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Blake stitched I'd guess.
I think it goes live in 4-5 days.
I've not tried the Chepstow, but I'm a US 12 in RW Iron Rangers, and take a UK 11 in Trickers Stow. Brad etc. The Trickers are a tad wider in the toe box. You're in the right ball-park, but it really depends on your foot shape.
Cheaney doesn't, but you might find their shoes discounted at random times from various retailers.
I was planning on running one - The McDonalds/FIFA one looks the most straightforward, but whilst you can register, you can't pick players yet.
Lazy Sunday stroll (building is late Tudor for those that care): Northwest Hats Garbstore x2 Birkenstock
Thanks - I've found a couple of French stockists online but they don't give measurements. I've looked at Old Town, I must get across to Norfolk some time.
Garbstore tends to be pretty regularly fitted, but can be slightly boxy. I'm almost exactly a 43" chest and XL fits me perfectly. Everything I've bought has been really nicely made - great fabrics and very well constructed. My only problem with Garbstore is their online stock tracking - twice this year I've had the sorry the item is actually out of stock in that size emails..
I tend to hand wash natural dyes and don't have a tumble dryer. Some natural dyes don't hold their colour as well as synthetics, but most are fine. I suspect the dryer instructions are purely for the cotton shrinkage rather than the dye - If you're sure you want to use a machine, just stick it as low as you can.
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