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Fancied a Yohji day. Custom Hat (North West Hats) Y's YYPH YYPH DM
Took a trip with my wife up to London to see the Vogue 100 years exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Definitely worth a visit, although not enough photos from the 30's - 50's for me, and not a patch on the V&A's Horst exhibition from a couple of year's back. The very large scale prints are mainly from the past three decades. http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/vogue/exhibition.php We were planning on seeing the Hilma af Klint exhibition at The Serpentine as well, but...
Great photo. Although the clothes are very different it reminds me of some of the Incredible String Band's publicity shots. I'm guessing it's the setting.
Only small sizes to medium sizes in a lot of models
I've tried adding extra ground coriander to the onion and oil that I add on top at the last minute and that worked well. I hadn't considered adding all the spices to the oil though - I'll give it a go sometime. I mix the spices up from time to time -sometimes adding a garam masala mix. The great thing about dals is they're difficult to get badly wrong - the only time I've really made a bad one was when I tried to be healthy and cut down on the oil too much. Yellow split...
Have you thought of pm'ing zissou? He made me a couple of nice belts a few years back and might be able to do something.
Anyone been to the Vogue photo exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery? Worth seeing? I was thinking of taking a trip up to London with my wife and it might be more her cup of tea than the the Paul Strand at the V&A.
Agreed on Colorado Hippies.Sailor NinjaRoute E10Sant Domingo Burning ManFarmyare all really goodDiamonds in The Rough, Peace Pilgrim and The Tide is High are probably my 3 least favourites, but they're still interesting.They are frequently dirt cheap on yahoo.jp / rakuten but postage is pricey on weight so I've avoided the sets of used ones that always seem to be 50% duplicates.Ebay is generally very pricey for both catalogue and shipping. If anyone has any other sources...
I love a lentil dal occasionally, but it's an occasional thing for me as a good dal has to be oily.I'm not an exact measurer so they vary a bit but basically for enough for two:Fry half a small onion, a clove of garlic and roughly a half inch piece of fresh ginger (chopped) in oil (ghee is best but I tend to use rice bran or failing that a mild olive oil) until soft but not coloured.Add about a teaspoon of dried ground coriander and about the same of whole cumin seeds, 1/2...
I've got an old pair of the 1966 501s that I like, but fancy something slightly slimmer, but not really slim. I was thinking of the 1947's - am I right in thinking they'd be slimmer in the thigh and leg but without the taper? Waist measurements look a lot bigger on the 47's for the same tagged size - are they large fitting? Thanks
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