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Thanks. I don't get as much fun putting together work fits compared to weekend fits but when I haven't got meetings I do at least have the freedom not to be stuck in CM.
Some really good fits over the past few pages. Midweek workday blues for me: Custom made hat Our Legacy Uniqlo x2 Margaret Howell Loake
I really like it - pants stack and all
Any one got the jackets/trousers from the Spring release. I'm tempted to put together a suit, but the measurements look a little close. How slim is the Large jacket and how much give is there in the elasticated pants?
Bad photography Sunday: After a cold grey day on Saturday, Sunday was a lovely Spring day. Apologies for the badly blown highlights. EG x3 Birks
Denim day - Saturday:LVCUniqloLVC 1947RWFaversham Creek: [[SPOILER]]
Just a mid-week work fit: Panizza hat Engineered Garments x3 Universal Works shirt Random brand Austrian shoes
RIP one of the great wearers of space pirate style http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-36041534
I find with Type 3's that unless you go oversize and avoid the slim-fit that the pockets bag (if not straight-away relatively quickly). Oddly I just picked up a deadstock Valencia made LVC type III as I was wanting the cleaner lines.
I like the individual parts, but I'm not sure they work as a whole. The contrasts don't quite work for me.
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