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I just received two pairs of Zelli from their own overstock bargains website. They are beautiful, well made shoes. On teh overstock site they are incredible buys but there are limited sizes. Hansen's clothing in Iowa which has a big online presecne also carries Zelli.
If you're looking for MTM, I would also try Woody's, just acroos Clayton Rd. from Cavato. I can't imagine you can get a MTM under $100 from Cavato. Not sure if Woody's can do that either but I like that place and shop there often. Nice people.
Yes, Pliner's are poorly made. The dye is coming off the heel of my pair as well. All my other shoes are AE's and DPs do not compare in any way. They now have a line that says "made in the mountains of China" which doesn't inspire confidence.
The Altea ties from Sierra Trading Post are great ties for the money.
I have the Del Ray in black and brown suede (which they no longer make) and it's a great shoe. Good looking and versatile.
We stayed in the Plaza Del Sol and there were lots of nice shops in that area as well as along the Gran Via. Regarding having a pint, there are some genuine Irish pubs in Madrid near that area as well so you can get some good beer there. Wonderful and beautiful city.
I just got these shoes but I am returning them. I take a C width in AE and the Boulders only come in B, D and I think EEE. It's not the fault of the shoe; I have a narrow heel and in this shoe the B works in the heel but is too narrow in the forepart and that is ordering a half size up. I did not find them to be very comfortable and I thought the finish was too dull for my tastes. They look well made. They are hand sewn in the Dominican Republic.
Good mens stores are Woody's, which is similar to Pinstripes in KC, Mister Guy and Sam Cavato which is in Plaza Frontenc where you will also find Saks and Nieman Marcus. Probably the best Thrift shop is the Scholarshop on Clayton Road across from the Galleria. All of these stores are on Clayton Road and are about 15 minutes apart. There is also a Nordstrom's further west. Have fun.
Robert Talbott seems to have a broad array of colors in their line. I would look at that brand.
I wear mine with medium gray pants as well as shades of tan and brown. Yes, get a matching belt. Lots of polish is available for that color, AE being one. You can also use Tarrago cream in Nevada Brown.
New Posts  All Forums: