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I think unless you specifically asked the returner to mark the package as a return I'd swallow the cost...
@CSCoHammers7 and @DrinkwatersDitto for the homespun Truman in 36W?
Yes a hot wash/tumble will likely shrink it all over. It might shrink more in one direction, but it's a gamble...
Much better, although personally I think the shawls ideally need a jacket/sweater/cardigan underneath (tricky in this mild weather!)
Thanks folks. Synth, but these boots have twice the texture of others British Millerain & Leather.Thanks - too warm for our unseasonal weather, but it will get plenty of wear
Sunday. Silly temperatures for the time of year (mid-high 70's F): Christys EG x2 Nigel Cabourn Tricker's
Yes - I've got a few pairs of Albam trousers. Decent value and good consruction. I find their outerwear a bit bland,but they're a good brand for mixing with more interesting pieces.
Cheers folks. Bedford's not that over-sized buttoned (couldn't size down and get a decent sweater underneath).Nice leatherI like the proportions.
Definitely my favourite... second choice the second one
I don't use a tumble dryer, but mine have probably shrunk a little over 1/2" with normal washing cycles. A tumble dryer after a hot wash might get a little more.---Moss Olive homespun Bedford arrived today from NNY via Mike - thanks and the brown homespun from Drinkwaters.
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