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Typical Bank Holiday Monday weather - cold and windy... Kapital/Docs
It was a fun challenge - one of the best themes we've had. Thanks for running it @Rais
Sunny Sunday - difficult to believe it was snowing earlier in the week: Superior Labor x2 P'Overalls Orslow Birks
@Rais Both of you look great. I was tempted by the chambray blazer with the pants but worried that the sizing might be a bit small.
http://www.kafka.co.uk/item/27968/EngineeredGarments/Andover-Jacket---Tropical-Wool-Navy.htmlOr if you can cope with the cotton version Garbstore have that on sale.
Simple Saturday fit. LVC suede old denim shirt (90's Levi's?) LVC 1966 Adidas Hamburg Freiziet
Really good.
I wouldn't want to be without interchangeable lenses, but that's largely because I like shooting at wide apertures and doing some macro stuff. The higher end fixed lens cameras are very nice though.The size and weight thing is a big issue - I've got multiple cameras. My least used digital camera is my Nikon DSLR (admittedly it's full-frame so heavier than an entry level DSLR). My most used is a tiny Panasonic Lumix GM1, generally paired with an Olympus 45mm and the...
Basically unless you are regularly making prints greater than A3 under normal shooting conditions it is extremely difficult to tell which camera within even a vaguely similar price bracket has been used. In low light some cameras are better than others, and if you want to take a crop from a small part of the frame a higher resolution sensor will give a better image. Metering systems on all modern cameras are very good and under average conditions they'll all produce...
Great book - it even references Styleforum
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