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Thanks - It's why I don't post the "heading to work" in cheap suit fits that take up much of the year
Another heading to work pic: Harris Wharf Margiela Dries Loake
@synthese love that jacket.
Thanks. Never been a fan of Vans, but I've got some Sperry's buried somewhere. Backdrop is Faversham creek (about 3 mins walk from the house).Cheers - loose fitting top and camera angle, hide multiple sins (still struggling to keep the waist at 36" and appreciating an inch 'vanity' sizing ).Thanks.
Hot and sunny Sunday: Armor Lux Levi's Converse I struggle to know what to wear on hot days that is age-appropriate but not too dad-core...
I didn't expect the fit to cause much controversy... I think the overalls will look better with layers and probably a shirt, Oddly I think adding a hat would have improved the fit.
Cross-post from WAYWT:EG SS15 overalls, EG SS14 T
Sunny Saturday: EG x2, Converse First outing for the overalls, probably needs cooler weather and more layers
It's that time of year again. Interest in last year's game dropped off a little but we'll give it another go Code for league: 418854-107330 http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ All welcome. Rules as per the official site.
I think they come up almost a size smaller than last year's e.g. Large is 34" rather than 36" but I don't own any.
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