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The Bureau has a few new EG pieces and some EG Intermediate shirts (rodeo flannels selling fast)
I want. I can't afford.
I've only got the Bedford in Homespun. Everyone has different comfort zones, but for me over a mid-weight shirt on a day without too much wind I would guess it will be fine down to about 9c. I plan on wearing a shawl over it in colder weather. You'd certainly need to layer well to get it down to fairly low temperatures, the fabric isn't that weighty.I think they look fine in that size - they don't look too tight in the leg.
If you find stouts a bit too heavy there are always Porters - Meantime Porter comes highly recommended, and Guinness have started releasing older recipes - a Dublin Porter and for those who prefer a higher ABV a West Indies Porter. I may not say it often, but I thank America . The American craft brewing explosion has really revived an interest in UK brewing, with small breweries springing up, and the big boys playing catch up by producing less run-of-the-mill beers.
Nice fit Mike. I'm after one of those reversible vests in that pattern (got the trousers and now got the Brookline on it's way) - if anyone sees one in an XL I'd appreciate a pm.
Don't move to Kent if you dislike hoppy beers - ours are renowned for being very hoppy (probably because we once had acres, upon acres of hop farms and you see converted oast houses everywhere). Despite being a Man of Kent born and bred, I confess to preferring something with more malt and less hops. Theakston's Old Peculier this evening... I do enjoy the odd IPA though - American beer wise Shipyard IPA and Sierra Nevada are easily available in bottles here (I have a...
Friday, I was walking along the Thames with rolled up shirt-sleeves in 22 degrees centigrade... Dropped to 14 today, but hardly cold - I don't know when I'll get to dig out the EG shawls I bought two months ago...
Good entries so far!
Cross-post from WAYWT: SS14 rip-stop Fatiques AW14 Homespun Bedford Needles SS? shirt/jacket
Cross-post from WAYWT. Playing with Y's - I'd not really explored Y's, only tried YYPH, but I'm going to keep an eye out for more bits:
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