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Boxing Day: Kapital EG Garbstore Docs
A grey and damp Christmas Eve Nigel Cabourn Engineered Garments Studio D'Artisan Docs Season's greetings to all.
You're probably out of luck unless Kapital revive that design. A lot of their pieces are made in fairly small runs. Trawling Rakuten/ and using someone like zenmarket is probably your only hope (size 4 doesn't crop up that much either).
Ridiculously mild for December this morning: Yohji Y's Margaret Howell Docs
Agreed - I'm trying to decide whether to just cut and let fray or have properly hemmed. They're ridiculously long (37" inseam)...
Saturday morning: Kapital x3 Docs
Sunday: Kapital x3 RW
Saturday - off for lunch with family. OL BBJ NP RW
Saturday: Barbour EG Uniqlo Albam Docs
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