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I'm interested in more information Oxfords are closed laced, derbies are open laced - Bal's are closed laced, blucher's are open laced. What am I missing (genuine interest!).
Oxford (Balmoral in US) vs Derby (Blucher in US) http://www.loake.co.uk/blog/?p=559The Redwing Postman's are derbies
I quite like some of the Lybro collection - it makes sense as a collaboration in a way that Fred Perry and Karrimor didn't - why associate yourself with brands that are still extant but at a point in their history where they're seen as cheap high street fashion on the one hand and a cheap chainstore's own label on the other?I liked the cricket inspired stuff a few seasons back - maybe a small themed sub-collection that's non-military would be interesting?
I can sort of understand the lack of colours - I struggle to work navy shoes into fits without the boots/shoes dominating, but the lack of browns confuses me.I suppose black clothing does dominate high fashion though.
I thought ebay's profiling was getting better but the latest 'sorry you missed out on, but may we suggest...' email following being outbid on an EG button shawl suggested a £5 transparent plastic poncho...
@Fuuma There's a definite early 20thC feel about the look - maybe an artist exploring where he's about to paint. Looks great.
I like the idea of a rip-offs thread although I think we'd be safer calling it something along the lines of 'Highly coincidental similarities in design...' or words to that effect.
The upside is you can mix and match between seasons very easily and for those that care it doesn't look 'dated' quickly.I'm buying less Cabourn than I used to though because I've got what I thought were must buys in one fabric or other (that and the rocketing prices).
I wonder whether they'll adjust the vest? I had to buy a vest a size larger than the jacket and even then the jacket had plenty of room over the vest.
@rais Great fits and photos (as usual)
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