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Cheers. I was going to wear the olive one today, but the weather was far too warm (again)...
Topman's own brand shoes are generally pretty grim - You can usually pick up DM's in patent leather or look at Sanders officer boots (occasionally available army surplus) if you want something better on a budget.
Cross-post from WAYWT: AW14 homespun Bedford AW13 shirt SS14 ripstop fatigues
Just about cool enough to give the EG Homespun Bedford it's first outing: Christys EG x 3 Trickers
They've gone the wrong way
Good fit on the jacket and jeans. Personally I'd swap the sneakers for black chelsea boots or other black boots, and go with a black belt.
I disagree - I think the contrast between tweedy fabrics and denim can work well, particularly dark undistressed denim. Add a flannel shirt and boots...Colour wise, the grey herringbone probably pairs slightly better with black jeans and the brown homespun with indigo, but both will work with either. Both fabrics are a similar weight with maybe the herringbone being a tad denser, but there's nothing in it really.
Thanks - I'm holding out for Truman homespun in a 36 (or better still 38 so I can size up and go looser legged)Thanks - I shall definitely think about it.
Has anyone tried layering the summer denim coverall under one of the AW14 (or other winter season) jackets? Photos appreciated - there's the odd summer coverall knocking around...
I've not seen size 38s anywhere but TBB. Size 36s aren't easy to find either...
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