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Thanks guys - I've given up sticking to one look, just keep playing with the dressing up box The second fit was more successful - I like the Beams+ jacket but it's a little long in the body for me.
Thanks - I realized after the group stages that most points came from centre backs655 in the world - on 822 points, needed 5 more points to have made the top 500. Somehow the winner scored 893!I'll set up an FPL league when the official game opens - should be fairly soon.
Denim & khaki weekend. Saturday: Christys Beams + Tenderloin Nigel Cabourn Sanders Sunday: Levis Uniqlo Garbstore Sanders
FraCap / Diemme are worth a look for workboot/hiking boot crossovers, probably a month or so too early for their autumn ranges to be out. Or there's always the American workboot usual suspects
Not handled them, but they seem overpriced compared to similar looking alternatives. I do like the look of the brown ones though.
Discovering that myself.
I'm beginning to feel sorry for Brazilian fans...
I've not tried Harris Wharf, but noticed Flannels had some good prices: http://www.flannels.com/harris-wharf
0-0 borefest tonight or 5-5? I'm giving up predicting scores
It varies - this winter's cord jackets were much nicer than the previous year's and this year's trenches were better than last year's but not as nice as two years ago.
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