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I like that collection a lot.Each collection is very themed, and the last couple have been very hippy inspired so have been busy looking, plus they've really pushed the boro and sashiko side with their Kountry colection. There's still plenty of plain denim and clean pieces on the web site though.Nice linksI get the impression you need to size up to get the curve silhouette.Yes most of the western stockists carry a tiny range, and mainly the denim. Unionmade and...
More collections than brands.I really like the look of their century denim - the sashiko stitch and persimmon or sumi die make a change from indigo too.http://www.heddels.com/2012/08/kapital-century-jeans-just-released/amazing video from bandannaalmanac:
There was a link to some cheap Niche sweatshirts in either the sales or ebay etc. thread that look good.http://www.styleforum.net/t/176245/the-official-ebay-b-s-eshop-someone-should-kop-thread/13065#post_8178277
Sorry you're right., we did a while back. I've started a dedicated Kapital thread if there's enough interest.
I might be more obsessed with this Japanese brand than most, but there seems to be a fair few interested in it. http://www.kapital.jp/e-store/ Please post fits, links, queries, advice and general thoughts. Think eclectic, think off-beat too.
Looks good. What size is it and what's your usual size?
Pit to pit of 20.8"
RRL do pretty decent distressed washes. Some of the LVC washes aren't bad. Most of the Japanese brands do a good one-wash option.
Yes I can't see any of their few Western retailers stocking that...I can get away with some Japanese pieces, but it's pretty limited. I'm guessing if they wanted more overseas trade they'd produce stuff in larger sizes.Looks good. Nice to see you hopping over the wall to the dark side Good stuff. I keep getting tempted to have a go myself, but my customisation skills have only really been tried out with hats.
Great piece - sadly like much of the Kountry range it tops out at a p2p of 21.25" A lot of their designs stop at around a 40" chest and 33" waist which sadly rules them out for us bigger guys.
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