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Thoughtful comments HF. Are you sure we can't tempt you over the wall more regularly? WAYWT has plenty of space too...
It's a strong competition - great and varied entries. Will - I like a lot of Christophe Lemaire, but like many designers I think his winter collections are much stronger than the summer ones. Looking forward to seeing AW 14/15
2nd Garbstore order this year cancelled due to incorrect stock listing...
It's leather and it darkens with age and use...
@ceoceo - I picked up a couple of pairs of Mauro Grifoni summer pants from Flannels. Not worth full retail, but nice quality and cut. I think The Corner also stocks his stuff.
Needed a sunnier day Christys Nigel Cabourn Uniqlo Mauro Grifoni Loake
I really like this combination.
CD Eau Sauvage Extreme
Another trip to the coast - Margate today to see a Mondrian exhibition at the Turner. Great exhibition, and they had a small show of some of Spencer Finch's work which was well worth a look. The town was full of ageing Mods and Rockers for the Bank holiday Bikers run - great atmosphere. Christys Cro'Jack Bleu de Paname Streaky EP's DM
@nicelynice coat for me too, but both are great looking pieces
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