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Good fit on the jacket and jeans. Personally I'd swap the sneakers for black chelsea boots or other black boots, and go with a black belt.
I disagree - I think the contrast between tweedy fabrics and denim can work well, particularly dark undistressed denim. Add a flannel shirt and boots...Colour wise, the grey herringbone probably pairs slightly better with black jeans and the brown homespun with indigo, but both will work with either. Both fabrics are a similar weight with maybe the herringbone being a tad denser, but there's nothing in it really.
Thanks - I'm holding out for Truman homespun in a 36 (or better still 38 so I can size up and go looser legged)Thanks - I shall definitely think about it.
Has anyone tried layering the summer denim coverall under one of the AW14 (or other winter season) jackets? Photos appreciated - there's the odd summer coverall knocking around...
I've not seen size 38s anywhere but TBB. Size 36s aren't easy to find either...
Good shortlist. I'm wary of C&J having had one great pair of shoes, one mediocre pair and a not great pair of boots. The leather quality was the issue - superb on one, mediocre onthe second and just not robust enough on a pair of chelsea boots. I do appear to be in the minority in having anything negative to say about C&J though...
Good thing this is a multiple choice!
Alfred Sargent are very nice http://www.pediwear.co.uk/alfred-sargent/products/92.phpThese Cheaney are nice in the flesh: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=5&shoeid=6951as are these if you don't mind heavy broguing: http://www.cheaney.co.uk/country-leisure/35/cheaney-tweed-c-country-boots-in-almond-grainIf you don't mind dainite, I've had a pair of these in a different colour for over 5yrs and they're holding up well...
They're what used to be Barbourbymail. Good service, but an annoying habit of putting sale stock back up to full-price after a short period.
Some are wool - I picked up the Herringbone Grey one, and it's pure wool - softer and lighter than the knit (but obviously not as warm).
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