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Cheers - I seem to be buying a lot of it recently. I really liked SS14 and AW14, having not really looked that much at it much for the past couple of years.I'm a big fan of Garbstore for pants, but they're only a bit cheaper than EG (easier to find in the sales though). Albam are worth a look too - made in the UK or Portugal depending on the model. Uniqlo do some less slim fitting pants - their vintage chinos are pretty good and not ridiculously low waisted like some of...
Cordings supposedly make the nicest, but they're at the dearer end. Hoggs of Fife are good value and wash well, so unlike the dry-clean only ones some companies sell are actually practical for wearing on a muddy country walk. Barbour aren't bad and do some in slimmer cuts.
I'm tempted by the full-on demi-balloon largeot with the high waist Yes British moleskin is much heavier than the French stuff. Fustian fabric generally is perfect for cold weather.
The fibres trap air fairly well, but flannell or very heavy tweed is needed for windproofing if you're going with wool (unless you fancy long johns). Heavy moleskin works well against wind and corduroy is okay.I'm tempted by the highwaisted Le Laboureur cords as winter trousers...
One in each size of this at Bodega for $177 Any clue why they've hung around so long? Is it the leather above the pockets? Seems like a nice enough piece.[/quote] Looks good to me. I was tempted, but I've spent a fortune on EG clearance stuff, don't really need more outerwear, and wasn't sure how slim the XL was. Bodega might have only just reduced it - I picked up the olive EG reversible pants which were $440 dollars last week...
I usually restrict ties to work, but fancied a change. Almost too warm for a cotton jacket - ridiculously mild for mid October... [[SPOILER]] Christys' melton capEG cotton Bedford & FatiquesGarbstore shirtEG cotton tieLeather & Millerain DMs
Further drops at Bodega, and the odd extra thing added. I picked up a few EG and Garbstore bits (fingers crossed customs miss it).
I liked his very early stuff but couldn't get on with anything he's written in the last ten years.
I like boot tucks, but am hopeless at pulling them off...
Sale on at Infinities - only around 10-30% off AW but up to 60% off previous season stock: http://www.infinities.co.uk/sale-t285
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