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Kapital do nice flannel at a price - not too bad if you order from Japan via a proxy.Albam is worth checking out. Goodhood was friendly last visit and have an okay selection of denim. Not been to the Garbstore store, but might be worth a shot.
Sunny Saturday morning: Kapital x2 Birks
Looks good both ways but I think I prefer tucked.
How about leather? I've got one of his shoulder bags and it's held up really well:http://www.htleather.co.uk/satchels/large-bookbagI think depending on options that's around your budget given the appalling state of our currency.
Sizing varies a lot (I'm a 43" chest and vary between an odd 3, mostly a 4 and a 'can't squeeze in to that') but generally a 4 is L/XL, 3 is Medium, 2 is Small, 1 is XSThe measurements on Kapital.jp are very accurate in my experience.
Life intervened (takeover/'merger', threatened redundancy before eventual redeployment). Been a busy few months. I've kept half an eye on the place to make sure it didn't go too downhill
Looks good NicelyNice. Decent weather and a lazy Sunday over here: Post O'alls EG Birks
Bright and breezy Saturday: Kapital EG Birks
RIP Kenny Baker
Last call!
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