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New Year's Eve - Have a good one folks: EGx3 Docs
Sometimes I go relatively conservative, sometimes more flamboyant, sometimes very basic, sometimes smart... it depends what mood I'm in. There are a few standard outfits though that get more wear time than others.
A lot of people are busy with family commitments over the holidays. Might as well give it until the New Year.
Friday: EG x4 Docs
Thoughts on Rogue One: [[SPOILER]] Not bad - enjoyed it despite the flaws
I remember being completely shocked by the Father scene in Empire - I saw it early after it's release before word got round. I don't think I'd seen it coming at all or realised from Star Wars (none of the ANH revisionist business please ) that there was such a strong connection.Although Empire is in many ways a better film than Star Wars, the original remains my favourite.Of the three travesties I can just about watch episode 2 but hate all three with a passion - they...
27th and a ham-fisted attempt at rescuing an over-exposed photo... EGx2 chinos Docs
Went to see the film this afternoon and came out to the news about Carrie Fisher. Will save thoughts on the film for another moment. Still shocked.
I switched from a jug type to an immersion blender when my last jug died and find the immersion a lot handier. I don't really follow recipes with soups, just make it up as I go. Mushroom soup is a mainstay - onion and garlic softened in butter, mushrooms cooked down with a little olive oil, vegetable stock, parsley and a splash of cream to finish. Stilton & Broccoli is always good at this time of year - sweated onion cooked, broccoli cooked in a little vegetable stock...
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