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Matching EG SS14 Bedford & Fatigues, EG Shirt & Scarf, vintage hat, DM brogues: (click for larger pic)
I suspect it will look fine unbuttoned, or with just the bottom button undone. One of my Inverallan's was a little snug and wore better that way until it stretched a little.
Girth would be 8 x 2 + 6 x 2 so you should be fine
I went full suit with last years ripstop fatiques, vest and explorer - I think it worked
Thanks - Garbstore seems to fit me particularly well. I confess the idea of a flannel jacket with the tweed was stolen from one of the Garbstore look books too Thanks - spring flowers are emerging here, but still pretty cold. I'm almost bored of tweed
Mainly lurking at the moment (too much work ), but a quick post from a chilly Sunday: EG, GV Garbstore Redwing
For me the sweater makes the fit
I really like the way there's the conflict between the clearly involved construction details and the patchwork nature. Yes it's hobo inspired, but so patently designed.
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