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Honest opinion wanted on the bucket hat, I'm not sure I'm a bucket hat guy: EG EG WWM Garbstore Converse
Well my jacket arrived Saturday and I'm glad I sized up. I'm a 43" chest and can occasionally get away with a 52, but typically take a 54. Went 56 on the Harris Wharf and it's still slim fitting on me.
Saturday: PaM Margaret Howell Birks
Keep them coming
Feedback on the store and current stock would be good.
Thanks - fingers crossed!
Notwithit - jacket looks good Alexandertg - fit looks really good. ---- Get your entries in by end of Saturday for this: http://www.styleforum.net/t/406892/sw-d-challenge-floral-fun-8-2-14-8-16-14 Floral tattoos with interview dress do count
In reality they're a)much darker, b)slim straight with regular inseam, c)pretty regular rise -how Flannels screw up their photos I don't know, but they do, all the time Thanks - it sometimes helps being at the top end of the size range She'll be okay until the credit card bill comes through, and I keep her sweet by ensuring surprise out of print books arrive through the post for her
Always good to hear of excellent customer service.
Another work fit, but probably belongs in SWD: Marni DVN MMM (sized down one oversized chinos) Barker
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