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Agreed on the helpfulness of insights I've never seen the cinches in a 38, but that might be rarity.I'm okay for fatigues, and have a pair of E1's from last season. It's the balloon pants I was looking forward to and I've only seen them in S or M.I guess some of the blame for the dearth of large trouser sizes probably comes down to stockists.It does seem odd that XL in upperware is easy to find yet bottomwear isn't - surely most people are pretty much in proportion?I...
I'm happy enough with a point against Sunderland with Villa being Stoked Shame Hull/QPR wasn't a draw too - the fewer points gained below us the safer I'll feel.The only league that really matters is this one http://www.styleforum.net/t/405149/fantasy-english-premier-league-come-join-stylish-gentlemen/45
Ditto and if some of them are less than TTS I'm definitely stuck.
Cold and grey: vintage french hat, DMs, rest all EG
No go for it.That shirt is stunning!For those of us who are fat bastards more generously built and liked the fit of the old XL fatigues right in thinking this season's legwear is a right off?
t.Really nice proportions to this fi
Less colourful today... Y's YYPH Y's DM Breaking in a new pair of 1460's that my wife bought me recently - first one's I've owned in 20yrs...
Thanks - yes the Turner Gallery (great exhibition on at the moment) has revitalised the town to some extent, but it's a slow revival. Hopefully once Dreamland gets underway that will provde a further boost.
A couple of days off work so a trip to the coast... Saint James Han Kjoberhavn Our Legacy Wings & Horns DM
Not quite fifty shades - more old and grey: Christys' EG x2 Margaret Howell DM
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