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No luck with any of the stores I know of. It's worth checking back at as they do sometimes re-stock. Rakuten/yahoo is obviously worth checking too. Be warned - I've got the same shirt design in blue denim and they come up quite slim.
Which shirt - have you got a link?
It appeals to the big kid in me...
I read that as Hollister shirts initially...
Thanks there's a handful of those I haven't got. Shipping costs for the lot might be prohibitive though (particularly the way the brexiteers have killed our economy)
Thanks - it's fun. Not the most useful jacket in the world - the cotton is barely light showerproof, and it's over the top as a light wind breaker. Beautifully made - sewn patchwork rather than a print and leather around the cord openings, on pocket tabs etc.
Sun and showers Sunday: Kapital NP EG Birks
Cool, grey and damp Saturday: Our Legacy Oliver Spencer Engineered Garments Docs.
I've washed a ripstop jacket on a cool wash and it was fine, but I hang dry rather than use dryers.
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