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Saturday. The sun was shining but bitterly cold for late April. Hat, shirt, coat: Blue Blue Japan Scarf: Superior Labor Pants: Needles (photo doesn't really show frayed side seams) Docs (light a bit too contrasty - needed fill-in flash, but tried to rescue photo)
@brad-tGood to see you back, and I'm glad life is less shitty.
Photo angle makes it hard to judge length, but it looks okay. They're designed to be fairly short - if it reaches your belt it should be fine.
After all the stress you've been putting us through, the least you can do is provide a photo of you replicating this fit.
I love that coat/jacket
Want to swap places? - I can offer a cold grey Canterbury, and a mountain of reports to write Nice fit.
Thanks. I don't get as much fun putting together work fits compared to weekend fits but when I haven't got meetings I do at least have the freedom not to be stuck in CM.
Some really good fits over the past few pages. Midweek workday blues for me: Custom made hat Our Legacy Uniqlo x2 Margaret Howell Loake
I really like it - pants stack and all
Any one got the jackets/trousers from the Spring release. I'm tempted to put together a suit, but the measurements look a little close. How slim is the Large jacket and how much give is there in the elasticated pants?
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