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Not a great week for me, but Messi, Rojo and Van Butyen rescued it to a degree.
He's a completely different player internationally than for club.Real shame Algeria didn't scrape through.My World Cup hopes now lie with Colombia
A good set of very different looks.
Horrible tackle from Matuidi - should have been a red
I think you're right about the shoes - brown or black chukkas/chelseas would have been a better choice.The Sportsman is about 2miles from me as the crow flies.
Sunday: Marni MMM DVN Edward Green
The Y3 collection looks one of his strongest. If some of the pieces aren't too obviously logoed I might be tempted. I like the Marni too.
I'm sure a season at West Brom would be good for his career Cuadrado looking a great player too - setting up JRod nicely.
^ looks good. I've got a few Panama's but they're not my favourite straws. I'd love a decent 1950's Milan straw (most of the current 'Milan's are plastic - practical but not that nice). Sisal/Hemp can make really nice hats.
Some superb fits over the past few days - really hitting a high.
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