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I don't think the thread is a bad idea - I just can't be bothered to join in.
Good first post.@Claghorn She dresses well.
@hendrix - nice individual pieces (I particularly like the pants), but there's something slightly off about the combination. @Cotton Dockers Nice Andover - good fit.
What's slam-jam socialism got against us 'big-boned' folks? No XLs Any XL wearing bods tried the hooded interliner? I'm always wary of 'fits most'...
Not sure whether this is the best place to post it, but as it's a non-season specific EG thread... Barney's Warehouse has a few decent EG bits heavily reduced. Just picked up the Hippie stripe Dayton tunic/shirt - should work well with the forthcoming SS15 stuff.
You do it much better than me I've still got a bird-print EG bucket that I've not worn outside the house... ---Some really good fits in the last 24hrs
Definitely on the slim side - I'm a 43-44" chest and an XL is bordering on the 'would like to size up' side (based on a summer shirt).
The Bureau has a few new EG pieces and some EG Intermediate shirts (rodeo flannels selling fast)
I want. I can't afford.
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