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Not quite fifty shades - more old and grey: Christys' EG x2 Margaret Howell DM
@FrankCowperwood All made in Wolverhampton. Fabrics are sourced from different places, but they tend to be decent. Quality is pretty similar to Oliver Spencer, on some garments I'd say Cro'Jack have the edge. At the sale prices you can't go wrong. Cuts vary a bit, but sizing is pretty standard. If they ever get a decent photographer/stylist for their web site and learn about marketing they could be quite popular
Thanks - it's the Fed IV (Hatsdirect special): http://hatsdirect.com/cgi-bin/products.cgi?view=38&returncat=Federation&returnpage=0 I've got the same hat in Moonstone and Tawny. They come unshaped, but they're easy enough to crease with a bit of steam
Some stunning stuff over the past couple of days. --- Sunday: Akubra Cro'Jack Garbstore x2 Redwing
Excellent stuff over the past 48hrs
Yes - unless you a) have a tailor you trust implicitly and b) the elbow patch is extremely obviously mis-placed I'd just shorten the sleeves from the cuff. If you want advice from someone who has had it done from the shoulder I think Alexander has had it done.
@Tirailleur1 and @kgfan5 - both so different, both so good
Assuming you're using a crop body at 1.5x I'd have thought 85 (roughly 130 equivalent on FF) would be too short. It depends how close you can get. A cheap option would be an adaptor and one of the better manual focus 135's (most of them are decent even on a modern sensor) which would give you roughly a 200 equivalent.
Cross posts from WAYWT this weekend: AW14 Bedford and Diamond Knit vest, black 80's shirt and E1 previous season. AW14 shawl and AW14 Green Bedford (kindly proxied by Mike). rest WWM/Universal works, Cane Rod Maker, Trickers
Tux looks good.
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