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How could you doubt a site that shows 1650 pairs of one design of Visvim trousers in stock, and 1250 pairs of one design of John Lobb's?
I'm getting weirdly attracted to some of the Japanese takes on Americana long after it's 'peaked'.
I have the same problem I have with most Japanese brands - as a 43" chest and generally a US/UK XL there's rarely anywhere to size up to
Do Studio D'Artisan's One Washes tend to have much residual shrinkage? I'm bang between sizes of a couple of pairs I've found on Rakuten...
Lovely - I could have been tempted if it wasn't for the brutally small p2p
Beautiful location
No bricks and mortar address listed, broken English under shipping instructions, massive product range including almost impossible to find pieces...Why would anybody be at all suspicious that this could be a classic fake goods site?
No they were correctly charged as labelled, it's just that I've been ordering bonsai and camera equipment from Japan for years and I don't recall ever having a package picked up by customs even when above the limit, but all recent packages have been picked up. They've certainly tightened up on US/Canada packages over the past few years - it used to be about 1 in 4 chargeable packages would slip through, now none do.
Foggy Sunday: Kapital EG Orslow Converse
It's not youthfulness it's immaturity
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