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Looking for big pants! Interested in XL - mainline or Workaday, 38"s or oversize 36"s (37"+ True measured). Don't care about the season, providing they are in decent condition.
Size 36 and I wouldn't want them any smaller - they fit okay on the waist (guess they're probably 37") but the whole top block is as small as I'd want to go.
They're definitely quite wide and rounded - very much country boots. I like it, but they're not dress boots. If you're after something slightly sleeker the Barker Harrison's aren't bad - decent quality, although the leather isn't anyway near up to Tricker's level. Cheaney do slightly sleeker models too and are pretty decent. If you're wanting leather that equals Tricker's though you're stepping up to Edward Green prices.
If I ever get to the States it's on my must see list just for the bonsai.
Welcome to the other-side...My 2 cents worth:Colour combination is great, and the slight texture contrast adds a little interest.Whilst the pieces don't look tight, I think sized up so they're slightly loose fitting would look better as a summer fit and might allow you to roll the pants rather than the semi-stack which I'm not keen on.The loafers work okay, but I'm not a big fan of leather loafers and the way they fall into that void between truly casual and formal....
A couple of cross-posts from this weekend's WAYWT: Saturday: SS15 Nehru Jacket FW13? Chambray workshirt SS14 Rip stop fatigues +RedWing Sunday: SS15 Dungaree fabric Shop coat SS13? Floral Tab-collar shirt SS11? Rip-Stop Desert pants (those currently on Yoox) Birks
Wow - that's beautiful for the smaller guys.
I can't get the lyrics to 'Africa' out of my head.
Getting to the end of Summer fits I think. Sunday: EG x3 Birks
I found a few bits in the Outlet and ended up picking up a pair of OL pants. It looks like for the main site they're still to have autumn/Winter drops - European stores are often later than US ones.
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