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You could unpick the seam then remove the elastic. I did this on a pair of EG E1's and am much happier.
We demand a similar article to http://www.koreaboo.com/interactive/11-favorite-foods-of-k-pop-idols-that-are-a-must-try/
Nothing really jumps out as a must buy, but I can see the appeal of putting together a chambray suit.
I like the look of the clothes (although the lack of XL would be a problem for me) and I like the idea of naturally dyed products that use traditional techniques... but. I think the site would benefit from further detail. On a website you're not limited to how much detail you can put about the products - you can really explain the added value you get with the brand. The dyeing articles are great, but they leave so much out - where is the cotton sourced - the cotton growing...
The Bureau - everything that was on sale is now at 50% or more off https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/
Any extra/further codes for Matches before I place an order?
Aspecto 'Extra10' for a further 10% off sale http://www.aspecto.co.uk/
Amazon.com and ebay.com both have them but only in Hawthorn.2904 imports from a US dealer? http://www.snakeoilprovisions.com/products/red-wing-heritage-japan-2904-lineman-oro-iginal
We did have the best part of a week below 5 degrees I bought a down jacket 3 yrs ago and I think I've worn it twice. It's been so mild this winter I've barely even worn my Cabourn tweed.
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