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Big final reductions at Cro'Jack: http://www.crojack.co.uk/ Coats £35, Jackets £25 etc. very limited sizes. Photos aren't flattering, but it's nicely made stuff (on a par with Oliver Spencer) and made in England.
Those roomier pants for AW15 look promising
I suspect the Norfolk is named after the English 'Norfolk' Jackets though
I'd assumed they were named after English towns
You can buy shoe-stretchers (essentially shoe trees with a rack mechanism and plugs that you put in strategic holes) but whilst you can stretch leather it does have a habit of shrinking back with time - you'll probably have to either re-stretch them at some point or have them re-stretched if they're very snug.
Yes - hopefully the Pullis effect will help too, but the hammers are flying high.
I don't like our draw against West Ham...
I like those patch jackets.
I'm envious of those Junya jeans ^
Agreed - DMs might have been better.Thanks.Looks great.
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