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Sunday: Custom made hat (Cane Rod Maker) EG shawl and Bedford WWM shirt Universal Works cords Trickers boots
Don't expect to see me in one soon
Saturday (Sorry no kilt): Christys cap, Redwing boots rest all EG:
The quality of MHL is still pretty good. It is a lower line, but the aesthetics are different too.
I think the ean boots work quite well with the rest...
@eluther joining in the praise and envy
Definitely a highlight of the collection.
This probably didn't need a separate thread (try one of the existing general threads next time) but I'll bite. Superdry is an entirely British construct - they've got nothing to do with Japan despite their over the top branding. Most of their better looking jackets are diluted copies of other brands. . You might want to try Barbour Dept B collection: http://psyche.co.uk/mens/barbour-dept-b or heir made for Japan lines
You'd have probably got a season out of Adebayor before he flopped... When he's motivated he can score quite well
I'm very happy with the signing. Shame the Hammers messed us around with Carlton Cole, and the Olson deal didn't go through though.
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