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Cool, grey and damp Saturday: Our Legacy Oliver Spencer Engineered Garments Docs.
I've washed a ripstop jacket on a cool wash and it was fine, but I hang dry rather than use dryers.
Trickers Woodstock?Or look at something from Sanders or Loake - both are a bit cheaper but decent enough. With our economic collapse buying from the UK must be an option
It's only the combination of the two. Cuffs alone would be fine, and folded down boots can be fine. Otherwise the fit is solid.
^ To me the folded down boots with the cuffs looks a little fussy
Sunday. Off out to lunch with my wife, and Autumn is definitely here - bright and sunny but quite fresh feeling. Cro'Jack (apparently not dead and about to be relaunched) Tenderloin (unbleached cotton rather than white) Folk Red Wing
For those in Europe Vente-Privee has several styles at silly prices (from £55 for Oxfords, £125 for Beckman boots) but in very limited sizes.
Sanders are much better made, but there's something special about the Wallabee look.
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