poor guy in dire financial straits has been trying to sell his 2014 Monster for five...
I've always liked the SF, but like many it's more bike than I'll ever need. The Monster is on my radar again as the non-swelling tank models are now pretty affordable; there's a 2013 696 near me for just $5200 asking. Tempting and sensible (as a Duc purchase can be, anyway) but I keep getting drawn towards a couple of S2Rs in the area for around the same money, but they're smack dab in the swelling tank years, though it doesn't seem to be as big a deal here in KY/OH area,...
Well, if you figure as cost per pound, I'm sure the Harley is a great value. ;-)I've been shopping for a vintage bike on Craigslist lately. Now I get why people always ask if you still have the bike - I've answered five ads for a Moto Guzzi 850T (see below) only to find the bike was sold but they never took down the ad; almost a month later, one of the ads is still up.The one owner who did still have the bike he was advertising turned out to be flakey as hell. I may go...
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