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Feeling like Autumn. Unflattering pose + Common People WWM Nigel Cabourn Redwing
You can do the poppers up in multiple ways - might be a bit blousy not wrapped but it's a versatile cut.
Sunday morning: Needles x2 over Uniqlo T, Docs
Yes that's French Moleskin - same fabric Hervier and Le Labourer use. It's a densely woven cotton. English Moleskin is sheared to give the fluffy texture, but French (and German) moleskin is left unsheared.
Saturday: Kapital Garbstore DM
I found where it wraps over itself depending on how you popper it, it came up a little smaller in the waist than other Kapital shirts (but then I suffer from middle-age spread ).
No luck with any of the stores I know of. It's worth checking back at Kapital.jp as they do sometimes re-stock. Rakuten/yahoo is obviously worth checking too. Be warned - I've got the same shirt design in blue denim and they come up quite slim.
Which shirt - have you got a link?
It appeals to the big kid in me...
I read that as Hollister shirts initially...
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