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@StanleyVanBuren We'll kick you over the other side if you're not careful Looks good
These are a very weighty linen which helps
Yohji Wednesday - looking a bit rumpled after a 2hr car journey: Y's YYPH Birks
Thanks - the pants divide opinion.Nice. We see a lot of grey/black/blue monochrome fits but few in the brown spectrum.Great fit
Yes - if you joined the league last year it will automatically renew once you've set your team up.
Tuesday - still on leave : Tenderloin Garbstore Birks Does anyone know of any Tenderloin stockists outside of Japan?
Back from a coastal stroll: EG x2, Bill Amberg, Birks
Thanks - brown Milanos in Saturday's fit, black Kairos in the most recent.
St Alban's Sunday - standing on a bridge next to what is supposedly Britain's oldest pub - obviosly I had to sample their wares: Armor Lux Margaret Howell Birks
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