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Larger selection at their Marrkt outlet (might not be labelled Yuketen): http://marrkt.com/sales/nigel-cabourn-spring-summer-dead-stock-sale.html
More entries bump
Not for those of a sensitive disposition... Garbstore x2 Common People Birkenstock
What's the problem with plastic buttons? Shell aren't as robust, and would seem out of place on a work shirt.
How does anyone follow stitchy diving into a tub?
Looks very much like the Cabourn knits
Finding backdrops is easy. Finding decent backdrops with somewhere opposite that you can rest a camera is the tricky part (unless you want to lug a tripod around).
Found the Indigo Farm patchwork jacket in UncleOtis's sale. Was annoyed that I missed it on Garbstore, so very happy.
Thanks for the feedback!
Perks and Mini from Goodhood's sale: Nice and subtle
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