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Sunday was Faversham's Open Gardens day, and for the first time we took part (sorry not very Rock n Roll). Obvious;y I had to dig out something appropriate to wear... Garbstore Suit, Common People shirt, Birks
Lazy Saturday: Y's YYPH Birks
The white T is definitely an improvement, but I agree narrower hemming would be better. Pick up a plain black and plain heather grey whilst your at it - they'd work fine too.I like those boots but not with the jacket - they're a tad sleek for jeans, but you could pull them off with a different jacket. Some thing black and more rounded would be better - classic DM 1460's would work as a cheap option or may be black Wolverine 1000 mile boots? Black chelsea boots would...
I've taken a punt on the olive Fisherman's pants and navy twill Overalls from Barney's sale. Limited stock that keeps changing but good prices even with Duty pre-applied for UK orders.
Thanks folks. I'm a bit behind the boat for this season. It's been a cool Spring/summer so no real need for summer stuff, and camera gear has been the spending focus.
Thanks.It sounds like the Fisherman pants should be pretty flexible.I've got XLs in fatigues from previous seasons and they're closer to 38".
Yes Payday tomorrow and the XL are now sold out Does anyone have measurements for the Balloon pants?I was also looking at the Fisherman Pants but can't find measurements for those anywhere. They seem to only come in small and medium, but wondered what the medium would accommodate with the odd waist closure.
I think the sweater seams add enough interest, and stop it looking too clean. I'd probably like it even more if the sweater was a touch baggier/slouchier though...
Anyone got a size guide to the Balloon Pants - particularly L and XL?
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