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Missed out on the remaining XL brown homespun Bedford on Garbstore and am looking to avoid paying the horrendous duty importing from the US/Canada will cost. Anyone got any inside info. on when the Euro stores are likely to get the new season in? A lot still haven't.
Good stuff in the last 24hrs.
Thanks good prices, but probably too similar to my Cabourn ones to justify.
I've not had a problem handwashing wool. Silk is dangerous due to the dyes (plain white silks can wash nicely).
Nice fits Knight. What's the hat in the second one?
The correct answer is always both , but if I had to decide I'd go with the MH.
So England might scrape in then? Seriously I think Hodgson is as good a manager as anyone, we're just a bit lacking in quality players.
They're essentially ponchos but buttoned, which gives them a bit more versatility. I'll post pics when I wear them, but it's not looking like being cold enough for at least another month (was going to hold off buying them, but they're selling out everywhere already). It's versatile enough to wear poncho style, over one shoulder, as a scarf or as a waist...
The Mackenzie cardigan and Matthew waistcoats do look good.
I'm not keen. Oddly we seem to have had a lot of new posters asking about the brand recently...
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