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Thanks. I'd tried using a Hoya R72 on an unconverted camera and the results were pretty muddy. Converted bodies are definitely the way to go, and with micro four thirds you don't get the focus problems you can get with modified DSLRs.Nice website btw - I love the pavement artist shot.
Thanks - I think you'd find they're easier to wear than you think. They'd work fine with a loose T and simple sneakers.It's probably the only time I'll wear a small in EG!
A couple of recent shots with an IR converted Lumix GM1. @LonerMatt - Contrasty enough for your taste? I know IR isn't for everyone.
Goodhood has a fair bit of rebuild stuff in their sale: http://goodhoodstore.com/mens/brands/needles
Picked up a Mil shirt in Natural. @mbaum - thanks for feedback on sizing - lower pocket just high enough with the very high waisted fisherman's pants so will definitely be fine with other pants.
Back to colour for Thursday: EG SS15 Mil Shirt & Fisherman's Pants, Birks
Lumix GM1Largely low contrast as it was taken in the evening with little sun. In full sun the contrast can be very high.
Went up to London for the day, principally to see the Audrey Hepburn exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (well worth seeing). I took an infrared converted body with me and took a few touristy snaps. IR is completely useless for recording visual tones - the jacket is almost as dark as the swallow print on the T-shirt, but as it's quiet I'll share a photo I grabbed on the way home:all EG SS14 apart from Redwing's (Batik Baker jacket, Swallow T, Ripstop...
Thanks - it works okay with a T. Maybe a henley?Thanks.Pretty much impossible to wear without the straps - very loose around the waist.SS15, but not carried many places. I picked one up from Barney's of all places.
Cross-post from WAYWT:EG SS15 Jersey knitEG SS15 OverallsEG SS14? Miner's Shirt
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