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Can anyone who owns the Compton and Mallory give me a comparison on fit? I'm okay in a 52 in the Cameraman but need a 54 in the Mallory. Thanks.
The women's wear this season looks really good. The summer menswear is a bit, dare I say dull. I'm still tempted by last seasons Compton jacket though.
Good read Synthese. These need collating some time
The bold tie raises that fit.
I can't find a physical address anywhere on that site. I'd avoid.
When I last looked at the Harrison they only did Dainite in Cedar (admittedly a couple of years back! - see date of post ) - I'll take a look at the Tan.
Viscose (and in particular) Rayon tend to be regarded as semi-synthetic. The base material is usually wood pulp or sometimes bamboo, but it's very highly processed. It dyes as well (or better than cotton) but has low elasticity, so if it's not dry-cleaned can break up.
On the way to work and at work... Akubra Ngel Cabourn x2 Uniqlo x2 HM Trickers (not the best colour choice in retrospect...)
TTO & Institches - nice DBs. Prurient -
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