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They've done wool versions of the long ring coat before. I'm not sure what the heaviest weight version of the jacket is - there are so many iterations.I like the look of the popeye boots, but with a UK11/US12 foot I think their footwear is somewhere I can't go.
Cross-post from the end of last week:
Cross-post from Saturday's WAYWT: All Kapital apart from boots - Long Ring Coat, military jacket, Depression TH Cactus.
Thanks - I need to practice layering.One of your best - great fit.
Cold and breezy Saturday: Kapital x4 (Katsaguri Long ring coat, military jacket, shirt, TH Herringbone 'Cactus') Red wing
Looks good.
Thanks - I most days for work I wear a dull suit, but if I haven't got meetings I can relax a bit.The quality of Tender looks good. Unionmade's international shipping + customs means I don't really look closely. I've not really tried that many brands - a lot of the HRM family look interesting.
I don't know whether that style has a particular name - it looks like a beret / cap. It may well be made for Lemaire (possibly by someone like Laulhere). You could try one of these: http://www.chapellerie-traclet.com/en/laulhere/6224-casquette-gavroche-gloria-.html
No - it's on my list for 'some time'. There's too much stuff I'd love to try and only limited budget, limited room space & limited days to wear it It does look good.
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