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Corniche have excellent customer service. Good luck.
Ouch that was quick. I'm guessing a re-stock is unlikely?
Very tempted by a couple of the shawls, but do I order now knowing it's going to be at least a couple of months before it's cold enough to wear one, or do I hang on and risk them disappearing...
Does anyone have any experience of AM Eyewear? I like a couple of their styles and the pricing looks reasonable.
Thanks.Common People make shoes too, but they're only 'okay' and not made in the UK You probably don't have many that date back to around 1400 Built on Roman Foundations from around 280 ADI'm a measured 43" chest (typically take a 44" suit, occasionally 42) and an XL in Common People is a good but pretty slim fit on me. Trouser wise they're pretty typical i.e. about 1" over tagged size.
^ fit looks great, but yes that tear would bug me. I'm sure a near invisible mend would be possible, but a decent job will probably cost a bit.
Casual work fit: all Common People apart from Loake shoes. I don't see much Common People on here - very similar quality, and cut, to Oliver Spencer and nearly all made in England.
I suspect Italian trains are more reliable
I find Dainite great for wet pavements, but it's still best to avoid metal grates etc. Hopeless on ice and snow (traditional DM soles are surprisingly good on ice).
Do I look like I want to be heading for a stroll by the sea rather than into the office? Olney Panama Cro'Jack EG (I) Wood Wood Loake
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