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Thanks folks - I'm enjoying summer dressing this year. Pints are being consumed
I captained him too. One assist didn't fill me with joy.
Stroll along the coast: EG, Armor Lux, EG, Birks
Much better proportions on those pieces. I'd prefer lighter, brown boots but that's a nit-pick.I'm not completely sure what direction you're wanting to go in but Shoreman is an excellent suggestion as inspiration for casual Americana done exceptionally well (and see Soqueriterum above your post). If you're looking for more dressy denim fits NOBD is worth a look.
All SS14 (cross-post from WAYWT):
A bit too dressy - they're not really rounded enough at the toe. More of a tweed jacket sort of shoe.
Back to EG again: EG x3, Birks
I agree on the jeans cut and shoes. Maybe a slightly looser cut shirt in the same fabric too. Think about long sleeves rolled.
@StanleyVanBuren We'll kick you over the other side if you're not careful Looks good
These are a very weighty linen which helps
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