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Got my Xmas wish already - it's warm enough to take the Guzzi out for a ride today (50s)and tomorrow Central KY is supposed to get close to 70. Winter is when I don't miss Chicago.
Come on - this looks like the same old same old from the franchise; pretty much a remake of the first. I liked Prometheus because it was at least going somewhere with the story. This looks like the old Halloween or Friday the 13th franchises - re-telling the same story with a new cast of victims every time. I'll pass. Off to the movies soon, stll trying to decide between Passengers and Assassin's Creed.
The new Triumph Bobber really isn't working for me. I'm not a big fan of the style in general, and this is a more unpleasant example, to my eye. Curious to see how well it will go over:
I'm below 100% as well, but that's because of DC and the non-Marvel Entertainment movies featuring Marvel characters. I didn't bother with SvB until it hit video and I still haven't seen Suicide Squad, and the X-men and Fantastic Four films mean I likely won't bother with Wonder Woman, Logan, Aqua Man, etc.I'm intrigued by the Six Billion Dollar Man, though I'd've preferred someone besides Wahlberg as the lead. I'd love a movie that followed the darker tone of the books,...
Ducati's dropped a café version of the Scrambler: I still prefer the original, in Urban or Full Throttle guise.
Funny previous owner moment today. I bought a trickle charger for the Guzzi and went to install it. The battery already had the exact same model connector, but instead of unplugging it, the previous owner had cut the wires and left the connector and plug under the seat. Weird.
I can't imagine anyone having a problem with it, when you consider the GL Corps has all sorts of sentients, many of them humanoid females (usually of clear mammalian evolution).I've always thought a great retcon would be making the Joker female.
I caught "Dr. Strange" for the oddest reason tonight - I was going to see "The Accountant" and noticed the theater wasn't that crowded for "Dr. Strange." (I still hate those assigned seating charts though.) Entertaining and a clever resolution, but I wouldn't rank it up there with my top MCU films (The Captain America films, The Avengers films, the first Iron Man).
You could say I went another way... I picked this up today:
Btw, a 2007 BMW R1200R popped up for sale in my area for $5k - anyone owned one of these? I've always liked the roadsters (way less busy than the R-NineT), but modern Beemers are crammed with tech and there aren't many dealers in rural KY.
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